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The Simpson Clan Volume XX, Issue 1 Summer 2004


Volume XX, Issue 1 ISSN 0884-3805 Summer 2004

Published by Nona Williams

Daughter of Peter Ryan Simpson and Elizabeth Cunningham
By Nona Williams

In a book titled Land Deed Genealogy of Cannon County, Tennessee 1836-1857 by Thomas E. Partlow I found the following deed abstract on page 167:

Lydia PRICE, May PRICE, (Reter) [sic] PRICE, Benjamin WEBBER and wife Sarah, formerly PRICE, to William PRICE a tract of land in the 3rd District known as the Peter SIMPSON place, our grandfather, that we have in right of our mother Jane PRICE, formerly SIMPSON, who held an undivided one seventh part in said tract of land, and we do hereby convey the ninth of a seventh part of said tract of land. 20 September 1852. (pp. 52-53).

Don Simpson looked up the original deed which was witnessed by John SIMPSON and Samuel GREAR, and confirmed that Jane is, indeed, a previously unknown daughter and heir of Peter Ryan SIMPSON and Elizabeth (CUNNINGHAM) SIMPSON. Elizabeth’s parents were Joseph and Jane CUNNINGHAM so it isn’t surprising to find that she had a daughter named Jane.
Other children of Peter Ryan and Elizabeth (CUNNINGHAM) SIMPSON were thought to have been Valentine, Thomas, John, David, Joseph, Peter S. and Pharaba, although not all can be proven.
The deed named Jane PRICE as an heir who inherited a seventh part and this new information suggests that there were six other heirs besides Jane so one of the names on my list is probably not a child of Peter Ryan SIMPSON. Since Valentine was born before the marriage of Peter Ryan SIMPSON and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, I wonder if he really is a son of Peter?

The following compilation is based primarily on research conducted by Don Simpson and sent to me via a series of email messages, documents and group sheet.

The heirs of Jane (SIMPSON) PRICE sold their share in their inheritance from their grandfather, Peter SIMPSON, in 1852 (Cannon Co Tennessee Deed: Lydia PRICE and others to Wm. PRICE, LDS Microfilm 898,455, Deed Book I, pp. 51-52.) Jane was born circa 1794. She probably married James PRICE ca. 1819 in Warren Co., Tennessee where marriage records were not preserved. This date is based on the ages of the children, this couple had. Presumably Jane died before 1840 when a woman of her age was not listed in the household of James PRICE, (1840 Federal Census, page 116.) The family consisted of a male 40-50, 2 females 20-30, 3 minor males and 5 minor females.).

Lydia PRICE was born circa 1820 Warren Co., Tennessee (Don Simpson: The order and ages are tentative based on various census records.). She appeared on the census of 1850 Brady's Rock, Cannon Co., Tennessee (James PRICE, 1850 U.S. Federal Census Record Lydia was age 30, unmarried and living with her father.).

William PRICE was born circa 1820 Warren Co., Tennessee. He married Mary? Elizabeth? CLEMENTS on 19 November 1844 Cannon Co., Tennessee (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, William and wife, Mary, had 3 children ranging in age from 1 month to 5 years.) When they married she was identified as Miss Elizabeth CLEMENTS. Perhaps her name was Mary Elizabeth?). He appeared on the census of 1850 Brady's Rock, Cannon Co., Tennessee (This family consisted of William 30, Mary 25, Lydeann 5, James C. 3 and Peter 1 month.). He executed a deed on 20 Sep 1852 Cannon Co., Tennessee (Cannon Co TN Price deed, LDS Microfilm 898,455).

Lydeann PRICE On the 1850 U.S. Federal Census Record: Lydeann was 5, born in Tennessee.

James C. PRICE On the 1850 census James C. was 3 in 1850, born in Tennessee.

Peter PRICE On the 1850 census Peter was 1 month old in 1850, born in Tennessee.

Mary PRICE was born circa 1824. She relocated circa 1848 Marshall Co., Kentucky.

L.E. PRICE was born Kentucky. (HOPKINS & PRICE families, 1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, sheet 433, Mary PRICE, age 26, lived with her sister Nancy (PRICE) HOPKINS and had a 5 month old daughter.)

Nancy R. PRICE was born circa 1827 Tennessee (She was age 43, born in Tennessee per the 1870 census.). She married Elijah HOPKINS on 23 Aug 1844 Cannon Co., Tennessee (Cannon Co Marriages Bk A/71.). She and John Powers PRICE appeared on the census of 1860 Marshall Co., Kentucky (on the 1870 census: The family consisted of N.R. HOPKINS, 29 (female), E.J. HOPKINS 16 (female), E. 13 (female), J. 10, (male), E.M. 8 (male), J. PRICE (John P. PRICE) age 23.).
Nancy witnessed the marriage of James E. GOHEEN and Elizabeth J. HOPKINS on 18 Jan 1866 Marshall Co., Kentucky (They were married at the home of N.R. HOPKINS in Marshall County. Witnesses were J.P. PRICE, John PULUM. Her mother was shown as Nancy R. HOPKINDS [sic]. Bk #2 #1425.). She married Gabriel WASHBURN on 8 Oct 1868 Marshall Co., Kentucky (Gabriel WASHBURN, widower married Nancy R. HOPKINS, widow, Marshall Co Marriages.).

Elizabeth J. HOPKINS (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, sheet 433, E.J. was 4, born in Tennessee.) Her name was given as Elizabeth J. HOPKINS when she married. Only her initials "E.J." had been listed in the census.) She married James E. GOHEEN on 18 Jan 1866 Marshall Co., Kentucky. They were married at the home of N.R. HOPKINS in Marshall County. Witnesses were J.P. PRICE, John PULUM. Her mother was shown as Nancy R. HOPKINDS [sic]. Bk #2 #1425.)

Eliza E. HOPKINS (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, sheet 433, Eliza E. was 3 months old, born in Kentucky.)

J. HOPKINS was born circa 1850 Kentucky (A son identified only with a "J" was age 10 in the 1860 census.)

E.M. HOPKINS was born circa 1852 Kentucky (A son identified only with the initials "E.M." was age 8 in the 1860 census)

Peter PRICE was born circa 1827 Tennessee (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, 432 R872, Peter was 23, born in Tennessee.). He appeared on the census of 1850 Bradyville, Cannon Co., Tennessee (on the 1850 census the household consisted of Peter PRICE 23 and Martha 19.). He married Martha F. ESSARY on 12 Jan 1850 Cannon Co., Tennessee (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, 432 R872.) (Cannon Co., Tennessee Marriage Bk. A p. 131.).

Sarah PRICE was born circa 1830 Rutherford Co., Tennessee. She married Benjamin F. WEBBER circa 1851 (Cannon Co Tennessee PRICE deed, LDS Microfilm 898,455: Sarah PRICE was listed with her husband, Benjamin F. WEBBER.) (1850 U.S. Federal Census Record, 432 R872, Sarah had not yet married and was still living with her father in 1850.). As of before 20 Sep 1852, her married name was WEBBER (Cannon Co Tennessee Price deed, LDS Microfilm 898,455)

Jane PRICE was born circa 1834 Tennessee.

John Powers PRICE was born between 1836 and 1840 Tennessee. (He was identified as John Powers PRICE in a family history.) He and Nancy R. PRICE appeared on the census of 1860 Marshall Co., Kentucky (The family consisted of N.R. HOPKINS, 29 (female), E.J. HOPKINS 16 (female), E. 13 (female), J. 10, (male), E.M. 8 (male), J. PRICE (John P. PRICE) age 23.) He married Eliza Goheen McLEOD on 11 January 1866 Marshall Co., Kentucky. He witnessed the marriage of James E. GOHEEN and Elizabeth J. HOPKINS on 18 Jan 1866 Marshall Co., Kentucky (They were married at the home of N.R. HOPKINS in Marshall County. Witnesses were J.P. PRICE and John PULUM. Her mother was shown as Nancy R. HOPKINDS [sic]. Bk #2 #1425.) He appeared on the census of 1870 Fair Dealing, Marshall Co., Kentucky (John P. PRICE was shown as age 30 on the 1870 census, wife Eliza G was 26, Nancy D. 3 and Norman E. 1.) He died circa 1927 Marshall Co., Kentucky (The order and ages are tentative based on various census records.).

Nancy D. PRICE was age 3, born in Kentucky in the census of 1870

Norman Emmett PRICE was born in 1868 Kentucky. (He was 1 year old, born in Kentucky on the census of 1870.) (David A. Hurst, editor, Marshall County, Kentucky (PO Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42002-3101: Turner Publishing, 1991), p. 147.) He died in 1938.

Joseph Llewellyn PRICE was born on 12 Feb 1877 Fairdealing, Marshall Co., Kentucky (Hurst, Marshall County, p. 146.). He was elected clerk of the circuit court in 1904 Marshall Co., Kentucky. He was educated in 1907 Kentucky (Ibid. p. 147.); and passed the bar. He married Maude Lee BRANDON on 17 October 1907 Benton, Marshall Co., Kentucky (Ibid., p. 147, Copy provided by Don Simpson.). He was a county judge between 1910 and 1914 Benton, Marshall Co., Kentucky (Ibid. p. 147.). He practiced law between 1914 and 1922 Marshall Co., Kentucky (Ibid.). He was circuit court judge between 1922 and 1949 Paducah, Marshall Co., Kentucky (Ibid. p. 147). He moved his residence to Paducah and became a judge of the Second Judicial District of Kentucky, then comprising Marshall and McCracken Counties.). He died in 1949 Marshall Co., Kentucky (Hurst, Marshall County, p. 146 "He was the son of John Powers and Elizabeth Goheen (McCLEOD) PRICE".)

J. Brandon PRICE was born in 1910 Fairdealing, Marshall Co., Kentucky and married Mary Pat KENT (Hurst, Marshall County, pp. 146-7, Copy provided by Don Simpson.).

Dr. George Norman PRICE was born on 14 Oct 1912 Benton, Marshall Co., Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Ann COOPER. He died on 14 Dec 1980 at age 68 (Hurst, Marshall County p. 147, Copy provided by Don Simpson

Susan Elizabeth PRICE was born in 1915. She married Richard PRICE (Hurst, Marshall County)

Sterling A. Judson PRICE was born in 1918. She married Sam M LOCKE (Hurst, Marshall County., p. 146, Copy provided by Don Simpson.).

Milly PRICE was born circa 1838 Tennessee.
I received the following email from Mary Taylor: “I am trying to research my mother's family....I have a Frances Sina SIMPSON ....also known as "Sinie or Sina" SIMPSON...who married a Charley McKINLEY. She was born 1838-1840 in Cannon Co., Tennessee if my information is correct. Her father was Valentine SIMPSON . . . . " We had previously listed Francis Sina as “Fansina”. Oregon Co., Missouri census of 1860 shows a Charles McKINDLY, age 24, born in Kentucky, wife Francis S. age 19 born in Tennessee and son David R. age 3 months born in Missouri. This family was located in Woodside Twp. near Valentine SIMPSON and various other SIMPSON relatives.

