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The Simpson Clan: A Collection of Newsletters

The Simpson Clan: A Collection of Newsletters is available for a limited time at the reduced price of $25.00 only at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Orders can be placed on their website. This reissued book is "perfect bound" (the previous issue had comb binding).

This is an excellent research tool for anyone with Simpson ancestry. Included in this book is the full text of all the Simpson Clan newsletters originally published by Nona Williams between 1985 and 1990. It consists of 289 pages, the index contains more than 4600 entries with more than 8500 page references. 

A combined index includes all the names and locations mentioned in the newsletters.

Work is continuing on a second volume in the series.

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The Simpson Clan, Volume XVI, Issue 2, ll 2000

Simpson Related Compton or Crumpton Family
November 2000 – by Don Simpson

There is a marriage bond in Rockingham Co., North Carolina, for Thomas CRUMPTON to Senah SIMPSON, dated 17 December, 1800, with Samuel KING as bondsman. I have previously suggested that Senah could have been a daughter of Thomas & Mary (KNIGHT) SIMPSON of the Haw River Simpsons. I still do not have proof of this relationship but the following data support that guess.

1. Census & Marriage Records.
Nona has forwarded to me information sent her by others that suggests Thomas & Senah (SIMPSON) CRUMPTON may be the COMPTONs listed on the early censuses of Howard & Johnson Cos., Missouri. The 1830 census of Howard Co., Missouri, lists on p. 140 a Thomas COMPTON (oldest male & female in household are ages 40-50), on p. 142 a Jourden COMPTON (1 M & 1 F ages 20-30), and on p. 161 another Thomas COMPTON (1 M & 1 F ages 20-30 and 1 M & 1F ages under 5) On the 1840 census in Johnson Co., Missouri, was listed a Sinai COMPTON, age 50-60, and near her (pp. 128 & 9) a John J. COMPTON and a Thomas S. COMPTON, both age 30-40. On the 1850 census of Johnson County was Thomas S. CUMPTON, age 45, born Tennessee, wife, Polly, 42, born Kentucky., and 10 children, ages 4 to 22, all born Missouri; and on the following page was William B. (or E.?) CUMPTON, age 27, wife, Martha A., age 17, and daughter, Margaret E., age 1. The presence in Howard and Johnson Cos., Missouri, at the same time as the Thomas & Mary (KNIGHT) SIMPSON family suggests these could be the Thomas & Senah CUMPTON / CRUMPTON of Rockingham Co., North Carolina.

Marriage records of Howard Co., Missouri, have the following: Littleton WEST to Faraba COMPTON, 7 September, 1826; Thomas COMPTON to Mary STEPP, 28 September, 1826; Jurden COMPTON to Hannah ANDERSON, February, 1829; and Simon COMPTON to Ellen FRUMAN, 3 January, 1833. Johnson Co., Missouri, marriage records have: Alford WOOLIVER to Sinai COMPTON, 17 May, 1835; James PATTERSON to Polly COMPTON 31 October, 1839; and William E. COMPTON to Martha Ann HARRIS, 21 September, 1848.

2. Before Missouri.
The 1850 census entry for Thomas S. CUMPTON / COMPTON, as mentioned above, suggests the COMPTON family was probably in Tennessee much earlier than the Thomas SIMPSON family. We know that Peter Ryan SIMPSON and his brother-in-law, Daniel GOUGH, were in Wilson Co., Tennessee, as early as 1807 when they were listed on the tax list for Capt. ROSEBOROUGH’s District. They were probably there in 1806 as Peter was listed in the same district although Daniel was not. Is it possible they were part of a larger group who moved to Tennessee soon after 1800, perhaps including the COMPTONs? Thomas COMPTON / CRUMPTON is not listed on those early tax lists of Wilson County. However, there was a Thomas COMPTON listed on the 1805 tax list of Anderson Co., Tennessee, but not there at the 1808 listing.

3. The Children’s Families.
On the 1830 census, Littleton WEST was in Howard County, Missouri. By the 1840 census he was in

Tebo Township of Henry County and by 1850 was in Jefferson Twp. of Johnson County. He was listed then as age 45, born Kentucky., with wife Sarah, age 43, born Tennessee, and several children. It is not clear whether “Sarah” is a second wife or a miswriting of Faraba, but the birth date and place suggest this could be Faraba. Neither Littleton nor “Sarah” are found on the 1860 or later censuses and it appears their home place was occupied by their younger son, William, while two other sons are found to have moved to other counties of Missouri, and one, Lindsey WEST, had moved to Maricopa County, California.

In 1850 Thomas S. & Mary (STEPP) COMPTON were in Post Oak Twp. of Johnson County. Thomas & Mary (KNIGHT) SIMPSON are buried in Post Oak twp., which is joined on the east by Jefferson Twp., and on the south by Tebo Twp. of Henry County. Also in Post Oak Twp. in 1850 were William B. CUMPTON & family and James & Mary (COMPTON) PATTERSON. Thus the COMPTONs and most of their children continued to be in the same area as the SIMPSONs until the 1850 census.

Alfred WOOLIVER & family were in Bates Co., Missouri, in 1850 and his wife listed there was Mary, apparently a recent second marriage. The Bates County  marriages from that period are lost so it is not possible to check for that marriage.

From this meager evidence it appears that only a few of the children of Thomas & Senah COMPTON survived to the 1850 census. Of those who survived, I have not been able to trace any of them to the 1880 census to learn what was listed for their parents’ birthplace. Thus the identification of this family remains only tentative, but their presence in 1850 in the same township where Thomas & Mary (KNIGHT) SIMPSON are buried does lend support to the assumption that this was the family of Thomas & Senah (SIMPSON) CRUMPTON/COMPTON of Rockingham Co., North Carolina.

