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The Simpson Clan Volume XVIII, Issue 4, Spring 2003

William and Elizabeth Campbell Simpson of Botetourt Co., Virginia

Solomon Simpson of Botetourt Co., Virginia

Bonnie Simpson Valko, 8130 San Gregorio Rd., Atascadero, CA 93422-1216, email

Where did William SIMPSON come from before settling in Botetourt Co., Virginia? This is an intriguing question and one that I have not found the answer for as yet. However, the following are some of the facts about William and some of his kin.

William SIMPSON and his wife, Elizabeth CAMPBELL are mentioned many times in the records of Chalkleys Chronicles where they are desperately trying to pay off all of the debts, left by the death of Elizabeth’s father, Malcolm CAMPBELL.

Dr. Thomas WALKER found Malcolm CAMPBELL at the Great Lick in March of 1750 and bought corn from him. It is likely that the SIMPSON’s were somewhere around at that time, as well. Apparently William SIMPSON knew this CAMPBELL family very well and may have come with them to Virginia from Pennsylvania, where I am almost certain William was born.

The will of Malcolm CAMPBELL is as follows: Feb. 23, 1761. Archibald CAMPBELL, the tract adjoining the Long Lick and one on Mill Creek; William CAMPBELL, --The Long Lick---200 acres; Four daughters: Elizabeth; Jean ; Mary; Rebeckah. Ex.-Wife Isabella.—Augusta Co., Will Book 3, page 266.

The will was proved June of 1763 and was probated by his daughter, Elizabeth CAMPBELL and Patrick SHARKEY, John NEELEY and Adam DEAN as sureties. William was not able to settle all of the debts which were left by his father-in-law, Malcolm and had to spend two months in the “goal” for indebtedness. This is per, Kegley’s Virginia Frontier.

It is not stated anywhere, but during this time, Elizabeth CAMPBELL would marry William SIMPSON. The only clue to this, is that she is called “CAMPBELL” in the probate, and we have “William SIMPSON and his wife Elizabeth, late CAMPBELL” settled Malcolm CAMPBELL’s estate. All this again, per “Kegley’s.

The most information about William SIMPSON is in the will of Archibald CAMPBELL, Malcolm CAMPBELL’s son.

Will of Archibald CAMPBELL: January 8, 1774, Probated April 12, 1774. I give and bequeath in the manner following: It is my desire that my just debts be paid. My Estate by my Executor, hereafter named. I give and bequeath to my brother William CAMPBELL’s oldest son Thomas CAMPBELL my plantation whereon I now live. I give and bequeath to my brother William CAMPBELL one tract of land in Pittsylvania laying on Tomahawk Creek. Also all my wearing clothes. I also give and bequeath unto William SIMPSON’s son, John SIMPSON one plantation laying in Botetourt County on Mill Creek that was willed to me by my father. I also give to William SIMPSON’s son, Archibald SIMPSON one tract of land enjoining the aforesaid tract on the lower side of Mill Creek.

I also give to my sister, Jean CAMPBELL one negro girl named Pegg about nine years of age. In case my sister, Jean does not intermarry with Nathaniel EVANS, brother of Peter EVANS But if my sister Jean should marry the said EVANS, it is my will that the Negro girl Pegg shall be sold and the money from the sale to be equally divided between my brother William’s son Thomas CAMPBELL & William SIMPSON’s sons, John and Archibald SIMPSON.

My will and desire is that all my movable estate be appraised and sold and the money used to pay my debts and if any is left over, it is to be equally divided between William SIMPSON’s sons, John and Archibald SIMPSON

I appoint my brother, William CAMPBELL executor of this my last will and testament. This 8th day of January 1774. Witnesses: John BOWMAN, James RITCHIE, James McNEELE (McNEILL) Will was probated in Botetourt Co., Virginia Court 12th April 17; Will Book A, p. 78

Jean CAMPBELL, Archibald's’ sister did marry Nathaniel EVANS. Doc. Kegleys Virginia Frontier. There was apparently, “bad blood” between these CAMPBELLs and the EVANS’.