Nelson Co., KentuckyBy Robert P. Moore, 176 Valley Rd., Lexington, Ky 40503, e-mail:
Published in Nelson County Genealogist, Volume 19, #4, Summer 2003 pp. 85-94, Reprinted with permission
Continued from the Simpson Clan, spring issue

Spencer Co., Kentucky Deeds:
A/205, December 1825. Samuel and Elizabeth SIMPSON of Spencer County to Jeremiah BENNETT, $30, messuage tenement, part of tract where Samuel SIMPSON lives on Simpson’s Creek, “three and two-quarters” acres, adj. Andrew BOYLS, Jeremiah BENNETT. Rec. 20 August 1825[?]

B/144, 12 July 1828, Samuel SIMPSON to John LILLY, #124.28, 80 ½, land in “now Spencer County (formerly Nelson County)” part of Robert ANDERSON’s 415 acre survey adj. Robert CUNNINGHAM. Rec. Same date.

D/608, 27 August 1838. John EASTBURN exr. of Thomas SIMPSON decd. of Spencer County to I.F. PAYNE, $740, land in Spencer and Nelson, 145 acres on Simpson’s Run, a branch of Simpson’s Creek, adj. Mrs. BLINCOE, Vincent DAVID; land on which was directed to be sold by Thomas SIMPSON’s will, sold by exr. to James HEADY, decd. whose heirs sold to Nathaniel RUSSELL, who sold to PAYNE, SIMPSONs say PAYNE has good right. Rec. same date.

M/364, 12 October 1866. Samuel SIMPSON to son Aaron, $1, farm where I live in Spencer County, 84 ½ acres and all personal estate, for support of me and of wife Elizabeth. We are to remain in the house and to possess garden, orchard and yard. We are old and infirm and unable to wait upon ourselves. Aaron to furnish caregiver. Signed Samuel SIMPSON, A.J. SIMPSON. Wit. Mark E. HUSTON, Levisa WILLIAMS. Rec. same date.

P/587, 14 October 1875. Thomas C. SIMPSON and wife Sudie E. to Aaron J. SIMPSON. $752.00, 30 acres and 13 poles of land in Spencer adj. R. COOPER, James DOWNS, big road. Acknowledged in Nelson by Thomas C. and S.E. SIMPSON, 15 September 1876. Rec. Spencer 23 October 1876. [Cannot find Thomas C. and Sudie in Nelson County census records.]

More deed references in Spencer County to SIMPSONs:
A/61, John SIMPSON in Spencer County to SIMPSONs
B/151, Peyton SIMPSON from Isaac PIERSON of Sullivan[?] County, Indiana
E/410, Francis L. SIMPSON to Isaac BAMBERGER
H/61, Franics L. SIMPSON from A.L. MILLER, etc.
H/331, Susan SIMPSON from Alexander YATES, Plum Creek
J/512, J.W. SIMPSON etc from Adam CARRITHERS
J/408, J.R.W. SIMPSON and Sabina to Amos BURNETT / BENNETT
K/416 & 604 Aaron SIMPSON from Amos BURNETT
K/629/633 Aaron SIMPSON from Sarah BURNETT
L/91, A.J. SIMPSON from A.J. BENNETT and L, 173
L/546, Aaron J. SIMPSON, etc to Jesse McCROCKLIN, land purchased from Jeremiah BENNETT
M/205, B.F. SIMPSON and Kate to Milton McGREW, Plum Creek
M/345, John SIMPSON from James REDMON, mortg., 6 September 1866
M/364, Samuel SIMPSON to Aaron SIMPSON, 1866
P/36, Andrew J. SIMPSON by Cmsr to Samuel L. HARRISON

Her tombstone calls Aaron’s wife Margaret HILL. A deed from Robert and Martha CUNNINGHAM to Aaron, Spencer County Book 1, p. 568, states that Margaret is niece of CUNNINGHAMs.

Speculative outline of the family of Samuel SIMPSON, son of Thomas

At this point, this branch is the only one that can be identified in Nelson – Spencer area as descendants of Thomas who remained in this part of the state. This is based on marriage records and on Spencer County census records of 1850-1880.

Samuel SIMPSON married 12 October 1817, Nelson Co., Kentucky Elizabeth SCOTT, daughter of Thomas (Thomas SCOTT married 3 October 1785, Nelson Co., Kentucky, Nancy REDMON, daughter of John REDMON.) Samuel’s line appears to be the only one that remained in the Nelson County area.

John REDMON W. SIMPSON born 3 January 1819, died 14 September 1891, married 27 June 1848, Spencer County, Kentucky, Sabrina Ann HADDOX, born 18 April 1829, died 4 January 1888, daughter of William M. HADDOX. Both buried at Little Union Baptist Church, Spencer Co., Kentucky.

(1) William SIMPSON born ca 1849. Perhaps the one who married 15 April 1874 Spencer County Lizzie Jane COLEMAN(2) Gilbert SIMPSON born ca. 1852
(3) John SIMPSON born ca 1854

Aaron J. SIMPSON, born 28 September 1820, died 1 November 1878, age 58, Spencer Co., Kentucky, married 20 November 1842, Spencer Co., Kentucky, Margaret HILL, born 21 January 1821, both buried at Little Union Baptist Church, Spencer Co., Kentucky.

(1) Thomas SIMPSON born ca 1845
(2) Robert SIMPSON born 10 September 1848, died 30 May 1869, buried Little Union Baptist Church, Spencer Co., Kentucky
(3) Sarah SIMPSON born ca 1851
(4) Alice SIMPSON born ca 1853-54, married 21 October 1880, Burr BROWN, wit. Joseph BROWN and William H. HOWARD(5) Martha SIMPSON born ca 1854 (May be the same as Alice)
(6) Susan SIMPSON born ca 1855, married 17 October 1876, Spencer Co., Kentucky, Joshua G. BROWN(7) Margaret W. SIMPSON born 25 August 1857, Spencer Co., Kentucky, married 22 December 1876, Spencer Co, Kentucky William H. HOWARD(8) Roxan SIMPSON born ca 1860, married 2 November 1882, Spencer Co., Kentucky, Adam SCOTT at Mrs. Margaret SIMPSON’s
(9) Jacqueline SIMPSON born ca 1862

Thomas C. SIMPSON married Sudie E. ____
Situated between Aaron and Samuel SIMPSON in the 1850 census is a George SIMPSON, age 41 (born ca 1809). He is surely a part of this family, although he is certainly too old to be a son of Samuel and Elizabeth, if his age in the census is correct.

Descendants of this Samuel SIMPSON, apparent son of Thomas, are in Spencer County census records as late as 1880. They have not been pursued beyond that.

Thomas SIMPSON (said to have married 1790, Nelson Co., Kentucky Abigail MOORE [no such record]). They had a granddaughter Fanny SIMPSON, parents unknown.

(see above) married Elizabeth SCOTT. Descendants in Spencer County.
Thamer SIMPSON married 28 August 1807, Nelson Co., Kentucky, Silvanus MAY
Gilbert SIMPSON married 10 May 1824, Spencer Co., Kentucky, Isabella RICE
married 13 December 1812, Nelson Co., Kentucky, Thomas SHORE
Eleanor SIMPSON married _____ SILKWOOD
Nancy SIMPSON married 23 April 1821 Nelson Co., Kentucky, Burwell RHODES

[The article in the Nelson County Genealogist continues with records from Fayette Co., Kentucky. These are remains of burned records and were previously researched by Don Simpson for Sharon Hillis. The results of Don’s research were published in this newsletter Volume III No. 5, April and May 1988.]

By Nona Williams

During 1764, John SIMPSON, trapper and his employees moved west to avoid competing with other fur hunters. After crossing the Cheat River (in what was then northwestern Virginia, presently West Virginia) a quarrel developed between John SIMPSON and his employees the PRINGLES, and in spite of the dangers of the wilderness, they parted company and John SIMPSON crossed over the Valley River near the mouth of Pleasant Creek and passing on to the head of another water course gave it the name of Simpson’s Creek. He continued west and camped near a stream he called Elk where he remained until permanent settlements were made there in 1772. John POWERS purchased John SIMPSON’s tomahawk right.[2] This area would have been near present-day Parsons, Tucker Co., West Virginia near the state lines of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

By Nona Williams

On 15 July 1759 Samuel and John SIMPSON served in the militia under Capt. Evan SHELBY (The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families by Howard L. Lecky ) and on 4 June 1762 John SIMSON purchased 100 acres on the north side of Little Juniata opposite to Robert CALDWELL, deed executed 5 Oct. 1762 (Kittochtinny Historical Society Vol. XV p. 38).
At some date before 10 December 1772 John SIMPSON made an improvement on land in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania. This land was later purchased by Ralph SMITH from Harford Co., Maryland (Tenmile Country) On 13 January 1772 John SIMPSON served on a jury (The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 42 No. 4 Fall/Winter 2002 p. 333) and in 1772 Hugh SIMPSON was a freeman and was taxed 21 shillings (History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania 1884 p. 68).

This John SIMPSON of southwest Pennsylvania may have been related to Samuel and Gilbert SIMPSON who signed an undated petition some time between 1770 - 1780 (Tenmile Country). “There was a Gilbert SIMPSON who George WASHINGTON sent to Pennsylvania to look after his estates there. Gilbert grew very homesick for Virginia and his wife, who he had to leave behind. WASHINGTON said Gilbert was not dependable, as he (WASHINGTON) found things on his Pennsylvania land too untidy and not cared for. Somehow, I think the above is a different Gilbert. This Gilbert will later appear on the Cowpasture in Virginia in Chalkleys.” (Bonnie Simpson-Valko).

On 8 January 1774 a bill was filed in Harrison County August 21, 1797; at a very early period of adventures into the western country, Jacob REES came into the county now Harrison [West Virginia and bought from Wm. WILLIAMS July 31, 1775 a tract on Ten Mile Creek which WILLIAMS had bought of John JONES who purchased it of John SIMPSON, the original improved, by bill of sale Jan. 8, 1774. When Indians became active REES moved to Grundy’s Blockhouse on Simpson’s Creek and in 1781 he removed to Frederick County from whence he came.” (Chalkeleys)

In 1780 Thomas SIMPSON was in Capt. William HARROD’s company. Capt. HARROD and Capt. Evan SHELBY were related by marriage (HARROD’s sister married Evan SHELBY and was his second wife). John SIMPSON mentioned above served with Capt. SHELBY earlier and Thomas SIMPSON served with Capt. HARROD later.

It was interesting to note that Emanuel SMITH served for three years as a private in the Washington Co., Pennsylvania militia during the Revolutionary War. Researchers of the SIMPSON family of early Baltimore Co., Maryland will remember that an earlier Emanuel SMITH was the father of Mary SMITH who married Thomas SIMPSON in 1718 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Ten Mile Creek where John SIMPSON, William HARROD and Evan SHELBY all lived ran through Washington Co., Pennsylvania.