A Gough & Crumpton Record of Guilford Co., North Carolina
Nov., 2000 - by Don Simpson

Recently while reading Guilford Court Minutes (Book for 1796 - 1811, p. 280; February term, 1804) I found an entry which seems to pose a puzzle. It reads as follows. “Ordered that Betsy CRUMPTON aged three years last August be bound to Samuel GOUGH until she arrives to full age and he is to learn her to read and write & give her two suits of clothes, wheel & cards as freedom dues.” The provision to provide clothes, a spinning wheel and wool cards for processing wool was standard in most court out bindings of orphan girls of that time. This record does not say she was an orphan but most such bindings occurred after a parent, usually the father, had died.

Samuel GOUGH was a son of Stephen & Jean (PRICE) GOUGH, and had been married in 1801 to Eleanor, daughter of Richard & Selah SIMPSON. I have seen no record of any connection between the GOUGH family and any of the CROMPTONs. However, there was a marriage in Rockingham County in 1800 between Thomas CRUMPTON and a Senah SIMPSON. I have long assumed this Senah to have been one of the younger daughters of Thomas & Mary (KNIGHT) SIMPSON but have no proof of that. If that assumption is correct then Senah was first cousin to Samuel GOUGH’s wife, Eleanor. However, there is no proof that the Betsy CRUMPTON of the court record was related to Thomas & Senah (SIMPSON) CRUMPTON.

Samuel GOUGH was listed on the 1810 census in Guilford County and also on the 1815 tax list. By the census of 1820 the Samuel GOUGH family was in Stokes County and Samuel & Eleanor were still there at the 1850 census. A search was done of marriage records in Guilford, Rockingham, Surry and Stokes Counties, North Carolina, but without finding any for a Betsy or Elizabeth CRUMPTON. Given that she was three years old in August, 1803, she would have been of marriageable age by 1818. No other record of Betsy CRUMPTON is known to me at present.  I am inclined to think at this time that she was probably not a daughter of Thomas & Senah (SIMPSON) CRUMPTON.

A 1909 Letter from Emily J. Simpson
Nov., 2000 - by Don Simpson

In September of this year, Carl Simpson of New Mexico sent me a copy of a letter that is of special interest to descendants of those Haw River Simpsons who removed to Grant & Pendleton Counties, Kentucky. Carl introduced the letter by writing the following.

“I was going thru my pile of papers and found something that I’ve had for about 20 years. It is the last two pages of a letter from Emily J. SIMPSON, written to my great grandfather, W. H. SIMPSON. I had borrowed the letter from my great aunt, Mabelle Lobban, a daughter of W. H. ....... At the time, it didn’t make much sense to me, but now I see that Emily was a sister to Warren DILWORTH, married a STONER, and then married Green SIMPSON, whom I think you said was closely related to you. The letter was probably written about 1909, because early in that year is when W. H. moved from the farm in Texas into town at Clovis, New Mexico. Unfortunately, my great aunt didn’t have the first 2 pages of the letter.”
Carl is right about the identity of Emily. She was a daughter of Lindsey & Sarah (SIMPSON) DILWORTH, and was married first on 11 September, 1864, in Gage Co., Nebraska, to William H. STONER, & second on 16 September, 1875, Gage County, to Green T. SIMPSON, son of Peter & Elizabeth (PHIBBS) SIMPSON. At the end of the letter, Emily signed as “your affectionate Cousin, Emily J. SIMPSON.” The significance of this closing is discussed below.

Carl’s great grandfather, William Hawkins SIMPSON, was a son of Nathaniel & Mary (AYDELOTT) SIMPSON who were residents of Pendleton Co., Kentucky. William H. moved to the panhandle of Texas with his family and later moved on to Clovis, New Mexico. Apparently he had just moved to Clovis when Emily wrote this letter.

The text of pages 3 & 4 are given here, with the original spelling, original capitalization and lack of punctuation as in the original. Words & punctuation in [brackets] are my additions. Page 3 begins in mid sentence as follows.

[Page] 3
yesterday[.] I like to be at home when bed time comes in the Winter season unless I am at Warren’s[.] We had a hard snow Storm some weeks ago & quite a Storm of Wind & snow Saturday knight sonday & sondy knight[.] Fine weather Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday[.] Warrens Edest Grand Daughter was married one week ago today To a Mr FULTON of Juniaatta Nebraska[, which is] over an hundred miles Northwest of Crab Orchard[.] she’s About 20 or 21 years of Age[;] I don’t remember which[.] she & her Sister next to her ware very Pretty girls[,] the Prettiest in Crab orchard[.] the next after them was A son & next to him an other Daughter & last A son & last forth of July an other son[;] they call him Pollen Eddason. 2 sons to Bear the DILWORTH Name[.] i have only one son & 2 Grand Son left to bear the STONER Name[.] you have A Number of Sons to Bear the SIMPSON Name[.] I think I should like to see your & converse with you for hours at A time[.] this is A Cloudy Day[,] has the appearance of wet weather[.] I wish you would write A letter to our Cousin John. V SIMPSON he wants you to write to him & he is so old & Poorly can hardly [g]et out Any[.] I will Give you his Address

[Page] 4
Demossville R F D No 2
he Does like So well to get letters from his Relatives[.] now Aunt Lizabeth has Died & uncle William WORK moved away & so many Died & others gone away he misses them so and uncle Wm WORK is Blind[.] will you Please write to me as obten[often] as you can conveniently[.] I wish [I] could write you a good letter[,] one that would do you good to read[.] is the Water Good & Soft whare you are[,] & how fare Down Do you have to go to get it[.] is the Water as good as that at your home in Texas[.] have you all of your Children with you that are Single[.] Do you think you will like that Place whare you are[?] Do you like to live in Town[?] I hope I shall be Able to write a better letter the next time your affectionate Cousin.
Emily. J. SIMPSON.
O may we meet in Heaven at last whare Sickness Sorrow Pain or Death shall not Enter
Good bye for this time[.]

The fact that Emily signed the letter as “your affectionate cousin” is not definitive since she was a cousin to Wm. H. SIMPSON thru both her mother and her father. However, the mention of “our cousin, John V. SIMPSON”, aunt “Lizabeth” and uncle William WORK are very valuable proofs of relationships within the SIMPSONs of Grant & Pendleton Counties, Kentucky.