Malcolm CAMPBELL had settled on the Great Lick, but had never filed on the land. The EVANS’ came along and filed on 400 acres of the land. They were careful to leave some of the land for Malcolm and he had use of about 76 acres until his death. However, this does not explain the 400 acres Archibald CAMPBELL said his father left him. There definitely needs to be more done on the land deeds in this area of Botetourt Co., Virginia.

From the database of Virginia’s Colonial Militia, 1651 – 1776, is the following:

William SIMPSON Comment: Deceased, soldier in the 1st VA Regiment, under Col. WASHINGTON, till he (William SIMPSON) departed this life, Solomon SIMPSON heir-at-law. Court Name: Botetourt Co., Virginia Date: Feb. 1780

I don’t know that we could use this as a date of death for William SIMPSON, although, it is probably fairly close to when he died. Here, it names Solomon SIMPSON as an heir of William’s which was new information to me. The record also shows a Solomon SIMPSON, as follows: Solomon SIMPSON Comment: Edward GILL Sr., Christopher FINNIE (FINNEY), Christopher BEST and William CROSS, soldiers in the 1st VA Regiment, last war, under command of Col. BYRD and Col. STEPHENS. Court Name: Botetourt Co., Virginia. Date: Dec. 1779

Archibald SIMPSON, William SIMPSON’s son would marry and move to Tennessee, where he shows up in Don Simpson’s article, “Simpsons in Wilson Co., Tennessee.” (Simpson Clan, Volume X , Issue 4, Spring issue.)

Don says that “The abstracts of Wilson Co., Tennessee deeds show that John IRVIN sold to Archibald SIMPSON 140 acres on Round Lick by deed dated 24 March, 1801. On the same date, John IRVIN sold to John CURRY 250 acres on Round Lick. On 30 April, 1801, Archibald SIMPSON sold 23 acres on Round Lick to John HARROD and on 4 May, 1801, John CURRY sold 18 acres on Round Lick to Archibald SIMPSON. No witnesses were listed on these early deeds.” Now, my investigation shows that Archibald married Mary CURRY about 1801, probably the daughter of John CURRY; this would coincide with his purchasing the land on Round Lick. Archibald would only live on this land a few years; he would sell the remaining 135 acres to John ALEXANDER in Feb. 1807; witness were James CURRY and Robert ALEXANDER. Archibald may have moved to Bedford Co., Tennessee, but he did not remain there either and by the 1820 census, we find him in Gibson Co., Indiana. This information would be consistent with the CAMPBELLs as well. They all moved to Indiana as well. So, it would seem we have a good connection between some of the SIMPSONs of Botetourt and these in Tennessee. The IRVINs / IRVINEs, CURRYs and ALEXANDERs are all related as well.

I would be most interested to hear from anyone, who is researching these SIMPSONs. No matter how trivial the information may seem to you, it may hold a clue to this Simpson family.

Descendants of Nathaniel Simpson

By Fran Laird, 115 Lexington Rd., Bel Air, MD 21014, email:

Continued from previous issue

Generation No. 2

2. John2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born Abt. 1800 in Virginia, and died Bet. 1860 – 1870. He married Louisa. She was born Bet. 1802 - 1805 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1870.

Notes for John SIMPSON:

John was not named among the legatees of Nathaniel in the 1847 deed in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, nor the part in Tippah Co., Mississippi. However, he signed the document anyway in Tippah Co., Mississippi, and is said to have been a brother of those named by a descendant of Samuel's, who has lived in the Benton / Tippah Co., Mississippi area all of her life. A John W. SIMPSON was on the 1837 Tippah County Tax Roll.

Children of John SIMPSON and Louisa are:

11 i. Josiah3 SIMPSON, born Bet. 1825 - 1830 in Alabama; died Aft. 1880 in Faulkner Co., Arkansas (possibly).

12 ii. Sarah/Sallie SIMPSON, born 1829 in Madison Co., Alabama; died Aft. 1859 in White Co., Arkansas (probably). She married William Rufus PRICE 1847.

Notes for Sarah/Sallie SIMPSON: They moved to White Co., Arkansas, by 1859.

13 iii. Lavinia Eveline SIMPSON, born Bet. May 1833 - 1835 in Alabama; died September 27, 1919 in Mississippi. She married (1) RENFROW. She married (2) Leroy LUKER May 04, 1859.

