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The Simpson Clan Volume XIX, Issue 4 Spring 2004

THE SIMPSON CLANVolume XIX, Issue 4 ISSN 0884-3805 Spring 2004
Published by Nona Williams, PO Box 746, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0746
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Descendants of Absalom & Sarah (Williams) Simpson & the Simpsons in southeastern Carroll Co., Mississippi
June 2004, by Don Simpson
The following information is garnered from several sources in Rockingham Co., North Carolina and in Carroll Co., Mississippi. The usual sources such as census, probate, court minutes, & land records were used in Rockingham Co., while for Carroll Co., the census records were supplemented by information (especially cemetery records) posted on the excellent website at which also contains other records of interest.

William & Isabelle (CUMMINGS) SIMPSON of Jacobs Creek in Rockingham Co., North Carolina, had several children, the oldest known son being named Absalom. William was probably the son of Richard & Selah SIMPSON of Mears Fork, Guilford Co., North Carolina and grandson of Richard SIMPSON, Sr., who died in 1795 in Guilford Co.

Absalom SIMPSON was probably born ca. 1801, and died sometime between the 1840 census and August, 1843, when his widow, Sarah, petitioned the Court for her year’s widow’s allowance. Absalom’s father, William SIMPSON, made an undated will that was probated in May, 1844. In it he devised “to my beloved daughter-in-law, Sarah SIMPSON, widow of my son, Absalom SIMPSON, one tract of land on which she now resides etc .... also a Negro girl Melinda on the same conditions of the land & all her increase,” with the proviso that after her death or remarriage, “then to my grandchildren of Absalom.”

Absalom was married to Sarah WILLIAMS, possibly ca. 1826, but no marriage bond is known for that marriage and the date remains uncertain. Sarah was a daughter of William & Mary (SHREVE) WILLIAMS of Rockingham County and is named in the will of her father.

The censuses of 1830 & 1840 seem to indicate that Absalom & Sarah had about eight children, but by the 1850 census only the following four were living in Sarah’s household.

1. Mary Belle SIMPSON, b. 19 Jan., 1829, Rockingham Co., NC; d. 13 March, 1876, Carroll Co., MS; buried Midway Methodist Church Cemetery, Carroll Co., MS; married William Tyler STONE, 25 Nov., 1852, by Albert LOMAX, J.P., Rockingham Co.

2. William C. SIMPSON, b. ca. 1831, Rockingham Co.; d. 11 June, 1862, Halifax, North Carolina, while in military service; married Sarah BOON, bond of 5 Feb., 1855, bondsman James SIMPSON.

3. Robert W. SIMPSON, b. ca. 1835, Rockingham Co.; d. sometime after the 1900 census, Carroll Co., MS; married Susan (surname unknown), ca. 1867, Carroll Co., MS; bur. Vaiden Cemetery, Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS [no dates on tombstone].

4. Celia SIMPSON, b. ca 1839, Rockingham Co.; d. probably between 1870 & 1873, Rockingham Co., NC; married Lewis TRUITT, bond of 6 Sept., 1855, Rockingham Co. [Lewis married 2nd Nancy B. TROXLER, 30 Aug., 1873, Rockingham Co.].

Of these four children, the three first moved to Carroll Co., Mississippi probably in company with several neighboring families from Rockingham Co. The move occurred sometime between 1865 and 1870

Mary Belle Simpson.Mary Belle was married in 1852 in Rockingham Co., NC, to William Tyler STONE. William T. was a son of Dudley & Sarah (BRISENDINE) STONE. STONE & BRISENDINE families were neighbors of the SIMPSONs in southern Rockingham Co., residing on farms located in the area northwest of New Bethel Crossroads and on the headwaters of Jacobs Creek. Sarah had a brother, Henderson BRISENDINE, who was married in Rockingham Co. in Dec., 1843, to Margaret (maiden surname unknown) SIMPSON, widow of Sterling J. SIMPSON. There is a marriage bond in Rockingham Co. dated June, 1855, for H. BRISENDINE to Ava NEAL, which may be a second marriage for Henderson. Henderson & Margaret were in Rockingham Co. at the 1850 census but have not been found on any subsequent censuses. It appears they had at least four sons, all of whom apparently accompanied the STONEs on their move to Mississippi.