John Vicars SIMPSON was a son of Ezekiel & Tamsey (VICKERS) SIMPSON of Pendleton County, and lived west of Demossville, Kentucky, between that and the villages of Knoxville and Gardnersville. Ezekiel was a son of Nathaniel (Jr.) & Mary (DEWEESE) SIMPSON. I had in the 1980's concluded that Emily’s mother, Sarah, was probably a daughter of Nathaniel & Mary, but had not yet found proof. In the E. E. Barton Collection in Pendleton County is a paper written in 1944 by Harvey E. Simpson in which he stated his father was John Vicars SIMPSON and that John V. was a son of Nathaniel & Mary (DEWEESE) SIMPSON. In the same Barton Collection is proof that Wm. H. SIMPSON was a son of Nathaniel (Jr., Jr.) & Mary (AYDELOTT) SIMPSON and that Nathaniel Jr, Jr.,. was a son of Nathaniel, Jr. and his second wife, Jane. Thus Nathaniel, Jr., Jr., and Ezekiel were half-brothers, and Wm. H. and John V. were half first cousins.

The mention by Emily of “uncle William WORK” is interesting. William had been born ca. 1819 in Guilford Co., North Carolina, the son of Henry & Margaret WORK who also came to Pendleton Co., Kentucky. William was married in 1841 in Grant Co., Kentucky,  to Ann, daughter of Nathaniel Jr. & Jane SIMPSON. William died in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, in 1910, and is buried in Mt. Carmel Church Cemetery, Pendleton, County.

What is surprising is the extent of Emily’s knowledge of the relatives still living in Kentucky. She and her parents must have continued to correspond with those relatives throughout their lives. Emily had been only about 6 or 7 years old when her parents left Kentucky to move to Illinois, then after a few years, on to Nebraska. From census records it appears that Emily lived most of her life in eastern Gage County, Nebraska,  near the Johnson County line.

Emily’s brother, Warren DILWORTH, was married in 1862 in Pike Co., Illinois, to Tabitha WALKER, and they had only one child, James M. DILWORTH. Warren & Tabitha lived most of their lives in the Village of Crab Orchard which is located in western Johnson County near the Gage County line. Their son, James, was married in Johnson County, in 1886, to Emma V. BEATTY, James & Emma had (census 1900, 1900 & 1920) Ruby E., born 1888; Pearl L., born 1890; Wendel F., born 1893; Vira L., born 1897; and Poland E., born 1908. Johnson County marriage records show that Ruby Elfa DILWORTH, daughter of James Milton & Emma Violet (BEATTY) DILWORTH, was married 10 February, 1909, to Ralph Edgar FULTON of Juniata, Nebraska, son of David Edgar & Maggie Louella (SHIPPEN) FULTON. Thus the letter from Emma J. DILWORTH to Wm. H. SIMPSON must have been written in February, 1909.

I am still unable to identify with certainty the “Aunt Lizabeth” mentioned by Emily. Emily’s mother did have a sister, Elizabeth, but she died in 1847 and by 1909 this would not have been “news” to any of the relatives. The “Aunt Lizabeth” may have been Elizabeth (ATKINS) SIMPSON, wife of Richard. They lived in the northwest part of Pendleton County, southeast of Gardnersville. I have seen no cemetery or death records for either Richard or Elizabeth.

Concerning the relationship between Emily and William H. SIMPSON, it is a complex picture. Emily’s two grandmothers, Mary (DEWEESE) SIMPSON and Sarah (DEWEESE) DILWORTH, were sisters and their sister, Susannah (DEWEESE) AYDELOTT, was the maternal grandmother of William H. SIMPSON. Thus Wm. H. & Emily were double second cousins. Also, Emily’s mother, Sarah (SIMPSON) DILWORTH, was half sister to William H. SIMPSON’s father, Nathaniel SIMPSON, Jr., Jr. Thus Emily and Wm. H. were also half first cousins.

William T. Simpson, son of “Nat,” of Rockingham Co., N.C.
by Don Simpson

A. In Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
An unusual record in Pulaski County, Kentucky, leads to solving a problem about the fate of one of our “Haw River Simpsons.” That record was for the marriage of Albert Lomax SIMPSON to Nancy STOGSDILL and was dated 3 June, 1886. The marriage record (Pulaski Co. Mg. Book 18, pp. 308 a & b) stated that this was the first marriage for both parties, that the bride was age 51 & born in Pulaski County, father born Pulaski County, mother born Virginia, and that the groom was age 53 & born Rockingham Co., North Carolina, father and mother both born Rockingham County. Under remarks was stated “parties had been living together 32 years, had several children.” The marriage was performed by the Rev. James W. LEDBETTER, at the home of John ROBERTS in Pulaski County. No earlier marriage record is known for this couple but it is possible there could have been an earlier civil marriage which did not get recorded. On the marriage record the clerk wrote the groom’s name as “Albert Lamex SIMPSON” but it is clear from other records and evidences that his name was Albert Lomax SIMPSON and that this is relevant to his origin in Rockingham Co., North Carolina. 

Albert L. SIMPSON first appeared on the Pulaski County tax list for 1854 but was not listed prior to that. He was taxed for land located on Line Creek. Beginning in 1856, a William T. SIMPSON was listed on the Pulaski County tax lists and also as owning land on Line Creek. The listing of Wm. T. SIMPSON continued through 1860 (the 1861 list is faded beyond legibility) but in 1862 his name is replaced by Tempy SIMPSON. Tempy was listed again in 1863 but not thereafter, though Albert L. continued on the lists long thereafter.

The 1860 census of Pulaski County lists William SIMPSON, age 65, miller, born N.C. and Temperance, age 65, also born N.C. Near them is the family of Albert L. & Nancy (STOGSDILL) SIMPSON, ages 28, born N.C., and 23, born Kentucky, and four children.

On Tuesday, May 6, 1862, the Pulaski County Court appointed Albert SIMPSON as Administrator of the Estate of William SIMPSON, deceased. In July of that year Albert submitted to the county court an inventory and sale bill for the estate (Pulaski Co. Will Book 6, pp. 107-108). Among the purchasers the only SIMPSONs were Albert and the widow, Tempy. No other record for this estate is known to me and that does not name any heirs.