Does anyone have email connections with any SIMPSON or SIMPSON descendants who still live in the area of Burndt Prairie, Illinois? I met someone at the antique mall there once who was probably a cousin through the Tolliver SIMPSON line but I did not get his contact information. – Sara Simpson, 709 E. Taylor St., Bloomington, IL 61701-5425

Seeking the country that the SIMPSONs immigrated from. I have traced my ancestors i.e. Harry, Hiriam, Edwin, James, Joseph. Need parents of Joseph SIMPSON born 1796 in North Carolina, died November 10, 1871 Crawford Co., Trimble, Illinois. – Rita Tennery, 14 Hadley Woodland St., Mooresville, IN 46158.

By Bryce Knight, 7419 Harris, Raytown, MO 64133
Written 5 October 2002
A re-study of the Fourche LaFave River Valley in Perry and Yell Counties, Arkansas where my father was born 1904 and grew up for a series of articles in the county historical and genealogical society history book revealed interesting details concerning William Cullen KNIGHT and wife Alice Susan SIMPSON who settled here after the Civil War, first found on the 1870 census on the Anderson O. CHERRY place (a decade later future in-law ANDERSONs settled the same CHERRY farm.)

Pleasant CARTER probably arrived this rather isolated valley as early as 1835. Quite apparently he was brother of William A. CARTER who married Annie Frances PAISLEY whose family originated Guilford Co., North Carolina. I did not keep exact notes on this PAISLEY genealogy as I should have, but probably she is descended from John and Robert PEASLEY appearing 1790 very near Thomas KNIGHT (married Elizabeth SIMPSON[3]), James CONNER, a Willis WRIGHT, James OSBURN and Isaac PERKINS.

William ANDERSON’s son, John Clayborn ANDERSON, married Hester Caroline BROOKS, by whom, James ANDERSON and Minverva Jane CARTER who married twins, Frances Nora and Jacob Nero ANDERSON, siblings of Nimmie ANDERSON who married Bryant Homer KNIGHT, William and Alice’s son. A daughter, Odie, married Elmo Knight HOLMES, grandson of William and Alice. Another son, Frances Marion CARTER, had a granddaughter who married another grandson of William and Alice.

There seems probability (as in Tennessee one married related to KNIGHTs) these CARTERs, and early Perry County and Yell County (neighboring) REEDs (allied also – Nimmie’s grandmother was a READ / REED) originated Rockingham Co., North Carolina where 1790 pages

528A: David WILLIAMS
528B: Robert KNIGHT, Thomas SIMPSON, Rebecca CAMPBELL, MASSEY, etc.

Anderson was Isaac ANDERSON’s son, Isaac mentioned numerous times, legally, with Thomas KNIGHT. Nimrod, where my father was born, was a place name derived at least in part, no doubt, from having first been settled by three KING families from North Carolina. Not just neighbors in Rockingham Co, North Carolina, 1790 Stokes County 7 KINGs were neighbor of John KIZER, William Cullen KNIGHT’s grandfather.

William WILSON nearby originated Guilford Co., North Carolina.

Other Rockingham / Stokes Co., North Carolina names found along the Fourche Valley, Perry County: GILL, COBB, ALLISON, the latter two KNIGHT / ANDERSON allied. Guilford Co., North Carolina census has not been thoroughly searched.

Allied names coming somewhat later: HOLLAND, HOLLINGSWORTH, MASSEY, WILLIAMS, etc.

William and Alice (SIMPSON) KNIGHT’s daughter, Mary, born 1858 Mississippi married William Asa WRIGHT, born 1848 Georgia, his family (as the BROOKS) originated in North Carolina. Asa’s first wife was Permilu A. (HARDEMAN), by whom, among other: James Robert WRIGHT who married Emma Young WRIGHT, (Mary’s sister), Ettie HAMILTON; Ida who married Charles MORGAN; Carrie who married Simmie PHILLIPS.

Asa’s second wife: Martha Frances KERSEY, mother of Simmie PHILLIPS.

The above names, excepting perhaps MORGAN, not unknown the early Guilford / Stokes Counties area.

Among James ROBERT and Emma (KNIGHT) WRIGHT’s children: Olive married Charles CAMPBELL; Suda Irene married William Simpson MORGAN (Charlie’s brother); and William Asa married Cora BLAIR.

Martha Frances KERSEY’s sister, Margaret Rose Ann KERSEY married William Wade MORGAN (father of Charles and William). Their mother married a second time, B. MORELAND, their stepbrother being Dr. Bartlet Little MORELAND.

Morgan interest, not necessarily because it may be another hint of SIMPSON-BOONE-MORGAN connection, though the MORGANs may also have been Quaker, but because Alice Susan SIMPSON’s grandfather (and great uncle) Needham INGRAM, Sr. of Johnston Co., North Carolina, though first married to Nancy KING, later married, as a brother, MORGANs. MORGANs, INGRAMs and related KNIGHTs (Thomas KNIGHT’s uncle) lived 1790s Lancaster Co., South Carolina, these INGRAMs having originated tin Augusta Co., Virginia.

Considering the above, relating to Alice Susan (SIMPSON) KNIGHT, consider:

William MORELAND of Washington / Carter Co., Tennessee (son of Wright MORELAND), husband of Sarah ?[4]) and parent of Nancy MORELAND (born 1794 Washington County) who married Thomas SIMPSON.

Wright SIMPSON of Oregon Co., Missouri, son of Thomas and Nancy (MORELAND) SIMPSON, grandson of Peter Ryan SIMPSON who died Cannon Co., Tennessee, 1850.

Valentine (Wright?) SIMPSON, son of Peter Ryan SIMPSON (and Anna Eliza WRIGHT?), though Valentine a HOLLINGSWORTH name). Could Anna’s mother have been a HOLLINGSWORTH?

[1] Chronicles of Border Warfare or a History of the Settlement by the Whites of Northwestern Virginia and of the Indian Wars and Massacres in That Section of the State by Reuben Gold Thwaites originally published in 1895 and reprinted in 1970 by McClain Printing Co., Parsons, West Virginia.
[2] A tomahawk right was made by marking trees with the initials of the name of the claimant per Doddridge’s Notes on Western Virginia.
[3] The Simpson Clan Vol. 2 #1 "Research Note #6" by Don Simpson, “In his will he named his wife Sarah KNIGHT. Some people think that his wife was named Sarah Elizabeth, but can't find proof. Elizabeth SIMPSON might have been his first wife and Sarah, his second wife. He may be the Thomas KNIGHT who married second to "Alley" or Sally" MARTIN, 24 Dec. 1812 Wilson Co., Tennessee. If so, Elizabeth would have died before this date.
[4] Note from editor: Ruby Norton found that it’s more likely that Sarah was the daughter or wife of Peter Ford than a Simpson. William and Sarah Moreland were administrators of Peter Ford’s estate per Burke County, North Carolina Land Papers 1770-1778, Vol. II page 173, Estate papers 1777-1795: Peter Ford, July 20, 1784, Adm. bond: William Morland, Sarah Morland. At that time Burke County adjoined Washington District.

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The Simpson Clan Volume XX, Issue 2, Fall 2004

Volume XX, Issue 2 ISSN 0884-3805 Fall 2004

Published by Nona Williams, PO Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746
web site Email

SIMPSON: COMPARISON STUDIESBy Bryce Knight, 7419 Harris, Raytown, MO 64133
Written 5 October 2002
Continued from previous issue

Per correspondence with Katherine Townley:

Catherine NELSON, daughter of William NELSON of Cecil Co., Maryland married Archibald SIMPSON. George HOLLINGSWORTH, son of James HOLLINGSWORTH and Ann CUTCHIN, 1 December 1737 married Hanna NELSON.
Note from Mary Nelson Pazur: Catherine Nelson was my 4th great grandfather's (John Nelson) sister. If the Hannah Nelson referred to was their sister, she did not marry George Hollingsworth, she married Thomas Hope on December 23, 1769. I would gladly share information on the Nelson family. Click here to email Mary Nelson Pazur.

George HOLLINGSWORTH Jr.’s estate was inventoried by Thomas PRESTON and William HICKS, old Baltimore Co., Maryland. (Spelled HOLLANDSWORTH.)

While James HOLLINGSWORTH married old Baltimore County 1714 Ann CHITCHLING or CUTCHEN, a Thomas CUTCHIN married Jane HICKS.

KNIGHT research has already disclosed the 1710 Abraham HOLLINGSWORTH marriage to SIMPSON allied Ann ROBINSON, and 1688 Catherine HOLLINGSWORTH marriage to George ROBINSON, and the George HOLLINGWORTH – Hannah McCOY marriage, 1734 Frederick Co., Virginia, home of Isaac PERKINS.

According to John Worth Simpson in Simpson: A Family of the American Frontier, not altogether precise concerning my own line, Alice Susan (SIMPSON) KNIGHT’s father was William M. SIMPSON Jr. (married Mariah INGRAM), and his parents William Sr. and Mary CAMPBELL, William Sr., son of John SIMPSON and Christian CAMPBELL.

William SIMPSON, Sr. appears on the 1820 U.S. Census of Giles Co., Tennessee, neighbor to Hamilton Crockett CAMPBELL (possible brother of Mary), brother of John Crockett CAMPBELL of Hawkins Co., Tennessee (married Sally KIMBROUGH), sons of Alexander CAMPBELL b 1750, whose mother, according to genealogy lines, is Leticia CROCKETT, related to Davey CROCKETT of Alamo fame who also resided Giles Co.

The New Columbia Encyclopedia gives Davey CROCKETT’s origins as Greene Co., Tennessee. Study of Greene Co. (formed 1783 from Washington Co.) disclosed a David CAMPBELL, born 1750 Augusta Co., Virginia son of David and Mary (HAMILTON) CAMPBELL, Greene Co. by 1783. As the name HAMILTON applies these CAMPBELL families appear related. HAMILTON also a name familiar with Guilford Co., North Carolina researchers.

By induction, these CAMPBELLs may be the same family as those of Guilford Co., John (son of James, died ca 1753 Augusta Co., Virginia) and Mary (EDWARDS) CAMPBELL on Richard SIMPSON, Jr.'s 1793 Guilford Co., North Carolina will. Certainly John and Mary's sons James and Archibald seem to be the same as appear later Stokes Co., North Carolina near my KNIGHTs and allied families.

Augusta Co., Virginia: Once rather a large parent county,but for SIMPSON research purposes possibly not quite so large, considering the many SIMPSON families or branches that drifted down the Virginia valley.

Thomas SIMPSON, son of Samuel SIMPSON and Rebecca MORROW, who married Catherine KENNEDY 1796 Greene Co., Tennessee, was said to have been born ca 1770 Botetourt Co., Virginia. That county was formed from Augusta in 1770. Today we might know more specifically where he was born.

And his brother, John SIMPSON, born 1768, who married Ann MERCER.