Descendants in Mississippi state that the STONE family came to Carroll Co., in 1858 (see Carroll County, Mississippi, History and Families, published by the Carroll County Genealogical Society, 2001), accompanied by several other families from Rockingham Co., North Carolina. Among those other families were the BRISENDINE boys, two CASE boys who were also nephews of Dudley’s wife, Sarah, and Adam A. TROXLER. Researchers of Peter Ryan SIMPSON, son of Thomas, will recall that an earlier Adam TROXLER and wife, Alafa, were neighbors of Peter R. SIMPSON in Rockingham Co. and like him, moved to middle Tennessee before 1820. The Adam A. TROXLER, who moved to Mississippi with the STONE family, was married in Carroll Co., to Sarah, daughter of Dudley & Martha STONE.

William C. Simpson.
William C. SIMPSON was married to Sarah BOON in Feb., 1855, and the 1860 census of Rockingham Co. (p. 86) shows them with two children, Cornelia A., age 4, and James M., age 2. Later records show there were two more children born to Wm. C. & Sarah, namely Mary C. and Rebecca J.
The North Carolina Division of Archives and History has published a series of volumes titled North Carolina Troops 1861 - 1865, A Roster. These give complete listings of Civil War soldiers who served from North Carolina, each with a brief abstract of their military record. Volume 11, compiled by W. T. Jordan, Jr., contains the listing for the 45th NC Infantry Regiment. Company D of that regiment was composed almost entirely of Rockingham County men, and included William C. SIMPSON, private. The abstract of his record reads “Resided in Rockingham County and enlisted in Wayne County on May 8, 1862, for the War; Died at or near Halifax on June 11, 1862. Cause of death not reported.”

The Rockingham Co. Court appointed James T. SIMPSON as Administrator of the Estate of William C. SIMPSON, deceased, at the August term, 1862 (p. 651). In the NC State Archive are two large file folders on this estate. Among those are papers that name the heirs of William C. SIMPSON as Cornelia A. E. SIMPSON, James M. SIMPSON, Mary C. SIMPSON, & Rebecca J. C. SIMPSON.

William’s widow, Sarah (BOON) SIMPSON, was married to her second husband, John B. YORK, in 1865. The Rockingham Co. marriage bond was dated 22 April, 1865, with bondsman James T. SIMPSON, and the marriage was performed 23 April by James T. SIMPSON, J.P.

John B. YORK was a neighbor who had been first Lieutenant in the same company D with Wm. C. SIMPSON. The abstract of his service shows he remained in the company until the surrender at Appomattox Court House on 9 April, 1865. He must have been able to reach his home in Rockingham Co. within a few days to be able to marry Sarah on the 23rd of that same month.

John B. YORK had been married to his first wife, Parthenia B. ROBERTSON, in Sept., 1849, in Rockingham Co. John B. & Parthenia YORK were on the 1860 census Rockingham Co. (p. 61) as ages 34 & 32 and with five children. From the ages of the children on the 1870 census it appears Parthenia probably died between 1861 & 1865. By 1870 John, Sarah & family were in Carroll Co., Mississippi, (p. 497) with a large household including six of John & Parthenia’s children, two children of John & Sarah, and Sarah’s four SIMPSON children.
By the 1880 census (Carroll Co., ED 25, p. 23) Sarah was a widow and head of household. There is no known tombstone for John B. YORK but he was probably buried in Midway Methodist Church Cemetery near Sarah. Her tombstone reads “Sallie BOON SIMPSON YORK, b. Oct 28, 1832, d. June 17, 1918.”
[UPDATE from Mable Daniel who is a descendant of Sarah (Sallie) Boone SIMPSON YORK: John B. York is buried in the New Salem Cemetery in Carroll Co., Mississippi near the town of Vaiden.
Sarah (Sallie?) Boone SIMPSON YORK is buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery by her son James Monroe SIMPSON. All her children by both marriages are buried at Midway. Mable's grandmother, was Rebecca Jane SIMPSON, the 4th child of William and Sarah SIMPSON.
Sarah's grave marker identifies her as Sally which was a common nickname for Sarah.]