14 iv. John C. SIMPSON, born 1836 in Tennessee, died unknown. He married Theodocia Ann.

15 v. Samuel SIMPSON, born 1839, died unknown.

16 vi. Narcissa E. SIMPSON, born 1841, died unknown.

17 vii. Margaret Ann SIMPSON, born December 12, 1842, died March 08, 1914, married Michael REED September 16, 1858 in Tippah Co., Mississippi.

More About Margaret Ann SIMPSON: Burial: Little Hope Cem., Benton Co., Mississippi

18 viii. Mary C. SIMPSON, born 1845, died in Ellis Co., Texas. She married Joseph PRICE.

19 ix. Robert P. SIMPSON, born 1850, died unknown.

4. Samuel C.2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born June 04, 1805 in Tennessee probably, and died February 05, 1887. He married Jennett SIMPSON probably Bet. 1825 - 1829 in Hickman Co., Tennessee, probably, daughter of Samuel SIMPSON and Elizabeth FULTON. She was born about 1808 in Kentucky or Tennessee probably, and died between1850 - 1860 in Tippah Co., Mississippi.

Notes for Samuel C. SIMPSON:

Samuel and his family moved to Tippah Co., Mississippi, around 1835-1836, and a descendant wrote: "He cleared land away from his house in the morning and until the middle of the afternoon, then cleared near the house until late at night because of the number of wolves present at that time. By building fires he could keep them away while working."

More About Samuel C. SIMPSON: Burial: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cem. Ashland, Benton Co., Mississippi.

Notes for Jennett SIMPSON:

The parentage of Jennett is not firmly established, but it is believed that her father cited here was Samuel (who married Elizabeth FULTON April 6, 1807 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. The surname FULTON appears among their descendants.

Children of Samuel SIMPSON and Jennett SIMPSON are:

20 i. Nathaniel J.3 SIMPSON, born November 10, 1830 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee (probably); died September 01, 1887. married Betty B.

21 ii. John D. SIMPSON, born August 08, 1832 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee (probably); died February 02, 1890, married Martha Emma OWEN, d/o Daniel and Elizabeth OWEN.

22 iii. Elizabeth A. SIMPSON, born July 17, 1834 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee (probably); died August 08, 1878, married 1/T. J. McCARTY, 2/George W. CRAWFORD.

23 iv. Mary J. SIMPSON, born Abt. 1836, died unknown.

24 v. Martha R. SIMPSON, born Abt. 1838, died unknown.

25 vi. Samuel SIMPSON, Jr., born Abt. 1841; died October 26, 1862 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

More About Samuel SIMPSON, Jr. Burial: Confederate Hospital Cem., Harrodsburg, Kentucky

26 vii. Louisa C. SIMPSON, born Bet. 1842 – 1845, died unknown

27 viii. William Morman SIMPSON, born January 04, 1847, died April 26, 1910, married Martha Ann Fredonia “Donia” HORN, d/o Jasper J. HORN and Mary Louisa COX.

6. Mary/Polly Jennett2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born Abt. 1821 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, and died Bet. 1858 – 1859, married John Nixon TIDWELL Abt. 1844 in Tippah Co., Mississippi. He was born May 01, 1818 in Tennessee, and died September 09, 1902 in Benton Co., Mississippi.

Notes for John Nixon TIDWELL:

John was on the 1837 Tax Roll in Tippah Co., Mississippi. After the death of Mary Jennet, he married Mrs. Mary Louisa COX HORN, d/o Elijah COX and Celia HORN, and their children were Laura TIDWELL and John B. TIDWELL. Mary Louisa's first husband was Jasper J. HORN.

Children of Mary/Polly SIMPSON and John TIDWELL are:

28 i. Robert3 TIDWELL, born 1845, died March 18, 1864 in Rock Island Barracks, Illinois.

More About Robert TIDWELL: Burial: Confederate Cemetery

29 ii. Samuel "Sam" TIDWELL, born March 15, 1848, died July 24, 1930, married Cynthia Ann ELLIOTT.

30 iii. Louisa Martha TIDWELL, born May 1850, married 1/Thomas H. CHAMPION, 2/L.M. FORD.