B. In Hawkins Co., Tennessee.
On the 1850 census of Hawkins Co., Tennessee, in District 11, (at household 112) was listed William SIMPSON, age 54, born Tennessee, Temperance, age 53, born Tennessee, Elizabeth, age 19, born Tennessee, & Albert, age 17, born North Carolina. The listing of Tennessee as their birthplace is obviously an error by the census taker. Several of their neighbors in District 11 in 1850 were also from Rockingham and Guilford Counties, North Carolina and are discussed below.

C. In Rockingham Co., North Carolina

In Rockingham Co., North Carolina most records of this William SIMPSON lack the middle initial “T”, but a trust deed dated 1837 does give his name as William T. SIMPSON, and a deed of sale dated 1839 to James T. SIMPSON lists the grantor as “William F. SIMPSON”, apparently an error intended to be William T. In 1840, William SIMPSON was listed in Rockingham Co., North Carolina, p. 163, among neighbors whose farms were on the upper part of Troublesome Creek. In 1830 William was listed on p.332 near Shadrack LOMAX, Moses LOMAX, Samuel MAXWELL & Robert BROWN.

This William SIMPSON should not to be confused with the William SIMPSON, Sr., or his son, William, Jr., who lived near the head of Jacobs Creek (see 1830 census, p. 330; 1840, p. 126). That William SIMPSON, Sr., of Jacobs Creek was married to Isabelle, daughter of John CUMMINGS. He was, I believe, a son of Richard & Selah SIMPSON of Mears Fork, Guilford County, North Carolina.

The William SIMPSON whose wife was Temperence, appears to have been a son of Nathaniel SIMPSON of Rockingham County, and grandson of Thomas SIMPSON of Rockingham County. In the Minutes of the Rockingham County Court for May term, 1835, is a road order in which Albert LOMAX was appointed road overseer for the road from New Bethel Crossroads to the [Guilford] county line at OGBURNs, with various hands including “William SIMPSON son of Nat”, James SIMPSON, James LEDBETTER, Moses LOMAX & others. I mentioned this record in Research Note 8 [see Simpson Clan, vol.2, issue 3, Dec., 1986].

Recently I have found another record mentioning William as a son of Nathaniel. In Rockingham County, Record of Settlements, Book for 1829 - 1843, Part 2, Settlements with Admrs.(part 2 is separately paginated), p. 6, is a settlement of the Estate of Jemima BRASHIER, deceased, dated 19 February, 1830, William WILLIAMS, Executor. Among a list of small debts owed by the Estate is one for forty cents owed to “William SIMPSON (son of Nat)” [the parenthesis are in the original]. Thus at least two records in Rockingham Co. attest to William’s father being Nathaniel.

Jean Simpson of  N. C., is a granddaughter of James T. SIMPSON of Rockingham County. Some years ago she wrote me that there is a tradition in her family that James T. was the son of a William SIMPSON who went to Kentucky (see Simpson Clan, vol. 2, issue 2, p. 3). Rockingham County records show close association between James T. and William SIMPSON. James’ age suggests he may have been the oldest son of William.

It is not yet possible to assemble a list of the children of William & Temperance SIMPSON, nor is it certain that Temperance was the only wife of William T. SIMPSON. It is likely the two children listed on the 1850 census of Hawkins Co., namely Elizabeth and Albert L. SIMPSON were their children. It is also likely that James T. SIMPSON was a son of William T. SIMPSON, but whether Temperance was his mother is uncertain. There are certain other SIMPSONs named in Rockingham County records who were probably children of William T. & Temperance but listing them would only be speculation at this time.

D. The Rockingham Co. neighbors of William T. & Temperance.

One of the adjoining landowners on upper Troublesome Creek was Moses LOMAX who died in 1842 leaving a will that named his wife, Susan, and children, Shadrack, Albert, Eliza & Susan. He named his son, Albert LOMAX, as executor, and the will was witnessed by Elijah WITTY, Jr., and William SIMPSON. Albert LOMAX was a member to the Rockingham County Court for many years and was frequently called on by his neighbors to help them with their legal documents such as deeds and wills. Moses LOMAX was one of the two witnesses to the will of Jemima BRASHIER whose estate is mentioned above. Jemima was probably the widow of Asa BRASHEAR, one of the earliest settlers in the area of upper Jacobs Creek and upper Troublesome Creek.

E.. The Hawkins Co., Tennessee, neighbors from North Carolina
The household of William T. & Temperance SIMPSON was listed on the 1850 census as no.112 in District 11. Household 113 was Milton GLADSON, age 26, born North Carolina, Katherin, age 21, born Tennessee. & Madison, age 1, born Tennessee and next to them in household 114 was Leven GLADSON, age 60, born North Carolina, Katherin, age 59, born North Carolina and several children all born North Carolina Leven GLADSON was on the censuses of 1820, 1830 & 1840 in Guilford Co., North Carolina.

Also on that census in District 11 were Joshua & Lucy GLADSON (hhld 53), ages 58 & 54, both born North Carolina and several children all born North Carolina Joshua GLADSON was married to Lucy PERKENSON in Guilford County, bond of 13 January, 1819. Near them (hhld 56) was Margaret KILLINGSWORTH, age 50, born North Carolina, and several children. William R. KILLINGSWORTH was married in Guilford County to Margaret CHILCUTT, bond of 27 February, 1821. William died in Guilford County in 1843, after which Margaret moved with her children to Tennessee. At household 57 was P. W. & Elizabeth GORRELL, ages 30 & 28, both born North Carolina, with three young children. Pinkney W. GORRELL was married in Guilford County to Elizabeth PERKENSON, bond of 8 December, 1842.

Some of the children of William R. & Margaret (CHILCUTT) KILLINGSWORTH were living in Perry Co., Illinois, by the 1860 census and some of those later removed to Worth Co., Missouri.