Archibald SIMPSON of Hawkins, Wilson and Bedford Counties, Tennessee, etc.: (See The Simpson Clan, Spring 1995, pp 4-7, Fall 1995, p 1, Donald Simpson's Research Project, Report No. 3, June-July 1995, pp 4-5) I would suggest it may be possible Thomas CAMPBELL could have been of the (adjacent) Greene County CAMPBELLs, and that Archibald is a very typical CAMPBELL name, so his mother may have been a CAMPBELL. Ephraim SHERRILL witnessed the 1811 Wilson County Power of Attorney in­volving Archibald SIMPSON, and Reuben SIMPSON, son of William SIMPSON (of old Baltimore Co., Maryland) and Avarilla PERKINS, married Sarah SHERRILL born 1756 old Augusta Co., Virginia, indicative, perhaps, some of these SIMPSONs lingered that area. as did my ANDERSONs. This may not be incompatible with Don Simpson's analysis.

1850 U.S. Census of McNairy Co., Tennessee., District 2:
639 KING, Jessee 31 M farmer S.C.
Sally 25 F Tenn. & family.
640 TIDWELL, E.S. 29 M farmer Tenn.
Nancy 28 F N. C. & family.
641 SIMPSON, Isaac 40 M Ky.
Amanda 22 F N.C.
Mary 2 F Tenn.

This is Isaac SIMPSON, son of William SIMPSON, Sr. and Mary CAMPBELL (of Wayne Co., Kentucky, Giles and Hardeman Co.'s, Tennessee) who married Margaret Amanda GREEN. Alice Susan (SIMPSON) KNIGHT's uncle.

Sally almost certainly Matilda ANDERSON who married Jesse KING 1827 Madison Co., Tennessee, daughter of Gabriel ANDERSON, Jr. Gabriel's grandson (via John Jared ANDERSON) Samuel, 1875 Madison County married Ida H. SIMPSON, born ca 1853 Tennessee, the father thought to have been S.C. SIMPSON, 39, on the 1870 Madison Co. census, neighbor to John ANDERSON.

1830 U.S. Census of Madison Co., Tennessee: (among others)

Page 89: Isaac PERRYMAN, almost certainly father-in-law of Margaret (KNIGHT) PERRYMAN, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth (SIMPSON) KNIGHT. William GARRETT grandfather of Nimmie ANDERSON.

Page 90: John Samuel ANDERSON, Nimmie's grandfather, and brother William, Jr. (per marriage license), al­most certainly nephews of Garland, Jr.

Page 91: William KNIGHT, b 7 Feb 1787 Virginia, son of James KNIGHT, Jr. and Elizabeth WILLIAMS (b Jan 1766): James, Sr. involved in the 1750 deed with Zebulon HOLLINGSOWRTH, 1748 witnessed the will of Ann (ROBINSON, daughter of George) HOLLINGSWORTH. Abraham's father Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH. Could Elizabeth have been daughter of William WILLIAMS? Niece? 1836 Madison Co., Tennessee D. (or B.) WILLIAMS listed on John Samuel ANDERSON's estate papers.

Also: Linville, James MALLORY (Nimmie's Uncle William Wriley ANDERSON, Jr. in-law), other related ANDERSONs, incl. Samuel (LINDSEY) ANDERSON, another son of Gabriel, who appears 1833 Madison Co. will with R. W. CROCKETT.

Also: Rebecca (SKILLERN) ANDERSON, as Rebecca SKILLERN married William ANDERSON (Sr., b 1776), verified in that Anderson Skillern signed John Samuel ANDERSON's estate papers.
Also: Nancy CHISSUM. CHISSUMs allied with William SIMPSON, Sr., Alice (SIMPSON) KNIGHTs grand­father. 1790 Rockingham. Co., North Carolina CHISLOM neighbor to Drewry and Edward WILLIAMS.

William ANDERSON who married Rebecca SKILLERN was the son of John ANDERSON, b 1750 Augusta Co., Virginia, married 1775 Botetourt Co., Virginia. Rebecca MAXWELL, died 1817 Sullivan Co. (Carter's Valley), Tennessee. Rebecca perhaps of the same MAXWELL family (or a branch thereof) that lived Guilford Co., North Carolina near SIMPSONs. There may even be some remote possibility that John ANDERSON's parents were the Isaac ANDERSON (of Rockingham Co., associated with Thomas KNIGHT?) who married CAMPBELL.

Regarding Mary CAMPBELL who married William SIMPSON, Sr.: John Worth Simpson offers no parents, though she was born ca 1766, and this may have been handed down. Wynell Simpson, certainly more a detailed Simpson researcher than myself in some instances,states (per January 2002 correspondence), "I have seen papers in the Giles Co., Tennessee record books that connect our SIMPSONs to a CAMPBELL family, but it did not give relationship. I have been searching for a very long time for the last name of Mary."

Donald Simpson's Research Project, Report No. 10, June-­July 1997, Part 3 may offer some possibilities regarding CAMPBELL, mentioning a Malcolm CAMPBELL (married Isabella), who had children William; Archibald, died 1774 Botetourt Co., Virginia; Elizabeth, and William SIMPSON, b ca 1741 Botetourt Co., d ca 1797/8 Augusta Co., Virginia; Mary; Jane; and Rebecca. William or Archibald perhaps Mary's father, or related.

William SIMPSON who married Elizabeth CAMPBELL had sons Archibald, b ca 1768, and Mary Curry; and John, d 1780 Botetourt Co., Virginia, and perhaps others. The same Simpsons as mentioned previously of Hawkins Co., Bedford Co., and Wilson Co., Tennessee (Round lick, where my own KNIGHTs resided at one time.)

Malcolm CAMPBELL died 1763 Augusta Co., Virginia, and included in his legal papers were such Guilford Co., North Carolina Simpson­ familiar names as ALEXANDER and PEOPLES. Then in 1767 Augusta Co. an Israel CHRISTIAN . . . was ordered to "settle the ac­count of William SIMPSON and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Administratrix of Malcolm CAMPBELL . . ."

(Regarding William SIMPSON who married Elizabeth CAMPBELL. He was born ca 1741 Botetourt Co., Virginia and married ca 1763. Note also, Samuel SIMPSON who married Rebecca MORROW and died 1783, had sons John and Thomas, b ca 1770 Botetourt Co., Virginia.)

(Regarding Christian CAMPBELL (b ca 1738) who married John SIMPSON, by whom William SIMPSON, Sr. who married Mary: Again, John Worth Simpson offers no parents for Christian. Some question whether she was actually a CAMPBELL. (Immediately allied family names suggest, rather, perhaps, CARSON, a name not unfamiliar to my KNIGHT line, even Marshall Co., Mississippi where William C. KNIGHT lived about the time he mar­ried Alice Susan SIMPSON.) However, as naming patterns may apply, some consideration could probably be given to whether her mother may have been a Christian. William SIMPSON, Jr.'s sibling was named Christian (b 1794 Wayne Co., Kentucky, d 1849 Hardeman Co., Tennessee.)

ANDERSON perspective: William ANDERSON who married Rebecca SKILLERN had a sister, Betsy, b 1783, probably Botetourt Co., Virginia, who married William CHRISTIAN and lived 1850-70 Madison Co., Tennessee with related ANDERSONs, including her daughter. The CHRISTIANs were very early settlers of Augusta Co., Virginia, near James ALEXANDER, WILSONs (many times ANDERSON allied, WILSON, a name common enough), CUNNINGHAMs, William ROBINSON. William WRIGHT's district (probably nearby) included SKILLERNs. (The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Free­dom, by Howard McKnight Wilson, regarding early Augusta Co., parenthesis added my own.) Actually, Anderson SKILLERN mar­ried first Margaret CHRISTIAN, then BUCHANAN (a name much seen in Giles Co., Tennessee records.) Anderson's grandmother remarried James ANDERSON (alias Ute PERKINS--which may be in some error.) His brother was Isaac Campbell Alexander SKILLERN.

And: A HOLLINGSWORTH served in the same Denmark, Madison Co., Tennessee company during the Mexican War with related ANDERSONs, including John Jared ANDERSON. Anderson and I. C. A. SKILLERN lived Denmark. Denmark (or, rather, the country) is mentioned in peculiarly shared, telescopic sort of ways, as family traditions tend to perpetuate and magnify, by both my SIMPSONs and ANDERSONs.

Madison and Hardeman Co., Tennessee records seem generally lacking, and perhaps many were destroyed. From Last Will and Testament Abstracts, Madison Co., Tennessee 1821-1854, by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith:

(I have) a fragment of a ca 1840 will, apparently of a Mr. WRENN, mentioning a daughter Sally SIMPSON, grandson Matthew ROBINSON, a CHANDLER tract, Meridian Creek, executors and witnesses Alfred D. and David J. GARRETT, James McKNIGHT and William REEVES.

This is the Medon area of south central Madison Co. near the Hardeman line just east of Denmark. An earlier will of a Ryland CHANDLER mentions a daughter, Rebecca REAVES, and witness Joshua ANDERSON. Joshua ANDERSON lived previously Wilson Co., Tennessee and is probably a brother of Gabriel ANDERSON. In Wilson Co. Joshua's family was associated with (by at least marriage) CHANDLERs, also WRENNs. Possibly CHANDLERs and WRENNs who also lived the Rockingham/Guilford Co., North Carolina area.

The Medon area was also settled by COLLINS (Matilda ANDERSON's first husband, 1823, appears to have been Henry D. COLLINS), ALMONDs and RUSHINGs (previously of Stewart and Humphreys Co.'s, Tennessee, associated with and related to William C. KNIGHT), HERRONs, and REEVES/REAVES (related to William C. KNIGHT's mother, KIZERs, also of Marshall Co., Mississippi) All of whom seemed to have had Madison Co. ANDERSON (and KNIGHT and SIMPSON) connections.

7 September 1838 at Jackson, Madison Co., John Holland SIMPSON, born 1813 Tennessee, son of "Big John" SIMPSON and Martha HOLLAND married Mary, daughter of Samuel SIMPSON and Elizabeth FULTON. A daughter, Tennessee, born 1852, married a CHANDLER. Like several other SIMPSON families John and Mary SIMPSON later lived Johnson Co., Arkansas, across the river from Yell (and Perry) Co.

In comparing what may possibly be two branches of the same SIMPSON family (the old Baltimore Co., Maryland, Guilford Co., North Carolina branch and my own, that of Wayne Co., Kentucky, Giles and Hardeman Co.'s, Tennessee), without, perhaps, telescoping the action too greatly, as we have glimpsed through the lens (of WRIGHT, MORELAND, KNIGHT, ANDERSON, HOLLINGSWORTH, CAMP­BELL, perhaps HAMILTON), possibly some further perspective might be offered when we consider, along with William WILLIAMS of Augusta Co., Virginia and William WILLIAMS of Guilford Co., North Carolina:

The Fourche LaFave River Valley:
1870 Perry Co., Arkansas James A. ANDERSON (household of John MOSBY--ancestor of my own Uncle Clarence Growns, Ola Knight's husband--along with Harrison WILLIAMS, Jr., Sr. a neighbor, age 50, b Virginia as the MOSBYs. James WILLIAMS, apparent son, another neighbor.