31 iv. Mary TIDWELL, born 1854, died June 30, 1919 in Hardeman Co., Tennessee. She married James G. CHAMPION January 11, 1872 in Tippah Co., Mississippi.

More About Mary TIDWELL: Burial: Ebenezer Cem., Hardeman Co., Tennessee

32 v. Elizabeth TIDWELL, born 1856, died January 01, 1901 in Texas. She married John McDONALD.

33 vi. Susan TIDWELL, born 1858, died July 10, 1909 in Robertson, Texas. She married Ed CASEY.

7. Robert W.2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born January 02, 1824 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, and died June 01, 1888. He married Sarah Jane Ashmore OWEN Abt. 1854 in Tippah Co., Mississippi (probably), daughter of Daniel OWEN and Elizabeth. She was born December 26, 1831, and died December 08, 1881.

More About Robert W. SIMPSON and Sarah Jane Ashmore OWEN: Burial: Simpson Cem., Ashland, Benton Co., Mississippi

Notes for Sarah Jane Ashmore OWEN:

Sarah used the nickname, something like "Morey" in the 1860 census. This has been confusing, but a Bible record in the family of her sister Martha OWEN who married John D. SIMPSON, s/o Robert's brother Samuel, has listed both Sarah and Martha as daughters of Daniel and Elizabeth OWEN. In 1850 Robert was living in the home of his brother Samuel and his family.

Children of Robert SIMPSON and Sarah OWEN are:

34 i. John T.3 SIMPSON, born Abt. 1856, married Lavinia F. PEELER September 01, 1874 in Benton Co., Mississippi, died unknown.

35 ii. M. Elizbeth SIMPSON, born Abt. 1858, married A. A. GRISHAM February 13, 1884 in Benton Co., Mississippi died unknown.

36 iii. Andrew Jackson "Jack" SIMPSON, born June 16, 1863, died April 01, 1913, married Florence GRISHAM.

37 iv. Robert N. "Bob" SIMPSON, born February 24, 1865, died June 12, 1944, married 1/Nancy Abigail TIDWELL, 2/Lillian Victoria DICKERSON.

38 v. Jane Jennet "Nettie" SIMPSON, born May 25, 1867, died unknown.

8. Jemima2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born Abt. 1826 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, and died 1868 in Dresden, Navarro Co., Texas. She married Lindsay/Linza R. BRIM Bef. November 22, 1847 in Tippah Co., Mississippi (probably), son of William BRIM and Mary WESTBROOK. He was born 1828 in Lincoln Co., Tennessee, and died Aft. 1891 in Purdon, Navarro Co., Texas.

Notes for Jemima SIMPSON:

After Jemima died, Lindsay married Sarah J. SCOTT, d/o John J. SCOTT, and their children were William and Callie BRIM.

Children of Jemima SIMPSON and Lindsay/Linza BRIM are:

39 i. Mary A.3 BRIM, born 1848, died unknown, married G. W. BRITTAIN.

40 ii. Martha J. BRIM, born 1850, married John B. BARNETT April 02, 1874 in Texas.

41 iii. William T. BRIM, born 1852, died unknown.

42 iv. Newton J. BRIM, born 1853, married Delia SUMMER February 07, 1884 in Texas.

43 v. Lou Alice BRIM, born 1858 in Dresden, Navarro Co., Texas, died unknown, married Stroud BARNETT May 12, 1878 in Texas.

9. Nathaniel2 SIMPSON, Jr. (Nathaniel1) was born Abt. 1826 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, died unknown. He married Elizabeth WESTBROOK Bet. 1846 - 1847 in Tippah Co., Mississippi, daughter of Johnson WESTBROOK. She was born Abt. 1827 in Tennessee, died unknown.

Notes for Elizabeth WESTBROOK:

Her maiden name is not confirmed, but in 1850 she and husband Nathaniel were living next door to Johnson WESTBROOK, thought to be related to Mary WESTBROOK who had married William BRIM, the father of Lindsay BRIM, who was married to Nathaniel's sister Jemima SIMPSON. Johnson WESTBROOK was on the 1837 Tippah Co. Tax Roll.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth probably moved to Texas with Jemima and Lindsay BRIM in 1854.