Although the GLADSON families were from the northern part of Guilford County, I have not seen any indication that they were in any way associated with or related to either the KILLINGSWORTH, CHILCUTT, or SIMPSON families of that area. After arriving in Tennessee there was at least one marriage between a GLADSON and a KILLINGSWORTH, but I know of no earlier inter-tie. It seems strange that they should be in adjoining households in Tennessee, suggestive of possible earlier acquaintance in North Carolina. The records of Guilford and Rockingham Counties are very good and though some have been lost, those that have survived to the present are fairly well preserved. Despite that, they still leave us with large gaps in our knowledge of these people in the first century after settlement.


William SIMPSON born ca 1810 in Tennessee married (?) Martha E. JOHNSTON, daughter of William JOHNSTON and Margaret COLLIER both of whom were born in North Carolina. The COLLIERs and JOHNSTONs and I believe the SIMPSONs were from Lancaster County, later Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania and I believe traveled together in the late 1700s. There are deed transactions mentioning all three names during this time period in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. The JOHNSTONs are buried in Kings Creek ARP Church Cemetery, Newberry Co., South Carolina. Am seeking the parents of William SIMPSON and the marriage date of William and Martha JOHNSTON SIMPSON.

Respond to Marilyn Finer-Collins, 10039 Kemp Forest Drive, Houston, TX 77080. E-mail marilync@hal-pc-org.

Ed. Note: Jim Martin’s article will continue in the next issue. 

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The Simpson Clan Volume XVI, Issue 3, Winter 2000/2001

Simpson Reunion
Murfreesboro, TN
June 9 & 10, 2001

Sidney Simpson is, once again, hosting a family reunion for the descendants of Peter S. SIMPSON of Tennessee. Descendants of Peter S. SIMPSON’s relatives are also welcome.

The reunion will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 9 & 10 starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Old Forte Park Building #1. This is the same building previously used.

Bring enough food for your family and a little extra to share. Also bring pictures from the past reunions, also pictures of any who have departed.

Contact Sidney Simpson, 437 Shirley Lane, Smyrna, TN 37167, phone 615-896-0625  or Gloria Giesen, 1146 Skyview Drive, Lancaster, WI 53813-9405


Seeking the parents of James SIMPSON (born 1788 in New Jersey) husband of Rachel MILLS (died 1845 Union Co., Ohio).

Contact Dwight C. Stewart, 9515 Bartley Drive, Louisville, KY 40291-3213

Isaac Simpson
of Warren Co., TN, and Nacogdoches Co., TX.
Feb., 2001 - by Don Simpson

Nona has recently sent me a question that led to the following and that illustrates the wealth of information on Simpsons and others that can be mined from back issues of this newsletter, The Simpson Clan, especially in conjunction with the excellent indexes by Carolyn W. Bayse.

Nona had been asked by a correspondent for information on the following SIMPSON. Julia (SIMPSON) MORROW, b. 11 Oct., 1796, Virginia; d. 1830, Washington Co., Illinois; md. Robert MORROW, 28 Nov., 1816, Warren Co., Tennessee. Robert MORROW was a son of Robert & Elizabeth (SHAW) MORROW of Warren County but formerly of Guilford Co., North Carolina. Robert, Sr., died in Warren Co. 18 Mar., 1824.

Because of the marriage of Robert & Julia occurring in Warren Co., Tennessee, Nona wondered if Julia could be related to the Thomas SIMPSON clan that early removed from North Carolina to old Warren County, Tennessee, but that has proven not to be so.

Nona has abstracted the early land grant surveys for lands in Warren County and published those in a four volume set titled Warren County Tennessee Plat Book. Two of those abstracts mention as adjoining property the land of the heirs of Robert MORROW, deceased, located on the Barren Fork of Collins River (vol. 2, pp. 28 & 142). Collins River runs through the east part of Warren County and the Barren Fork runs from west to east, heading along the present line between Cannon & Coffee County passing west through McMinnville & entering Collins River just east of that town. The Thomas SIMPSON clan was located on the headwaters of Hickory Creek in present Coffee County and some miles southwest of Barren Fork.

The 1820 census of Warren County lists Thomas SIMPSON’s son, Peter R. SIMPSON and his sons, Thomas and Valentine, among other residents of the head of Hickory Creek, on page 19. Robert MORROW is listed on p. 5 of that census and on the same page is an Isaac SIMPSON. I do not find Isaac listed on any later census in Warren County, nor

do I find him in Washington Co., Illinois where the MORROWs later lived. Checking Nona’s plat abstracts I do not find any mention of Isaac SIMPSON.

Using Carolyn Bayse’ index to the first ten volumes of The Simpson Clan I found mention of an Isaac SIMPSON who may be the same as the one on the 1820 census of Warren County. In volume 10, issue 3, pp. 5-8, is a detailed account of the probate of the estate of Isaac SIMPSON, deceased, in Nacogdoches County, Texas.

Those records state that Isaac SIMPSON had died intestate in April, 1840, and that at the Oct. term of the Probate Court of Nacogdoches County, Oscar ENGLEDOW was appointed Administrator of the Estate. The report of settlement (No. 122 on Settlement Docket) states that after settlement of the Estate, there remained $88.55 due to “Polly FOSTER and Julia MORROW’s heirs of said decedent, their residence unknown.” The Court then ordered that the said sum be paid over for their benefit to the Treasurer of the State of Texas. It appears that because two of the daughters or their heirs had residence unknown to Oscar, that their part of the Estate had to be deposited with the State Treasurer until some disposition could be made of that fund. Since Julia MORROW had died in 1830 in Illinois it is likely her heirs were among those for whom the remainder was set aside.

Returning to Nona’s abstracts of Warren County plats, I find that an Oscar ENGLEDOVE was chain carrier on a survey for John ENGLEDOVE of an eight acre  tract located on Barren Fork (vol.1, p. 58). It appears that the name ENGLEDOW was transformed into ENGLEDOVE by the clerks in Warren County.