1880 Perry Co., Arkansas William Wriley ANDERSON, Jr., neighbor to Samuel A. MOSBY and, same HH, Joseph MASSEY. Wriley's son Buel would marry Wanda MOSBY, daughter of Sam MOSBY and Hettie MASSEY. Wriley also neighbor to TIDWELL, MILAM and VANN families.

1920 Yell Co., Arkansas Monroe P. ANDERSON neighbor to Vann WILLIAMS and family, including Elva and Elvis DUNN, first cousins of James L. DUNN who married Viola INGRAM whose mother was a KNIGHT, originating almost certainly with Thomas KNIGHT's Uncle James KNIGHT of 1790 Union Co., South Carolina Neighbor also to CARTERs and REAVES (intermarried). DUNNs lived near KNIGHT-SIMPSONs early Rockingham Co., North Carolina Lancaster Co., South Carolina near enough to INGRAMs.

Footnote touching further on the constantly peripherial aspect of HOLLINGSWORTH (sometimes considered originally Quaker): Recently come to my attention from correspondence with Katherine Townley through a letter by Nona Williams, editor of this publication, discussing Cecil Co., Maryland CUNNINGHAMs thought possibly to have come to Guilford Co., North Carolina. History of Cecil Co., Maryland. and the Early Settlements around the Head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River With Sketches of Some of the Old Families, by George Johnston:

"Page 147: 'on ye 7th of ye 1st Mo., 1701,' they issued the warrant of survey to Henry HOLLINGSWORTH at that time a citizen of Pennsylvania."

"Page 277: . . . 1741, William ALEXANDER and Arminta, his wife, deed an acre of land to the Robert LUCAS, Zebulon HOLLINGSWORTH . . . of Cecil Co. . . . upon which to build a meeting house . . . (a Presbyterian Church)."

The REEVES of Medon, Madison Co., Tennessee were descended from homesteader Mauldin REEVES, b 1781, and wife Nancy STEVENSON, b 1785, and whose family, originally of Augusta Co., Virginia, was also involved with the Medon COLLINS. A REEVES daughter married a PERKINS. (Early Days in Medon, from papers read by Mrs. Bardwell Murdock before the Madison County Historical Society June, 1945.)

A James Harvey REEVES married ca 1830 Mary SIMPSON, b 1812, daughter of Moses SIMPSON and Sarah PENN of Wayne Co., Kentucky and Morgan Co., Alabama, son of Ruben SIMPSON and Sarah SHERRILL. (Fran Laird correspondence.)

"Capt. James ROBERTSON . . . must be the famous early settler of Nashville . . . with John DONELSON. James mar­ried Charlotte RIVES/REEVES who, I understand, was a member of the same family as Jane RIVES/REEVES, who married Middleton FORD. . . . in the same line from a common ancestor." Fran, also noting that Middleton's sister, Sarah FORD (her ancestress), married John WILSON, 1823 Morgan Co., Alabama. Among Middleton and Jane's children: Selina FORD who married Icader KNIGHT, William Green FORD who married Jane PENN. Fran is descended from Nathanial SIMPSON, b ca 1760-70, d by 2 October 1843 Humphreys Co., Tennessee, a descendant of whom lived adjoining Madison Co., Alabama.

Mrs. Bardwell Murdock verifies that Mauldin REEVES' rela­tive was Charlotte REEVES, wife of James ROBERTSON above.

As CARTERs also settled the Medon area, it may perhaps be noteworthy, considering William WILSON of nearby 1860 Perry Co., that, Yell Co., Arkansas, John Clayborn CARTER's sister, Mima, married S. P. REEVES.


From Katherine Simpson Townley, 7846 Russellhurst Dr., Kirtland, OH 44094-8504 writes that she is 90 years old and has genealogy information that she would like to donate to a repository not “connected with politics, churches, etc.” She attempted to donate her items to a library but they wanted these items to be computerized. She has too much to ship. If anyone has a suggestion for her, please contact her.

From Marilyn Collins, 1430 Scenic Ridge Drive, Houston, TX 77043, e-mail: According to court documents Rebecca LYON and Robert SIMPSON, married in Washington Co., Tennessee in 1800, were the parents of William SIMPSON of Greene and Bradley Counties, Tennessee. Rebecca was a member in 1800 of the church established by Jonathan MULKEY. The MULKEY and LYON families were associated with Dewitt Co., Illinois. Who are the parents of Robert SIMPSON who married into the LYON family? Is he kin to the William SIMPSON associated with the MULKEY family in Dewitt Co., Illinois?

Descendants of William Simpson & Clara RileyDana & Sally King, 1935 Zinnie St., Golden, CO 80401

William SIMPSON born about 1841 in Canada (parents from England); married Clara RILEY born about 1852 in Pennsylvania (in 1920 census, Minnie recorded that Clara was born in Kentucky. Her mother was Elizabeth RILEY from England. Their daughter was:

Elizabeth (Minnie) SIMPSON born about 1869 in Illinois; married James L. McDONALD of Missouri, born about 1860 in Scotland. Lived in Macon Co., Missouri. They were the parents of Clara McDONALD born 1890 and Montgomery McDONALD born about 1888.

Joseph C. SIMPSON born about 1871 in Illinois

Oscar J. SIMPSON born about 1873 in Streator, Illinois (in Kemmerer in 1942)

John Leroy SIMPSON born 27 September 1875 in Streator, Illinois or in Canada; died 17 September 1942. Member of the Spanish American War Veterans. He married 22 November 1905 in Deitz, Wyoming; died 17 September 1942 in Sheridan, Wyoming at Ft. MacKensie. Sarah Harriet GRIFFITHS born 28 July 1889 in Wyoming; died 3 March 1950 in Hastings, Nebraska, buried in Sheridan. Their children were:

Agnes Dorothy SIMPSON born 26 December 1906 in Kemmerer, Wyoming; died 14 July 1986 in Holdredge, Nebraska, buried in Prairie Home Cemetery. She married 12 June 1930, Denver, Colorado; Earl Elmer FLANAGAN born 8 November 1905 in Omaha, Nebraska; died 22 February 1975 in Denver, Colorado.

Robert Leroy SIMPSON born 12 July 1908 in Sheridan, Wyoming; died 24 August 1931 in Laramie, Wyoming in an auto accident.

William H. SIMPSON born April 1980

Edgar SIMPSON of Oakland, California (Edgar was noted as brother in John’s obituary.) On wedding license and picture, an Edward SIMPSON is present. Neither was in the 1880 census.

Simpsons in Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys
From Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys: Hampshire, Berkeley, Loudoun, Fairfax, King George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland & Lancaster Counties 1697-1784, Volume IV

Berkeley Co., Virginia

pp. 79-80 William BALDWIN, 29 August 1774 - ___ April ___; 364 acres on west side of north Mountain, back Creek near HAYNES; adj. his own 50 & 188 acre tracts, Anthony SIMPSON, Thomas SHARP, William COCHRAN. CC: Francis BALDWIN & John SHARP. Surv. Richard RIGG

p. 86 Wendle FROUSHOUR in his own right * as assignee (in 1777) of William BAILEY of Frederick; 9 March 1770 – 8 July 1772; 405 acres on Sleepy Creek; adj. Pearce BUTLER purchased of Chas. BURKHAM, Wm. BAILEY’s 354 acres patent. CC – Wm. BAILEY & Anthony SIMPSON. Surv. Richard RIGG. (Caveated by Robert GUDLETT of Frederick)

p. 94 James STRODE / STRAUD, 25 June 1776 – 22 June 1778/ 101 acres on Back Creek, North Mountain, Buck Hill, adj. Wm. COCHRAN, Anthy SIMPSON. CC – Jacob MOON & David LUCAS. Surv. Richard RIGG

Fairfax Co., Virginia
p. 106 Capt. John CARLYLE / CARLILE, 12 August 1749 – surveyed n.d., 197 acres ca. a mile above the foard of Great Hunting Creek; adj. John SIMSON; Capt. PEARSON, Capt. Awbery HUGH (formerly Capt. PEARSON’s). CC: James LANELL, Richd RENOLES. Surv. Guy BROADWATER

p. 108 Thomas ELLIOT of Prince William; 27 August 1741 – 3 April 1742; 230 acres on Sandy Run; adj. in warrant only Thos. SIMPSON, Job CARTER & in survey Jas ROBERTS, Giles TILLIT, MUNDEL. CC: Wm SIMPSON & Joseph JACOBS. Surv. Thomas DAVIES

p. 108 Thomazin ELLZEY 30 November 1762 – 4 April 1765; 244 acres on Colo. CARTERs ox road on South drain Pohick; adj. Bond VEAL, Wm. ELLZEY, Geo. SIMPSON, Tennants / Terrance REYLY, Thomas Wethers COFFER, Colo. CARTER, Walter GRIFFIN’s Old Roling Road. CC: Bennet JOHNSTON & Samuel LITTLE JOHN. Surv. John HOUGH.

p. 109 Capt. William ELLZEY of Prince William; 10 April 1742 – 26 May 1742 & 14 October 1742; 300 acres on branch of Wolf Run & Pope’s Head, adj. Thos FFORD, Geo. SIMPSON, John & Alex GOWIN(G) & Terrence REILEY, Colo. CARTER, Bond VEALL, Giles TILLETT, Richd SIMPSON, Hencock LEE. CC: Thos FORD & Andrew GRAYHAM. Marker – John GOWING. Surv. William WEST.

p. 110 John GOWEN, no warrant, surveyed 30 October 1742; 144 acres on north run of Pohick; adj. Robt CARTER, Esqu. Widow COFFER, Richd SIMPSON. CC: John START (STURT), Alexr GOWEN. Surv. William WEST.

p. 111 James HALLY of Prince William; no warrant, surveyed 22 October 1742; 690 acres including part of a survey I made for Richard SIMPSON & at his request have taken all that was clear into sd. HALLY’s survey; on south run of Pohick; adj. Wm. HALL, Capt. COCK, SHEPHERD, Wm. GODFREY. CC: Saml CANTERBERRY & Benja HALLY. Surv. Thomas DAVIES

p. 116 James ROBERTS of Prince William; 20 June 1740 – 29 April 1741; 281 acres on Sandy Run near the Ox Road; adj. Giles TILLET, Thos. SIMPSON, Colo. CARTER. CC: Geo. SYMSON & Wm. BENNET. Surv. John WARNER

p. 117 Moses SIMPSON, 27 October 1778 – 4 March 1779; 27 acres on Catamount Branch of Sandy Run of Occoquan; adj. his own (formerly James ROBERTS), Robt CARTER, Esqr. George TILLET, ELLIOT, Giles TILLET. CC: John SIMPSON & George ROBERTSON. Surv. John HOUGH

p. 117 Moses SIMPSON, Senr. Assignee, (in 1773) of Thomazin ELLZEY for whom surveyed 24 November 1764 – 17 February 1770; 39 acres on drains of Pohick, the Ox Road, Turley’s Road; adj. Moses SIMPSON, Revd William WEST, John ROBINSON, Jas. ROBURTS. CC: Peter RALEY & Patrick CONNELLY. Pilot: Wm. SIMPSON, Senr. Surv. John HOUGH

p. 119 John WEST Junr, 11 June 1763 – 13 Oct. 1764; 74+ a. of marshy land on north side of Great Hunting Creek; adj. his own which he purchased of SIMPSON. CC: William BEAGENT & John PRATT. Surv. John HOUGH.

p. 119 Thomas WINDSOR of Prince William; 27 August 1741 – 11 January 1742; 132 acres on south run of Pohick; adj. James HALLY, Hugh WEST, Richard SIMPSON, Awbrey, William HALL. CC – Richard & George SIMPSON. Surv. Thomas DAVIES.