Children of Nathaniel SIMPSON and Elizabeth WESTBROOK are:

44 i. Mary J.3 SIMPSON, born Abt. 1847, died unknown.

45 ii. Julia Ann SIMPSON, born 1850, died unknown.

10. Benjamin H. "Doc"2 SIMPSON (Nathaniel1) was born Abt. 1827 in Humphreys Co., Tennessee, and died Abt. 1871, married Margaret Bathsheba "Bashy" NORRIS Abt. 1854, daughter of Felix NORRIS and Sarah MORGAN. She was born August 1834 in Laurens Co., South Carolina, and died Aft. 1910.

More about Benjamin H. "Doc" SIMPSON and Margaret Bathsheba “Bashy” NORRIS:

Burial: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cem., Ashland, Benton Co., Mississippi

Children of Benjamin SIMPSON and Margaret NORRIS are:

46 i. Sarah J. "Sallie"3 SIMPSON, born Abt. 1855, died Bef. 1900, married G. Houston MILLER.

47 ii. Martha Ann "Mattie" SIMPSON, born Abt. 1857, died Aft. 1927, married Dolph P. “Dee” DICKERSON.

48 iii. Paralee Frances SIMPSON, born August 24, 1870, died January 02, 1916 in Raleigh (now Memphis), Shelby Co., Tennessee. She married Samuel B. REES June 26, 1886, in Benton Co., Mississippi. He was born April 24, 1865, and died June 27, 1940 in Raleigh (now Memphis), Shelby Co., Tennessee.

More About Paralee Frances SIMPSON and Samuel B. REES

Burial: Egypt Baptist Church Cem., Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee


Descendants of William Simpson [and Elizabeth Hocking] in Cherokee Co. GA[1]

By Kathleen Akin, 380 Braxton Place, Tucker, GA 30084, email:

Continued from the previous issue

William A. FOWLER (son of Thomas FOWLER and Basheba) born abt. 1835 South Carolina; died abt. 1864 Vicksburg, Mississippi; married 21 December 1854 Cherokee Co., Georgia[2] to Sarah Elizabeth SIMPSON (daughter of Balus Wilson SIMPSON and Permelia EVINS) born 15 November 1837 Cherokee Co., Georgia; died 10 April 1895 Georgia. They had the following children:

1. Ezza M. FOWLER born abt. 1858 Cherokee Co., Georgia

2. William Raymond FOWLER born 21 November 1860 Cherokee Co., Georgia; died after 1920 DeKalb Co., Georgia; married 28 December 1897 DeKalb Co., Georgia to Ellen CASH

Georgia Cheroke Co July the 21 1862

My Deare and loving husband I one time more Seat my Self to drop you a few lines to let you no that We are all well at this time and I hope these few lines will reach and find you alive and Well I hant much nuse to write you at this time Brother Milton got home last Tuesday he is as Well as could be expected his arm looks very bad he got a furlow for _ days but I don’t think it will get well by then you don’t know how glad I was to See him com home a brother fels near but they can’t be compard to the love of a companion William you don’t know how lonesome I am one Week Semes as long as a mounth use too I Want to See you So bad I cnt Sleep of a night I Want you to come home if thare is any chanc of it tho I no it’s a bad one Supose capt grantham has got has got [sic] home I Wish you could all get padin for yore captins think then you Would all get furlows home I do hope and preay to our heavnley father that the time is not far off that you all Will have to Stay thare the report is Know that France and Ingland has landed at New orleans and Savanah With 30 vessels and 30 bullrys and men to guard thase too places the people is beginding to Fix thir cotton for market I hope peace Will be mad Shortly and I hope the lord Will spare you lives that you all may be permited to return to yore absent famleys to enjoy a few more days of peace in this World William I wrote a letter to the captin_ ___ While ago conSerning you they Said if they Would not Send those home they lived with out the request of thir Wives I wrote to him to Send you home if you was to die thar it is My Wish if it is yourse for you to be Sent home if you this to ____ off thare I Want you to remember me in your prayers and pray to our father Who heareath in Secret to Spare our lives to See each other in this one ____ ___ if it is not his Will that We Shold meet in this wourld that We may meet at his rite hand Whare We may Sing prases to him forever So _____ for this time your loving Sarah E. FOWLER.