A number of fine publications on Nacogdoches County families have appeared in recent decades, some by individuals and some by the Nacogdoches County Genealogical Society. In S. Kae Partin’s They All Came to Texas, vol. 5, pp. 37 - 39, it is stated that Oscar ENGLEDOW was born 13 Nov., 1809, Wythe Co., Virginia, the son of John & Elizabeth (SIMPSON) ENGLEDOW. John & Elizabeth were said to have been married 14 Nov., 1808, in Grayson Co., Virginia. At that date, Grayson County included present Carroll County and the area just south of the Pine Run area where the James SIMPSON family lived (see below). It further states, though it does not offer supporting evidence, that Elizabeth was a daughter of Isaac & Hannah SIMPSON. If this is correct, and I think it likely, then the two heirs mentioned in the Isaac SIMPSON Estate records were not the only children of Isaac & Hannah SIMPSON, but may have been the only two whose current residence was unknown to Oscar ENGLEDOW, the Administrator. If the ENGLEDOW information is correct then Oscar was a grandson of Isaac & Hannah SIMPSON.

Although there were several Isaac SIMPSONs in early Virginia it now seems likely the Isaac SIMPSON of the 1820 census of Warren Co., Tennessee, had come from the area of old Wythe Co., Virginia.

In a part of old Wythe County which was later cut away to form part of present Pulaski County, there was a SIMPSON family whose land lay on Pine Run, a tributary on the north side of New River. James SIMPSON left a will in Wythe County dated 6 May, 1804, and recorded 13 April, 1808. In it he named his wife, Mary, sons William, James, Robert, Hugh, Isaac, John (deceased), & Alexander, and daughters Jean BAXTER, Eleanor MEARS, Mary FOSTER, & Margaret SMITH. Mary SIMPSON made a will 6 Aug., 1808, recorded 12 March, 1809, naming the same children and adding mention of Alexander’s wife, Agnes, and their daughter, Elizabeth.

In Wythe County Deed Book 1, pp. 218-9, is a deed from Cornelius M’GLISTER to Isaac SIMPSON dated 2 March, 1794, for 226 acres of land located on Pine Run of New River. In the same book, p. 311, is a deed dated 9 June, 1795, from Isaac SIMPSON and Hannah his wife to Franklin BRIDGEMAN for the same 226 acre tract. I have not found any deed record in Warren Co., Tennessee, for Isaac SIMPSON but have not had time for an extensive search.

In summary, it appears that Isaac & Hannah SIMPSON from Wythe Co., Virginia, came to Warren Co., Tennessee, probably in company with their son-in-law & daughter, John & Elizabeth (SIMPSON) ENGLEDOW. In Warren County, their daughter, Julia, was married to Robert MORROW, Jr. in 1816 and sometime thereafter the MORROWs moved to Illinois. Sometime after 1820, the SIMPSONs and ENGLEDOWs moved to Nacogdoches County, Texas, where Isaac died in 1840. It is not clear at this point how many or who were the other children of Isaac & Hannah SIMPSON.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Additional from Barbara Cavanaugh, e-mail address:
Robert (Jr.) & Julia SIMPSON MORROW's 7 children were all born in Warren County, Tennessee.  They are:  William Lockhart MORROW, b. 24 September 1817; John MORROW, b. 27 November 1818, Mary MORROW, b. abt. 1819; Isaac Newton MORROW (a twin), b. 21 March 1821; R.D. MORROW (a twin), b. 21 March 1821 (died when an infant); Alex M. MORROW, b. 22 Feb 1823; and Lafayette MORROW, b. 29 Jul 1825. Robert MORROW (Jr.)'s second family with Elizabeth JOYNER, consisted of 8 more children.  They were all born in Ozark, Greene Co., Missouri.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

William Simpson of Caldwell Co., Kentucky
From the research of Dianna Williams, 5737 E. Jacaranda, Mesa, AZ 85205

Note from Nona: Dianna contacted me sometime ago wondering if her William SIMPSON could be the brother of Reuben SIMPSON. She would appreciate hearing from anyone with additional information about her family.

My earliest known SIMPSON is William born ca. 1750 and died before 1831 in Caldwell Co., Kentucky. He left a will deeding property to my known g-g-g-grandfather Daniel SIMPSON, wife Rachael along with other SIMPSONs that are brothers and sisters in the Gasconade County area of Missouri. His children Joseph, James, Benjamin, Nancy, Hanna, Daniel, John, Moses, Rachael and Rutha were born in South Carolina from beginning in 1775 until their move to Caldwell Co., Kentucky before 1819. My g-grandfather left a letter giving the names of his mother Sarah Hannah SIMPSON, parents as Daniel SIMPSON and Rachel DUFF. In the History of Maries County by King. (where many of these children ended up in the early 1800’s) this family was from Baltimore Co., Maryland. I also have PERKINS, HUGHES, BALLEWs, HIGGINS, BIRCHFIELDs and JONES from Baltimore and they all seemed to have traveled this same path from Baltimore, most of them going to Rowan and Burke Cos., North Carolina then to Kentucky and Missouri, however, my SIMPSONs seems to have gone directly to South Carolina.

Following are abstracts of original deeds:

Deed Book F pp. 412-413, Caldwell Co., Kentucky, 28 September 1831, John BRADLEY Sheriff of this town Princeton to Will LANDON, from the Clerks office of the Caldwell Circuit Court on 5 April 1829 in favor of William O’BUTTERY, administrator of William SIMPSON deceased and against the administration and heirs of Joseph SIMPSON deceased for the trust of $576.95 deposited to the sheriff and placed in the land of Jefferson G. MOOSE. . . two lots of ground in the town of Princeton, Kentucky town lots 12 & 13 sold at Sheriff’s sale. The sheriff conveys to the said LANDEN the aforesaid lotts with their appurtenances [difficult to read] William C. HAYOM? & Eliza his wife, Bum CALDWELL and Martha his wife, William McGOWAN and Caroline his wife, James W. SIMPSON, Essy? (Espy?) SIMPSON, Julian SIMPSON and George SIMPSON heirs of Joseph SIMPSON deceased.