Simpsons in Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & SurveysFrom Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys: 1653-1781, Volume V

p. 25 John SIMPSON, Culpeper; 14 December 1771 – 25 May 1772; 90 acres in Gourd Vine Fork and the Great Fork on both sides of the Rappahannock River, the North Branch called Cannon; adj. in warrant Edward SIMMS, Henry PENDLETON, Thomas WASHBURN and in survey Nathaniel PENDLETON, Edward SIMS, Benjamin FARGUSON, Samuel FARGASON, Henry PENDLETON. CC: Robert BUTLER & John BOWEY (?). Pilots: John SIMPSON & Saml FARGASON. Surv. Richard RIGG

p. 37 John SIMPSON of Richmond Co.; Westmoreland, 25 September 1757 – 30 September 1757, warrant in the name of Rev. Joseph SIMPSON died before deed issued & without a will his eldest son John desired deed; 52 ½ acres adj. BAZELEY, HAWLEY, Rev. Joseph SIMPSON (lately purchased of William DUNCAN), Robert JORDAN. Pilot: William DUNCAN. Surv. William GARLAND

p. 51 John LACEY, Culpeper; 1 October 1753 – 2 February 1755; 153 acres near THORNTON’s Pass on SW side of Oventop Mountain; adj. James McDONALD, Colo. Robert EASTHAM. CC: John SIMPSON & William LACEY. Surv. Richard YOUNG.

p. 56 Thomas STANTON; Culpeper; 12 January 1749 – 5 July 1750; surveyed to determine surplus in patent 10 June 1737 to his father, Thomas STANTON, dec’d for 400 acres; 800 acres on branches of Robinsone & Stanton Rivers; adj. his own land, John SIMPSON, William KIRTLET, (now Francis KIRTLET’s), William McDONAHO, Isaac SMITH, Jean STANTON, EDDINGS, James KING (now LAUCHLIES of Middlesex Co.). Surv.George HUME.

p. 72 Thomas FORD; Fairfax; 19 September 1743 – 26 September 1743; 15 acres on Popes Head Run; adj. his own land, Richd SIMPSON. CC: Jno FORD & James SHEADE (?). Surv. William WEST

p. 95 Richard SIMPSON; Fairfax; 17 November 1744 – 8 January 1744/45; 323 acres between north and south runs of Pohick; adj. land he lives on, Mr. Edward BARRY, Francis COFFER, Henry WARD/WORD. CC: Saml CANBERBERRY & Thos WINSON. Surv. William WEST Verso: n.d. Deed to be made in Moses SIMPSON’s name. (NN Grants F; p. 211 – grant to Moses SIMPSON 18 February 1744 for 323 acres with same adj. landowners.)

p. 96 Samuel SIMPSON; Culpeper; 9 September 1778 – 6 November 1778; 114 acres on south side of Bluff Mountain; adj. Horatio DADE, Francis COBY. CC: Conventon COLLINS & Philip COCKS. Surv. George HUME

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The Simpson Clan Volume XX, Issue 3, Winter 2005

Volume XX, Issue 3 ISSN 0884-3805 Winter 2005

Published by Nona Williams, PO Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746
web site Email
The Robert & Massey (McCollum) Simpson Family of Rockingham County, North CarolinaJan., 2005 - by Don Simpson

Among the SIMPSONs of southern Rockingham County, North Carolina, the majority were descendants of William & Isabelle (CUMMINGS) SIMPSON of the Jacobs Creek area. In previous articles in this newsletter I have already treated some of those descendants. This article treats the descendants of their son, Robert SIMPSON, & his wife, Massey McCOLLUM.

This article was prompted by receipt of some family data that had been assembled in the 1960's by one of those descendants, Mr. Ralph Glenn Simpson, Sr., and subsequently added to by his granddaughter, Patricia Simpson. This material contains some valuable data, part of which solves some puzzles that I had not previously been able to solve. Unfortunately it also included errors in that it misidentified the first generation listed in that material. However, the available records clearly provide the needed correction. In particular, the marriages of Robert Cummings SIMPSON to his first wife, Mary PERKINS, and that to his third wife, Lucy Ann PERKINS, were recorded in Rockingham County Marriage Register, 1867 - 1896, which is the only register of that county in the 19th Century that recorded parents of the parties as well as the performing official. Those two records which were made at the time of the marriages, list Robert’s parents as Robert & Massey SIMPSON, and both Mary’s & Lucy’s parents as Constantine & Isabelle PERKINS.

In the listing below, when Glenn’s manuscript is the principal source it is indicated with “[RGS]” inserted. Another important source of data is found in the published cemetery records (cited below as “[CRRS]”) of the six volume series titled Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties North Carolina, compiled and published by members of James Hunter Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution of Madison, North Carolina, and published from 1992 to 2001. Otherwise, the sources are the usual census, marriage, probate & land records of Rockingham & Guilford Counties, North Carolina. The abbreviations used are the usual except “mg. b.” which is the date of the marriage bond when date of marriage is not preserved.

In addition to those sources, I have consulted the wonderful series of volumes published by the North Carolina Division of Archives and History that are titled North Carolina Troops, 1861 -1865, A Roster, compiled by Weymouth T. Jordan, Jr. These volumes list by name all the known North Carolina men who served in the military, each with an abstract of their service records. The men are listed alphabetically by regiment and company so it is necessary to know the unit in which they served, but a separate index volume makes possible finding each one. The mentions below of military service are taken from that series.

Robert SIMPSON, b. ca. 1803, died after the 1880 census.
marriage bond 28 April, 1829
Massey McCOLLUM, b. ca. 1810, d. between censuses of 1860 & 1870

A. James SIMPSON, b. ca. 1830, d. May, 1864; mg. b. 8 Feb., 1859, Elizabeth SHARP, b. ca. 1835, d. probably after the 1910 census.

B. William SIMPSON, b. ca. 1832, d. ca. 1859; mg. b. 23 Nov., 1855, Nancy FLYNN, b. ca. 1836, d. 22 July, 19??.

C. Martha SIMPSON, b. ca. 1834.

D. Sterling SIMPSON, b. ca. 1836, d. ca. 1879, Rockingham Co.; not married.

E. Robert Cumming SIMPSON, b. ca. 1837, d. between 1900 & 1910; md. 16 March, 1869, Mary Ann PERKINS, b. 22 Nov., 1846, d. 6 Feb., 1870; md. 2nd [RGS] Margaret Ann [or May?] BROWN, b. 8 Aug., 1849, d. 14 Feb., 1878; md. 3rd 17 Feb., 1880, Lucy A. PERKINS, b. 10 Jan., 1860, d. 17 May, 1935, Rockingham Co.

F. Powhatan David SIMPSON, b. 23 Dec., 1839, d. 3 March, 1891, Rockingham Co.; md. 23 Nov., 1865, Rockingham Co., “Alley” Alice A. E. ROGERS, b. 23 March, 1843, d. 5 June, 1897, Rockingham Co.

G. Isabelle SIMPSON, b. ca. 1841; mg. b. 3 March, 1860, Rockingham Co., John W. CARTER.

H. Nancy SIMPSON, b. ca. 1844; md. 1st 27 Jan., 1864, Daniel L. CARTER; md. 2nd 15 Sept., 1868, William W. LOVINS; md. 3rd 2 Aug., 1885, John H. POTEAT.

The Robert & Massey SIMPSON family were listed on the 1850 & 1860 censuses but Massey was not listed on later censuses and presumably had died between 1860 & 1870. Robert continued to be listed at the 1870 & 1880 censuses but not thereafter. There is no will nor estate file preserved for him, nor are there any death, tombstone or cemetery record for him so his date of death is uncertain.

Robert was a son of William SIMPSON (d. ca. 1844) & wife, Isabelle CUMMINGS. At the 1850 census, Robert’s mother, Isabelle, was living in the household with Robert & Massie. However, Isabelle is not found on record after that and is presumed to have died before the 1860 census.

Massey McCOLLUM was a daughter of James McCOLLUM (b. ca. 1766, d. 15 Sept., 1857) and his wife, Nancy YOURS (b. ca. 1785, d. 29 April, 1846). James & Nancy (YOURS) McCOLLUM had a son named Powhatan D. McCOLLUM who may have been the source of the name for Powhatan David SIMPSON, son of Robert & Massey. James McCOLLUM was younger brother of Daniel McCOLLUM who was married to Celia SIMPSON, daughter of William & Isabelle (CUMMINGS) SIMPSON.

A. The Family of James & Elizabeth (Sharp) Simpson.

James SIMPSON was married to Elizabeth SHARP in Rockingham Co. in early 1859 (marriage bond of 8 Feb.). James entered the Confederate Army on Sept. 1, 1862, and served in Company H of the 45th NC Infantry Regiment until his death on May 19, 1864, near Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. Because of the disruptions of the War, his estate was not probated until Nov., 1866, when his widow, Elizabeth, was granted Administration.

On 28 Dec., 1873, the widow, Elizabeth SIMPSON, was married to Andrew B. BARHAM, and at the 1880 census three of the SIMPSON children were listed in the BARHAM household as step children of Andrew. Elizabeth was still alive at the 1900 & 1910 censuses but probably died after the latter census.

Combining the census records with the estate records, the full names of the children can be given as follows.

Susan Jane SIMPSON, b. 27 Jan., 1860, d. 24 Dec., 19??; md. 27 Jan., 1881, David F. JOINER, b. 10 Aug., 1851, d. 3 Nov., 1937. David & Susan JOINER are buried in Kallam Grove Christian Church Cemetery, Rockingham Co. [CRRS, vol. 1].

Sarah Isabelle SIMPSON, b. 22 Feb., 1861, d. 11 April, 1925; md. 10 May, 1885, Toliver E. WEBB, b. 1 Oct., 1856, d. 28 Dec., 1925. Toliver & Isabelle are buried in Pleasantville Primitive Bapt. Ch. Cem., Rockingham Co. [CRRS, vol. 2].

Elizabeth M. SIMPSON, b. ca. 1863; md. 26 Dec., 1878, Spencer TRUITT, b. ca. 1848.