To be continued

Samuel Simpson, son of Reuben Simpson and Sarah Sherrill of Wayne Co., KY

Nona Williams

Samuel SIMPSON has been reported as the man who married Betsy FULTON but a study of land records and census records prove this to be incorrect. His wife was named Nancy as early as 1827 when they sold their land in Wayne Co., Kentucky.

1. Samuel SIMPSON (Source: Wayne County, Kentucky Related Families, (1984), pp. 130, 137.) was born 3 January 1783 in North Carolina He married Nancy PORTMAN (Source: (1) June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky Deeds, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1993), Book C page 359-360, July 28, 1827, (2) Diary of Lt. Avington Wayne Simpson, (from the files of Linda Bollinger), Grandfather Reuben SIMPSON's family viz Sarah SHERRILL his wife, Samuel is listed as marrying Miss PORTMAN. Note: It's possible that Nancy was a second wife and not a PORTMAN.

Samuel was about age 27 in 1810 and apparently was living with his parents. The household of Reuben SIMPSON consisted of a male aged over 45, a female in the same age group and a male between the ages of 16-26. There were no young children in the household.

The Samuel SIMPSON who was on the 1830 census in Wayne Co., Kentucky was aged 20-30 and was too young to be the son of Reuben. There was no Samuel SIMPSON on the 1840 census. I believe that he and his wife Nancy left Wayne Co., Kentucky after selling their land in 1827. I don’t know where he lived in 1830 and 1840 but he could be the Samuel SIMPSON who was on the 1850 census of Lawrence Co., Indiana in 1850.

That household was made up of the following:

Samuel SIMPSON 66 m farmer $400. Tennessee. (b ca 1784)

Nancy SIMPSON 42 f Kentucky (born ca 1808) (name is Nancy but this one wasn't old enough to be the wife reported on the 1820 census)

William SIMPSON 23 m Kentucky (born ca 1827) (this child could have been born in Kentucky before they left for Indiana)

Preston SIMPSON 21 m Indiana (born ca 1829)

Lydia SIMPSON 24 f Kentucky (born ca 1826) (was this a daughter-in-law?)

June SIMPSON 17 f school Kentucky (born ca 1833)

Elisha SIMPSON 16 m school Indiana (born ca 1834)

Eliza SIMPSON 14 f school Indiana (born ca 1836)

Nancy SIMPSON 12 f Indiana (born ca 1838)

Samuel SIMPSON 03 m Indiana (born ca 1847)

Children of Samuel SIMPSON and Nancy PORTMAN are:

2 i. Unknown6 female SIMPSON, born Bet. 1810 - 1820 in TN (Source: June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky 1820 Census, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1991), p. 83.).

3 ii. Unknown female SIMPSON, born Bet. 1810 - 1820 (Source: June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky 1820 Census, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1991), p. 83.).

4 iii. Unknown female SIMPSON, born Bet. 1810 - 1820 (Source: June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky 1820 Census, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1991), p. 83.).

5 iv. Unknown female SIMPSON, born Bet. 1810 - 1820 (Source: June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky 1820 Census, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1991), p. 83.).

6 v. Unknown male SIMPSON, born Bet. 1810 - 1820 (Source: June Baldwin Bork, Wayne County, Kentucky 1820 Census, (Apple Valley, CA: privately published, 1991), p. 83.).


Nancy E. SIMPSON WILLIAMS was b. Dec 28, 1808 in South Carolina (according to 1850 Meriweather County Census); d. March 17 1882 in Meriweather County, Georgia, buried at Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church, Meriweather Co., Georgia, married Stephen WILLIAMS b. July 18, 1808 in South Carolina.; d. June 21 1897 in Meriweather Co., Georgia b. at Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church, Meriweather Co., Georgia.

Children: Robert Newton WILLIAMS (my ggrandfather) b. Abbeville Dist. South Carolina. Aug 1829, John WILLIAMS, James WILLIAMS, Cynthia WILLIAMS m. George WOOSTER, Mary WILLIAMS m. Edwin COOPER. Any help will be appreciated

James C. Williams, 1187 S. Lake Shore Blvd, Lake Wales, Fla. 33853. e-mail

* * * * *

I am a PERKINS researcher and am interested in the Mary SIMPSON, daughter of Reuben SIMPSON and Sarah SHERRILL, who is listed in Avington SIMPSON's journal as having married a Mr. PERKINS.