The children of William C. & Sarah P. (BOON) SIMPSON were:

2a. Cornelia A. E. SIMPSON, b. ca. 1856, [Mable Daniel provides her date of birth as 28 Dec. 1854] Rockingham Co., North Carolina; md. James F. OAKES, 28 Dec., 1877, Carroll Co., MS. [Mable Daniel provides her date of death as 7 Jan. 1947 per her cemetery marker.]

2b. James Monroe SIMPSON, b. 2 April, 1858, Rockingham Co.; d. Oct., 1928, Carroll Co., Mississippi; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cemetery, Carroll Co.

2c. Mary C. SIMPSON, b. 1860, Rockingham Co.; d. 1917, Carroll Co., MS; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cemetery, Carroll Co.; md. in Carroll Co., Jesse C. SNELL.

2d. Rebecca Jane C. SIMPSON, b. 22 January, 1863, Rockingham Co.; d. 2 July, 1911, Carroll Co., MS; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cemetery; md. Robert R. BASKIN, 1 March, 1882, Carroll Co. [UPDATE from Mable Daniel: She doesn't not remember Rebecca Jane having a "C" in her name and the two of them were close and Rebecca died 2 July 1962 at age 99.]

Robert W. Simpson.
Robert W., son of Absalom & Sarah (WILLIAMS) SIMPSON, was probably married in Carroll Co., Mississippi, about 1867, to Susan (surname not now known to me). Robert & Susan are both buried in the Vaiden Cemetery, Vaiden, Mississippi, but the tombstone has only their names with no dates. They appear on the federal censuses in Carroll Co., from 1870 through 1920**** but the census entries for their family are very confusing. The order of children and ages are not consistent from one census to another and the reconstruction of the family is full of uncertainties. Also, the dates of birth recorded on their tombstones are often erroneous. Thus the following listing and data must be considered very uncertain & subject to revision when new information becomes available.

A tentative listing of children can be given as follows.

3A. Chester F. SIMPSON, b. Oct., 1868, Carroll Co.; md. Ida M. STOUT, 19 Oct., 1898, Carroll Co.; resided Panola Co., Mississippi, at the 1920 census.

3B. Jennette SIMPSON, b. ca. 1870, Carroll Co.

3C. Ellen SIMPSON, b. ca. 1872, Carroll Co.

3D. Susan SIMPSON, b. ca. 1873, Carroll Co.

3E. Robert Tyler SIMPSON, b. 28 April, 1875, Carroll Co.; d. 22 July, 1946, Carroll Co., buried Vaiden Cemetery; md. Artemius MILLER, 25 Jan., 1914, Carroll Co.

3F. Abner Garrett SIMPSON, b. 22 Oct., 1877, Carroll Co.; d. 2 March, 1951, buried Vaiden Cemetery; md. Sallie McCORKLE, 27 Dec., 1911, Carroll Co.

3G. Mary SIMPSON, b. 24 Feb., 1879; d. 18 Aug., 1956, buried Vaiden Cemetery; md. R. L. RANDLE, 14 Dec., 1913, Carroll Co.

3H. William SIMPSON, b. March, 1880, known only from the 1880 census.

3I. Lillian SIMPSON, b. 15 May, 1881, Carroll Co.; d. 10 May, 1948, buried Vaiden Cemetery; md. Murry V. STEWART, 22 Dec., 1905, Carroll Co.

3J. James L. SIMPSON, b. 5 Feb., 1889, Carroll Co.; d. 6 July, 1961, buried Vaiden Cemetery.

3K. Roy SIMPSON, b. 26 Nov., 1890, Carroll Co.; d. 21 Dec., 1955, buried Vaiden Cemetery.

This totals eleven children in the family yet on the 1900 census Susan, the mother, was listed as the mother of 10 children, of whom 8 were living then. However, there are so many errors in that census, especially in the listing for this family, that those numbers cannot be trusted to be correct. Given the gap between the births of Lillian and that of James L., it is likely there were more children born who died in infancy.