James Monroe SIMPSON, b. 7 Jan., 1865, d. 24 Jan., 1962; md. 13 Feb., 1889, Mary E. CUMMINGS, b. 10 Feb., 1870, d. 28 Oct., 1937. James M. & Mary E. SIMPSON are buried in Mt. Bethel Christian Church Cemetery. [CRRS vol. 5].

B. The Family of William & Nancy (Flynn) Simpson.The marriage bond for the marriage of William & Nancy is dated 23 Nov., 1855. William was listed as age 18 living in his parents’ household on the 1850 census but does not appear on any later census. A Nancy SIMPSON, age 24, with a year old child was on the 1860 census listed adjacent William’s parents and are possibly William’s widow and child.

C. Martha Simpson.The only record of Martha known to me at present is the 1850 census where she was listed in her parents’ household as age 16.

D. Sterling Simpson.
Sterling was listed on the censuses of 1850 & 1860 in the household of his parents; in 1850 as age 14, in 1860 as age 24. On the 1870 census he was listed in the household of his brother, Powhatan D. SIMPSON, as age 35. He was probably the “Stoll SIMPSON, never married, died from pneumonia,” listed [RGS] in the Glen Simpson papers as a brother of Powhatan D. & Robert C. SIMPSON. A file for the Estate of Sterling SIMPSON is preserved among Rockingham Co. Estate Papers at the North Carolina State Archives. The papers in that file list P. D. SIMPSON as Administrator, and are dated from March, 1880, to May, 1887.

Sterling enlisted May 3, 1861, with his brother, Powhatan D., in Company I of the 13th North Carolina Regiment of Troops. He was discharged on 1 Aug., 1862, after providing a substitute. He enlisted again on Aug. 3, 1864, at Bunker Hill, Virginia, in Company G of the 45th Regiment of North Carolina Troops in which company his brother, Robert C. SIMPSON, was then serving. He deserted on Feb. 25, 1865, but returned to duty prior to April 6, 1865, when he was captured at Burkeville, Virginia. He was confined at Point Lookout, Maryland, April 18, 1865, and released from there on June 20 after taking the Oath of Allegiance.

E. The Family of Robert Cummings Simpson & his three wives.Robert was in his parents’ household at the 1850 census, age 13, and at the 1860 census as age 23. In 1870 he was head of household age 33 and living with him was a Nancy SIMPSON, age 30, whose identity is uncertain, and his father, Robert, listed as age 60.

Robert C. SIMPSON was married to his first wife, Mary Ann or Molley PERKINS in 1869. The marriage record gives R. C. son of Robert & Massey SIMPSON, married 16 March, 1869 to Molley, daughter of Constantine & Isabella PERKINS. The 1870 Mortality Schedule has, “SIMPSON, Mary, age 21, female, white, married, born North Carolina, died February, keeping house, cause puerperal fever.” She is buried in Lowe’s United Methodist Church Cemetery and the tombstone data as published [CRRS, vol. 1, p. 155], is “SIMPSON, Mollie E., wife of R. G., 22 Nov., 1849 - 6 Feb., 1870.” Tombstones in that area are often eroded such that it is easy to mistake the names on them, and that may be the case here. No children are known of this marriage.

There is no surviving record in Rockingham Co. of the second marriage of Robert, but the Glen Simpson papers state that it was to Margaret BROWN. A tombstone in Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery [CRRS, vol. 2, p. 24] has been recorded as “SIMPSON, Margaret Ann, wife of R. G. SIMPSON, 8 Aug., 1849 - 14 Feb., 1878, age 28 y, 6 ms, 6 ds.” The Glen Simpson papers give her name as “Margaret May BROWN” and add that she was a “sister of Dr. Henry A. BROWN, who built Brown Memorial Church and later built 1st Baptist Church near Wentworth, N.C.” The census of 1850 shows that Margaret A. & Henry A. were children of Robert & Sarah A. (TROTH) BROWN.

Robert C. SIMPSON married 3rd to Lucy A. PERKINS. The Glenn Simpson papers [RGS] call her Lucinda PERKINS, but Lucy had an older sister named Lucinda D. PERKINS who was married in 1875 to J. F. LOVINS, and both daughters, Lucinda LOVINS and Lucy Ann SIMPSON, were mentioned in their father’s will made in 1882. The marriage record has Robert C., son of Robert & Massey SIMPSON, married 17 Feb., 1880, to Lucie A., daughter of Constantine & Isabelle PERKINS. Thus Robert’s 1st & 3rd wives were sisters. Constantine PERKINS was married in 1844 (bond of 12 Aug.) to Isabelle, daughter of Daniel & Celia (SIMPSON) McCOLLUM. Thus Robert C. SIMPSON, a grandson of William & Isabelle (CUMMINGS) SIMPSON, was married to the two PERKINS sisters who were great granddaughters of William & Isabelle SIMPSON.

Lucy is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Eden, North Carolina. In Some Cemeteries of Eden, North Carolina, by the James Hunter Chapter, NSDAR, published 2003, p. 5 is listed “SIMPSON, Lucy Ann, wife of R.C. SIMPSON, 10 Jan., 1861 - 17 May, 1935.” The year of birth on the tombstone is probably off by a year as she appears to be the daughter age 5/12 on the 1860 census in her parents’ household.

Robert enlisted on March 2, 1862, in Company G of the 45th Regiment of NC Troops. He was captured at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, on May 10, 1864, and confined on May 18 at Point Lookout, Maryland, then transferred to Elmira, New York, Aug. 3, 1864. He was paroled at Elmira on March 10, 1865, and received at Boulware’s Wharf, James River, Virginia, March 15, 1865, for exchange, and paroled again at Greensboro, North Carolina, on May 29, 1865.

The children of Robert Cummings SIMPSON by his 2nd & 3rd wives were as follows.
By Margaret Ann BROWN.

Minnie Rose SIMPSON, b. July, 1874 [1900 census]; md. 2 Jan., 1898, Mack C. CARTER, b. May, 1873 [1900 census].

Robert Henry SIMPSON, b. 4 July, 1877, d. 31 March, 1949, bur. Lawson Cem., Leaksville, Rockingham Co.; md. Nov., 1897 [RGS], Victoria Dexter WYATT, b. 10 Oct., 1880, d. 18 Oct., 1967, bur. Lawson Cem.


Hattie May SIMPSON, b. ca. 1883.

James Dillard SIMPSON, b. 13 March, 1886, d. 28 Feb., 1921, bur. Woodlawn Cem.; md. Flora JONES [RGS].

Powhatan David SIMPSON, b. ca. 1889; md. Mollie FLINCHUM [RGS]; presumably named for his father’s brother of the same name.

F. The Family of Powhatan David & Allie (Rogers) Simpson.
Powhatan & Allie were married in 1865, with his brother, Robert C. SIMPSON, as bondsman and the marriage performed by Hamilton P. LOMAX, J. P. Allie was apparently the nickname for Alice A. E. ROGERS, daughter of William Edward & Nancy (VAN HOOK) ROGERS. William E. ROGERS was married to Nancy A. E. VAN HOOK in Rockingham Co. with bond dated 25 Aug., 1840. It appears from the 1850 census that this was a second marriage for Edward ROGERS and probably a first marriage for Nancy. Edward ROGERS died ca. 1851 & his widow, Nancy, was married in 1852 to John B. LUCAS. According to the 1860 census mortality schedule, Nancy died in May of that year, and at the census Allie was living with her step-father, John B. LUCAS. On the 1870 census she was listed as Allie A. E. SIMPSON, wife of Powhatan SIMPSON who was listed then as a farmer. On the 1880 census he was listed as keeper of the county poor house.

Powhatan served in Company I of the 13th North Carolina Infantry in the Civil War having enlisted on the same day as his brother, Sterling SIMPSON. He was mustered in as a Corporal and promoted to Sergeant on Dec. 6, 1862, and promoted to First Sergeant on the 30th of that same month. He was twice wounded but returned to service each time. He was paroled at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, on April 9, 1865.

Powhatan & Allie are buried in Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery and the record of their tombstones [CRRS, vol. 2] gives dates of birth & death. The birth date on Allie’s tombstone as reported in CRRS is 23 May, 1843, does not agree with her age on the censuses and it appears she may have been born in 1842 instead. However, since the Glenn Simpson papers give her birth date as 1843 that is the date used here.

The children of Powhatan & Allie (ROGERS) SIMPSON and their spouses are detailed in the Glenn Simpson papers more thoroughly than can be found elsewhere, and that source is followed in most of the following listing.

Nannie Lee SIMPSON, b. 7 July, 1867, d. 1888, bur. Sharon Bapt. Ch. Cem. [RGS, but not listed in CRRS]; md. 15 Feb., 1885, John W. CARROLL.

Salley Massey SIMPSON, b. 18 Nov., 1869, d. 26 Dec., 1936; md. 13 Nov., 1889, Patrick Henderson SIMPSON, b. 7 Sept., 1870, d. 5 Jan., 1934, son of Simeon & Celia (MASSEY) SIMPSON. Patrick & Salley are buried in Sharon Bapt. Ch. Cem. [CRRS, vol. 2].

Powhatan David SIMPSON, Jr., b. 21 July, 1874, d. 9 March, 1956; md. 26 Dec., 1894, Etta Volinia EVERETT, b. 26 Dec., 1874, d. 19 June, 1954. Powhatan & Etta are buried in Hillsdale Bapt. Ch. Cem., Guilford Co. [Ralph Glenn Simpson, Sr., author of the Glenn Simpson papers was their son].

Hamilton Sterling SIMPSON, b. 18 Nov., 1875, d. ca. 1881.

John Robert SIMPSON, b. 23 Sept., 1878, d. 12 Nov., 1954; md. 11 Dec., 1901, Lenora Blanch EVERETT, b. 9 July, 1881, d. 5 Sept., 1942. This couple is also buried in Hillsdale Bapt. Ch. Cem., Guilford Co.

Mack Cleo Sterling SIMPSON, Sr., b. 8 Aug., 1881, d. 5 Sept., 1953; md. 3 Dec., 1902, Anna Stella ADKINS, b. 15 Feb., 1886, d. 14 Apr., 1957. This couple is also buried in Sharon Bapt. Ch. Cem. [CRRS, vol. 2].

G. Isabelle Simpson.The estimated birth of Isabelle is based on the census of 1850 where she was listed in the household of her parents as age 9. She was married in March, 1860, to John W. CARTER.

H. Nancy Simpson.Nancy’s estimated birth, based on censuses, was ca. 1844. She was married first in 1864 to Daniel L. CARTER, then in 1868 to William LOVINS, and third in 1885 to John H. POTEAT. The 1880 census shows Nancy with three LOVINS children but I have not found record of her after her marriage to John POTEAT.


I am searching for D.S. SIMPSON living in Anderson, South Carolina, born 1862, died 1920, married to Zephia CAIN. D. SIMPSON’s father was Jesse SIMPSON married to Martha BURTON. Jesse born 1833, died 1865. Any info beyond this would be a big help. Would appreciate info on Jesse’s father and mother. Please respond to Dorothy Simpson, PO Box 38, Eufaula, AL 36072

Lewis Simpson of Wabash County, Indiana
by Jason Simpson, 16530 Lake Rd., White Pigeon, MI 49099

This particular Lewis SIMPSON was married to Louisa HARMON, HOOD or WOOD in Wabash Co., Indiana in 1832 and is still shown in that census in 1850. He later moved to Cass County, Michigan. I am looking for any information in where this family might have come from before moving to Indiana and for information on any of his ancestors.