I am researching the PERKINS of Baltimore Co. Maryland and have gotten to Solomon PERKINS, born about 1760 in North Carolina, who married an Elizabeth Unknown, date and place unknown, and had seven known children (probably more born earlier who died in infancy most likely). Children were Isaac PERKINS, b. circa 1795, Daniel Reese PERKINS b. 1797 (my ancestor), Elisha PERKINS b. 1799 and Solomon PERKINS b. 1801. There were also three girls but haven't learned their first names yet.

Solomon PERKINS owned land in Logan Co., Kentucky along the Tennessee state line in Red River country in 1796 but sold it almost immediately after acquiring it. He then turns up in Christian Co. Kentucky by 1799 and then in Livingston Co. Kentucky by 1800, along with William SIMPSON and other Simpsons. Solomon went to southern Illinois in 1807 with his brother Richard to get established. He filed a claim for land and brought the entire family in 1808 from Kentucky to Illinois. He died before October 1809 and since the land office didn't open until 1814, they never got title to their land. Lewis BARKER, also from Livingston Co. Kentucky, ended up buying Solomon's land. Lewis BARKER's daughter Jane married Solomon's son Isaac, who died in Illinois in 1832 in the Black Hawk War. Solomon's wife Elizabeth remarried in 1811 to a Nathaniel ARMSTRONG and they had several children.

What interests me about Mary SIMPSON, daughter of Reuben SIMPSON and Sarah SHERRILL, is that she married a PERKINS sometime after 1784 (per Avington SIMPSON's journal). What doesn't quite fit is that Reuben and Sarah SIMPSON have another daughter named Elizabeth born 1785. Solomon's wife by 1809 was definitely named Elizabeth

Reuben SIMPSON in Pendleton District South Carolina in 1790 is interesting because that's where Solomon PERKINS was, too

One possibility is that Mary SIMPSON was the first wife of Solomon PERKINS and perhaps died and Elizabeth Unknown was wife #2 ... I have not found any marriage records for Solomon PERKINS in Kentucky, so I believe he would have married either in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Another interesting coincidence is that Reuben's daughter Avarilla winds up in Daviess Co., Indiana where some of our PERKINS are also.

It's probably the REESE connection that I'm most interested in figuring out. I have three Daniel Reese PERKINSes in my direct line, down to my grandfather. The name is used repeatedly by descendants of all four brothers, also the names Solomon, Elisha and Isaac. I find it very interesting that the SIMPSONs also have a REESE connection, back to the

Daniel REESE in Baltimore Co. Maryland who married Elizabeth KNIGHT. What's more, Daniel REESE's father was named Solomon! We have a lot of Solomons in our branch of the family as well.

I'm wondering if the William SIMPSON in Livingston Co. Kentucky who died ca 1807is a brother of Reuben SIMPSON (the blood enemies during the Revolutionary War) or a cousin perhaps

Ann Fourt. 7630 Provincial Dr., McLean, VA 22102 Email address:

* * * * *

Crawford R. SIMPSON, born 11-17-1837 in Grant Co., Kentucky. He moved to Greenville, Hunt County, Texas ca. 1859. Died in Greenville 12-26-1881.

A. V. SIMPSON, born 10-30-1874 in Greenville, Texas, married Birdie RHYNE of Avinger, Texas on 1-7-03. Died in Avinger, Texas on 10-7-1957.

Rhyne SIMPSON, born 12-6-1903 in Avinger, Texas. Died in Halifax, Nova Scotia (while on a business trip) on 6-5-1971.

Phil Simpson, P.O. Box 100, Avinger, Texas 75630. Tel 903-562-1234 x15, Fax 603-909-7865. email:

* * * * * *


[1] More information about this family can be found in this newsletter Vol. XIV, No. 1 Summer 1998 p. 1-6 and Vol. XVII, No. 1, Summer 2001, p. 1-2 (includes a photo of Rufus Marion Simpson).

[2] Cherokee County, Georgia Marriage Book B, page 267.

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