Deed Book H, pp. 89-92 Caldwell Co., Kentucky 7 December 1835 Robert BARR to John SYMPSON and Delila his wife of Franklin Co., Missouri, $20.00 and $80.00 to John SYMPSON attorney in fact of James SYMPSON and Rachel his wife, Daniel SIMPSON & Rachel his wife, Anthony MARGRAVES and Ruth, late Ruth SYMPSON his wife, & Moses SYMPSON  to the said John SYMPSON and delivered to the said Robert BARR, all being heirs at law of William SYMPSON deceased late of the state of Kentucky and now Caldwell County sold to Robert BARR. We John SYMPSON and Delila his wife one undivided fourteenth & by virtue of the letter of attorney one fourteenth parts owned and claimed by James SYMPSON & Rachel his wife, Daniel SYMPSON, Rachel his wife, Anthony MARGRAVES by his intermarriage with Ruth his wife and Moses SIMPSON heirs of the William SYMPSON deceased a tract of land in Caldwell County Kentucky which the said William SYMPSON died seized of on Donaldson’s fork of the Tradewater containing 200 acres

Deed Book Q pp. 185-188, 3 December 1835 between Robert BARR of Caldwell County Kentucky and Thomas SYMPSON of the estate of William SYMPSON late of Kentucky and Keziah his wife, William DODDS and Hannah his wife, late Hannah SYMPSON heirs of the said William SYMPSON, Benjamin SIMPSON son heir of the said William SIMPSON aforesaid, Nancy EDDS late Nancy SYMPSON and heir at law of the said William SYMPSON deceased of Gasconade Co., Missouri, Calob BALY by his intermarriage with Rachel SYMPSON and Rachel his wife of Franklin Co., Missouri of the second part in consideration of $40.00. Signed by William DODDS, Hannah DODDS, Nancy EDDS, Benjamin SIMPSON, Caleb BALEY, Rachel BALEY.

Deed Book Q pp. 511-514, 10 November 1853 between Thomas SIMPSON, Stephen SIMPSON, William SIMPSON, John SIMPSON, Elizabeth SIMPSON and Benjamin SIMPSON of Saline Co., Illinois to Robert BARR.  This deed conveys property to the heirs of Isaac SIMPSON, deceased, heir of William SIMPSON of Caldwell Co., Kentucky. Signed by Thomas SIMPSON, Steven SIMPSON, William SIMPSON, Elizabeth SIMPSON, Benjamin SIMPSON, John SIMPSON and identified as heirs of Isaac SIMPSON deceased

10 November 1853 between Celia MARGRAVES heir of Thomas SIMPSON deceased of Saline Co., Illinois and Robert BARR of Caldwell Co., Kentucky for $10.00 for her interest as heir of the said Thomas SIMPSON deceased.

Deed Book N p. 212, 12 May 1847 Andrew W. McCHEASNEY to William SIMPSON both of Caldwell Co., Kentucky for $350.00, 100 acres on Donaldsons Fork of Tradewater. Signed by Andrew W. McCHENEY and Sarah S. McCHESNEY and witnessed by I.H. McCHESNEY and Thos. M. GROGH

Deed Book Q p. 210, 16 March 1853 William SIMPSON heir at law of Thos. SIMPSON deceased to Robert BARR for $10.00 releases his interest in the land on Donaldson Fork of Tradewater.

Simpson Family of New York
a work in progress by Jim Doty Martin Jr., 1017 N. Niagara St., Burbank, CA 01505-2628

1. John SIMPSON, b. 3 July 1758, New York, d. 16 January 1812, Camillus twp (in that part that later became Elbridge twp), Onondaga Co., New York, m. ca 1779, probably Newburgh, New York, Deborah COLEMAN, b. 29 October 1763, New York, d. 30 July 1826, Elbridge twp, Onondaga Co., New York. Deborah 2nd m. before 21 June 1813, Onondaga Co., New York, David REDMAN Sr. David is bur with his 1st wife Christina SNYDER in Elbridge Rural Cemetery so it seems Deborah would be bur with John. John and Deborah are possibly bur on the John SIMPSON farm in lot 62 Camillus now Elbridge where a "grave yard in the S.W. comer of the farm formerly owned and occupied by John SIMSON" is mentioned in a David REDMAN Sr. to David REDMAN Jr. deed as a boundary marker in deed book I page 629. Not too far to the north of the S.W. comer and probably also on the old John SIMPSON farm is Redman cemetery. In Redman cemetery John's grandson John 2nd, son of Benjamin is buried on the side of a small knoll. There is nothing atop this knoll but there is enough room for several burials. If there were any, no markers remain today. Surely John and Deborah are buried close to this area.

John served in Rev War as a pvt. in the 4th Reg Orange County Militia. He was also a Corporal in Col. Jonathan HASBROUCK’s Reg. He is identified with Wolvert ACKER and Brom JOHNSON and the trio were noted for hunting Tories. They had a song which began;

"Gallus Brom Johnson rides up and down,
Bringing the poor Tories to Newburgh town"

After the war John and Deborah of Newburgh, Ulster Co., New York, on 17 October 1795, sell ten acres of land in the town of Newbugh to John DOWNS and moved to Onondaga Co., first obtaining a 138 1/2 acre farm in lot 62 on 29 December 1796, 50 acres in lot 35 in 1806, and also in lot 35 a 126 acre parcel with sawmill in 1811 on the bank of the Seneca River.