Generation One: Lewis Simpson

1. Lewis SIMPSON was born 1818 in Virginia and died July 7, 1885, buried in Union, Michigan. He married Louisa HARMON July 3, 1842 in Wabash, Indiana. She was born September 22, 1828 and died March 22, 1893. Their children were:

(1) Warren SIMPSON born 5 January 1845 Indiana, died 13 February 1913
(2) Camilus SIMPSON born 6 January 1848
(3) Columbus SIMPSON born 6 January 1848
(4) William SIMPSON born 5 July 1850
(5) Maria SIMPSON born 5 May 1852
(6) Camillus SIMPSON born 22 January 1854, died 8 January 1882
(7) Oliver SIMPSON born 8 July 1856
(8) Lewis SIMPSON born 12 October 1858
(9) Mary Margaret SIMPSON born 6 January 1861
(10) Amos SIMPSON born 28 February 1863, died 4 August 1876
(11) Eliza SIMPSON born 5 August 1865
(12) Minnie SIMPSON born 3 March 1869
(13) Peter SIMPSON born 1 August 1870
(14) May SIMPSON born 20 March 1872

Generation Two: Warren Simpson
2. Warren SIMPSON was born 5 January 1845 in Indiana and died 13 February 1913. On 8 February 1865 he enlisted in Company G, 1st Michigan Calvary. He married Sophronia TOUCHOTT 25 January 1874, daughter of Francis TOUCHOTT and Almina ___. She was born 1856 in New York and died 1914. Both were buried in White Pigeon, Michigan Twp. Cemetery. Their children were:

(1) Mytie SIMPSON married Perry SCHOETTLER
(2) Mable SIMPSON married SMITH
(3) Nellie SIMPSON married MONKS
(4) Rosella SIMPSON
(5) Lewis Francis SIMPSON born 25 August 1878, died 20 February 1960

Generation Three: Rosella Simpson
3. Rosella SIMPSON (daughter of Warren SIMPSON) married a PACKARD and they had a child named Edwin PACKARD.

Generation Four: Perry Leroy Simpson and Lewis James Simpson5. Perry Leroy SIMPSON (son of Lewis Francis SIMPSON) was born 31 May 1919 in White Pigeon, Michigan and died 9 July 1985 in Three Rivers, Michigan, buried in White Pigeon Michigan Twp. Cemetery. He married Margaret L. RUSSEY 15 October 1939, daughter of Lewis RUSSEY and Nellie LEFLER. She was born 9 December 1921 in Flower Field Twp., Michigan.

6. Lewis James SIMPSON (son of Lewis Francis SIMPSON) was born 12 August 1921 in White Pigeon, Michigan, died 27 March 2001 in Battle Creek, Michigan. He married Carrie L. BAKER 8 November 1941.

SIMPSON COMPARISON STUDIESFurther Notes and Perspectives
By Bryce Knight, 7419 Harris, Raytown, MO 64133

Guilford Co., North Carolina names also allied with or living near Alice Susan (SIMPSON) KNIGHT and William Cullen KNIGHT at Nimrod, Perry Co., Arkansas may include DAVIS and RUSSELL.

Gabriel DAVIS earlier is found with John KIZER in an 1837 Stewart Co., Tennessee estate sale. His apparent father, also Gabriel DAVIS and over 45, is listed page 53 of the Bedford Co., Tennessee census with Hugh DAVIS (26-44) and Newsom THOMPSON. Page 51 gives John TROLLINGER (26-44) apparent relation of Adam TROLLINGER also listed this census. Page 52 gives Kenneth ANDERSON who married 1801 Orange Co., North Carolina. Nancy THOMPSON, daughter of John Theopolus THOMPSON and Mary NEWCOM (or NEWSOM). ANDERSON – NEWSOMs also lived Madison Co., Tennessee, probably related to my own ANDERSONs.

According to a Guilford Co., North Carolina historical documentation map by The Custom House 1977 a John ANDERSON acquired land (1778) Mears Fork near Isaac PERRIMAN and upstream from Thomas MORELAND (1789) Richard SIMPSON Jr. (1793) and Richard SIMPSON Sr. (1764). William ANDERSON acquired land (1778) Reedy Fork Creek. These are thought to be the same men as on DONNELL’s 1768 list of tithables, and because juxtaposed with MEBENs and MITCHELLs, thought sons of John ANDERSON, Sr. and Ann Elizabeth MOORE who married 1724 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania and died Haw River, then Orange Co., North Carolina, children’s names recorded.

RUSSELL, extra-posed [sic] that Alice Susan SIMPSON’s related KNIGHTs were involved with RUSSELLs through the CREASYs and those related KNIGHTs lived a while at or near Cisco or Gorman, Texas, possibly same period as Guilford Co., North Carolina SIMPSONs (see The Simpson Clan, Vol. XIX, Issue 2 (Fall 2003), pp. 2-3 “Haw River Simpson Descendants in Coleman Co., Texas” by Don Simpson:

1870 Perry Co., Arkansas, Aplin Twp. (where William Cullen KNIGHT and Alice Susan lived early on) appears a David KNIGHT born ca 1794 North Carolina listed neighbor to sons of Gabriel DAVIS. Interesting, because he took a more southern, circuitous route (as per children / grandchildren) through Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana rather than through Tennessee and / or north Mississippi, after some study it would seem David KNIGHT may be a son of Absalom KNIGHT, son of Thomas KNIGHT and Sarah Elizabeth SIMPSON[1]. That Absalom KNIGHT may have had a RUSSELL wife related to William and Robert RUSSELL near Jno. McKNIGHT (or KNIGHT?) on DONNELL’s list. Also, to James RUSSELL and Delilah RUSSELL listed 1800 Guilford County near Richard C. SIMPSON, Eliza MILEHAM and Thomas and George KIRKMAN.

Don Simpson’s article in The Simpson Clan, Vol. VIII, Issue 4 (Spring 1993) “More Lands of the Haw River Simpsons” gives a map of the area of Russell Branch of Reedy Fork and mentions the families of DAVIS and RUSSELL.

As well: A. KNIGHT and what appears perhaps to have been Peter Ryan (?) SIMPSON and Hubbard PEEPLES signed a 1795 Guilford County deed involving William and Eleanor RUSSELL and Abraham PEOPLES. (“A. KNIGHT” may have been female, possibly Mrs. A. KNIGHT.) The land was bounded by James DAVIS, the same year involved in a transaction with William RUSSELL, Jr. and Eleanor on Mill Creek of Haw River. Absalom KNIGHT was also involved with his father or brother Thomas KNIGHT in 1806 Rockingham County on Jacobs Creek, Lewis PEOPLES mentioned.

In 1821 Wilson Co., Tennessee Absalom KNIGHT and Margaret KNIGHT (his presumed wife) signed the divorce petition of his sister-in-law Polly (LINDER-KNIGHT) YOUNG. However, on the 1820 census (index) of Guilford County there is an Absalom KNIGHT Jr. and Sr., same page as David KNIGHT. This would almost certainly not have been Absalom KNIGHT Sr., father of Thomas P. KNIGHT (married KIZER), grandfather of William Cullen KNIGHT.

If the above seems scrambled and contradictory it might be well to consider that the old timers got around, even if just ten miles a day and they may frequently have owned land in two places. For perhaps 30 years John KIZER was listed in Stokes County, North Carolina and Stewart Co., Tennessee, his second family living in Stewart County.

Regarding Sarah and / or Elizabeth and / or Sarah Elizabeth SIMPSON of Guilford County, North Carolina and / or Wilson County, Tennessee, wife of Thomas KNIGHT see The Simpson Clan, Vol. II, #1, “Research Note #6 by Don Simpson[2].

On Jacobs Creek in Rockingham County there were several MARTIN-KNIGHT-SIMPSON deed associations, also involving Adam TROLLINGER, Nathaniel LINDER, CUNNINGHAM, CONNER, CUMMINGS, etc. Alexander MARTIN was, I believe, a governor and held large acreage that area, given sometimes as a neighbor.

In 1827 Stewart Co., Tennessee a / the LEWIS family appears in Brinson’s Militia Company with John KIZER and his son-in-law Thomas P. KNIGHT, along with Christopher BUCHANAN and Thompson B. GORIN. BUCHANAN, of course, a name not unfamiliar with Guilford Co., North Carolina SIMPSON researchers.

Humphreys County, Tennessee Deed Book M, p. 160 – SIMPSON, David M. to Thompson B. GORIN, land in Dist. 4 on Tennessee River, mentions land heretofore claimed by heirs of Simeon BUCHANAN, deceased, 1854.[3]

A D.M. SIMPSON witnessed the 1859 Humphreys Co., Tennessee purchase of land by William J. KNIGHT, another son of Absalom KNIGHT Sr. William J.’s daughter Kesiah C. KNIGHT born 1845 Humphreys County had a daughter who married Alanzo Blount SIMPSON, son of William Carroll SIMPSON, grandson of William SIMPSON who married Margaret (Peggy) MATTOX 1803 Wayne Co., Kentucky where the family of Alice Susan SIMPSON also originated.

According to Anderson Genealogy by Mary Lynn Steward (1915/1916) and material posted by C.R.S. Clendenin 12 April 2000

A William ANDERSON’s second wife was Elizabeth CAMPBELL (married ca 1746 Augusta County, Virginia) from where begins the many ANDERSON – MAXWELL – SKILLERN relationships. Noting, of course, these some possible MAXWELL neighbors of Guilford Co., North Carolina SIMPSONs. As perhaps also some of the same CAMPBELLs.

An Absolom KNIGHT, generally considered Absalom KNIGHT Jr. (son of Absalom Sr. who was the brother of Thomas KNIGHT born 1740 married to a SIMPSON) married 18 April 1816 Wilson Co., Tennessee Elizabeth MARTIN, a first marriage. He was born 1790-94, and if Ally MARTIN was Elizabeth’s sibling then she may have been too young as a spouse for Thomas KNIGHT born 1740.

More from Bryce Knight in the next issue.
End Notes:
[1] [Ed. Note: No proof exists that her name was Sarah Elizabeth.]
[2] “In his will he named his wife Sarah KNIGHT. Some people think that his wife was named Sarah Elizabeth, but can't find proof. Elizabeth SIMPSON might have been his first wife and Sarah, his second wife. He may be the Thomas KNIGHT who married second to "Alley" or Sally" MARTIN, 24 Dec. 1812 Wilson Co., Tennessee. If so, Elizabeth would have died before this date.
[3] The Simpson Clan Vol. XVIII, Issue 2 Fall 2002, p. 6, “Notes on David M. Simpson” by Fran Laird.