Col. Jonathan HASBROUCK's home with landing on the bank of the Hudson River in Newburgh was Washington's headquarters late in the war. It is still standing

2. Samuel SIMPSON
3 Benjamin SIMPSON
4 William SIMPSON
Seely SIMPSON, b. 6 March 1787, Newburgh, New York, d. 21 November 1858, Carlton, Orleans Co., New York, bur Brown, also called Two Bridges cemetery, Carlton
6 Mary "Polly" SIMPSON
David SIMPSON, b. 15 February 1795, d. 26 July 1816, Elbridge, New York, buried Elbridge Rural cemetery, d. previous to nine way division of father's estate. John SIMPSON heirs as of 1819 named in Onondaga Co., New York Deed book DD, pp. 521 & 522
7 Hannah SIMPSON (twin)
Moses SIMPSON (twin), b. 22 July 1797, Elbridge, New York, d. 1798, bur probably in family farm cemetery
Ward SIMPSON, b. 4 April 1806, Elbridge, New York, d. 29 May (probably 1806), bur probably in family farm cemetery


2 Samuel SIMPSON, b. 9 May 1780, Newburgh, New York, d. 4 Jul 1806, Camillus later Elbridge, New York, bur probably in family farm cemetery., m. a daughter of John KESTER and Charity SNYDER
Benjamin SIMPSON (Jr.), b. 22 February 1805, Elbridge, New York, d. 5 Jun 1827, Clarendon, Orleans Co. New York, m. Sarah Ann. Probate papers show Benjamin had no children mention widow Sarah Ann, aunts and uncles Seely SIMPSON, John SIMPSON, Polly TAPPAN, Hannah KESTER Ira SIMPSON, and the children of Benjamin SIMPSON. This document signed by Asa SIMPSON. There is no mention of Margaret, the child of William SIMPSON, or any of his mother's siblings
3 Benjamin SIMPSON, b. 21 November 1782, Newburgh, New York, d. 30 September 1822, Elbridge, New York, bur Elbridge Rural cemetery, m. Elizabeth REDMAN, b. 15 October 1790, Orange Co., New York, d. 30 April 1864, Clinton Co., Iowa, bur in William BROWN family farm cemetery S.E. of DeWitt, Iowa, daughter of John REDMAN and Sarah (John REDMAN, b. 14 February 1769, d. 12 May 1827, bur Redman cemetery Elbridge, New York, is found on 1790 census Newburgh, New York with David REDMAN and John SIMPSON, all of whom came to Onondaga Co., New York, also in this migration were Daniel VAIL who served in 4th Orange Co Militia and bur Elbridge and Moses CARPENTER from Warwick in Orange County whose daughter Susannah married Col. Michael REDMAN) (Newburgh, New York, now in Orange County, was in Ulster County in 1790). Benjamin purchased land near his father's and later the Erie Canal passed through his farm probably after his death, though this section may have opened in April or August of 1822). The Erie Canal opened the entire length on 25 October 1825 with the passing of the first boat "Seneca Chief”.
SON, d. prior to his father
SON, d. prior to his father
DAUGHTER, d. prior to her father
10 John SIMPSON (II, Second, Jr.)
11 Elizabeth "Betsy" SIMPSON
Michael SIMPSON, b. 6/9 June 1819, Elbridge, New York, d. 13/16 September 1841, Elbridge, New York bur Elbridge Rural cemetery
12 William Ward SIMPSON
4 William SIMPSON, b. 4 February 1785, Newburgh, New York, d. 9 April 1814, Elbridge, New York, bur Elbridge Rural cemetery, married but name of wife unknown. No one in the SIMPSON family was appointed Guardian for Margaret at William’s death. The Guardian was Truman ADAMS. Perhaps he or his wife were some relation to William's wife.
Margaret SIMPSON, property dispersed to her on 18 June 1821, when she came of age (what age?). In 1833 William WEAR of Newburgh, New York was appointed special Guardian of Margaret under aged 21 to sell her land in Onondaga Co. The relationship of William WEAR, if any, is unknown
5 Asa SIMPSON, b. 10 October 1789, Newburgh, New York, d. 19 April 1868, Carlton, New York, m. before April 1814, Mrs. Minerva (FISH) ELLIS, b. 6 Jun 1794, Cayuga Co., New York, d. 10 Jul 1858, Carlton, New York, daughter of Nathan FISH and PRITCHARD, both bur Mt Albion
cemetery, Albion, New York. Minerva had a daughter by previous m. Halliet D. ELLIS, b. 8 Aug 1811. Asa lived Aurelius, Cayuga Co. New York, moved to Carlton in 1822
13 Dalphon V. SIMPSON
Walter W. SIMPSON, b. 2 June 1815, Aurelius, New York, d. 31 July 1888, Wall Lake, Iowa, first m. Ophelia BOARDMAN, b. 1824, d. 14 May 1880, bur Mt Albion cemetery, Albion, New York, daughter of Col. John BOARDMAN and Hannah H. FULLER Walter second m. about one month before his death, his cousin Margaret SIMPSON, b. 14 December1823, Elbridge,  New York, d. 18 Aug 1902, Wall Lake, Iowa, daughter of John SIMPSON and Mary WALROD, both bur Wall Lake, Iowa cemetery
14 Nathan Fish SIMPSON
15 Fannie M. SIMPSON
Eliza SIMPSON b. 19 October 1819, Aurelius, New York, d. 3 June 1825, Carlton, New York
Ellen W. SIMPSON, b. 7 December 1821, Aurelius, New York, NFI
Thomas W. SIMPSON, b. 20 April 1825, Carlton, New York, d. 11 August 1825
16 Emery Hall SIMPSON
17 Enos Throop SIMPSON
18 John Chamberlain SIMPSON
6 Mary "Polly" SIMPSON, b. 13 January 1793, Newburgh, New York, d. 27 April 1884, at the home of her daughter Alzina in East China twp, St Clair Co., Michigan bur Rosehill Cemetery East China twp, m. Asher TAPPEN, b. 6 September 1785, Camillus twp (in that part that later became Van Buren twp), Onondaga Co., New York, d. 9 October 1858, bur Adair cemetery, Adair, Michigan (Casco twp), son of Rev War patriot "Deacon" John TAPPEN and Sarah MUNSON, Asher and Polly moved to Casco twp, St Clair Co., Michigan in 1837. Most, if not all descendants, have adopted the spelling TAPPAN
19 Hannah TAPPEN
20 David TAPPEN
John TAPPEN, b. 2 May 1816, Camillus/Van Buren twp, Onondaga Co., New York
DEBORAH TAPPEN, b. 25 May 1818, Camillus/Van Buren twp, Onondaga Co., New York
21 Alzina TAPPEN
22 A(t)chisen TAPPEN
23 Allen TAPPEN
24 Rochester TAPPEN
25 Benjamin TAPPEN
26 James V. TAPPEN
27 Bradford Chase TAPPEN
to be continued