Celia Simpson
The TRUITT family is not known to have had any descendants in Carroll Co., Mississippi, but short mention is made of them here. Lewis & Celia’s children as listed on the censuses were: William W. TRUITT, b. ca. 1858; Lewis Joiner TRUITT, b. ca. 1859; John Dillard TRUITT, b. ca. 1861; Thomas S. TRUITT, b. ca. Oct., 1863; & Mary A. TRUITT, b. ca. July, 1870. Of these children, only Thomas S. was listed in Rockingham Co. on the 1900 census; the fate or whereabouts of the others is not known to me at this time.

Note: Don Simpson would like to thank Carolyn Bayse and Margaret Simpson Rambo who compiled lists of articles by him that have been published in back issues of this newsletters. The lists have been a great time saver for him.


I’m still looking for the parents of Alley RODGER. She married P.D. (Powhatan David) SIMPSON, November 15, 1865 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina. Alley was born May 23, 1843 according to her tombstone.

Please contact Carolyn W. Bayse, 1008 Oakley Avenue, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870.

A while back, in a discarded book, I found a certificate, which appears to be vellum and is signed by one Matthew SIMPSON, “one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America. It is signed and dated in black ink, the 27th day of September 1863 in Jackson, Michigan by Matthew SIMPSON. The certificate states that Adam Y. GRAHAM has been designated as an Elder in the church by the Michigan Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. It bears a stamped seal in the bottom right corner – an open book encircled by the words “Preach the Word – Feed My Sheep”. It is in very good condition. Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edison, Cincinnati is the maker of the certificate.

Matthew SIMPSON, bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church was born in Cadiz, Ohio, on 6-21-1811. He was the first president of Indiana Asbury University, in Greencastle, Indiana, which is now De Pauw University. He was editor of a newspaper which promoted a strong stand against slavery and was an intimate and trusted friend of President LINCOLN, who considered his advice of great value. He was one of the speakers at LINCOLN's funeral in Springfield, Illinois. He died in Philadelphia on 6-18-1884. Would this be of any interest to any readers?

Contact Mrs. Anyta Hosty, 9746 South 53rd Avenue, Oak Lawn, IL 60453-2906, email: MaxandMagoo@aol.com

Descendants of William Simpson [and Elizabeth Hocking] in Cherokee Co. GA[1]
Larkin SimpsonBy Kathleen Akin, 380 Braxton Place, Tucker, GA 30084, email: abish@bellsouth.net
Continued from Volume XIX No. 2 Fall 2003

Larkin SIMPSON[2] (son of John SIMPSON [1760-1849] and Arilla OSBURN [1760-1840]) was born about 1792, South Carolina[3]. His was a blacksmith.[4] His wife was Margaret CANNON[5] about 1796 South Carolina.[6] Their children were:

Female child N.R.H. SIMPSON born about 1826 Georgia.[7]

Female child born 1830/1835.[8]

Female child E.D. SIMPSON born about 1830 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[9]

male child E.J. SIMPSON[10] born 18 August 1830[11] DeKalb Co., Georgia,[12] died 17 April 1898,[13] buried Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Cobb Co., Georgia,[14] married 21 December 1865, Cobb Co., Georgia to Eliza Jane ROBERTSON[15]

Male child J.C. SIMPSON born about 1834 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[16]

Female child born 1835/1840 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[17]

Male child W.A.J. SIMPSON born about 1836 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[18]

Male child L.M. SIMPSON born about 1839 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[19]

Larkin SIMPSON served in the War of 1812. He was a private in Nash’s Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers.[20] He married Margaret CANNON and they had 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters. He fought in the War of 1812 and married after the war.[21] He was on the default list on the tax list of 1826 Gwinnett Co., Georgia. Larkin SIMPSON, soldier, Hay’s District, DeKalb Co., Georgia draws land in the 1827 land lottery. He drew Lot #252, Dist. 20, Section 2. This land was in Lee County.[22] (I think it was really Say’s District and was transcribed wrong.)
In 1830 Larkin was a defendant in a small civil court case in DeKalb Co., Georgia. It was about some money he owed John DABBS which had been due May 21, 1829. He is found in several cases during the early 1830s.[23] April 1, 1836 there was a letter remaining in the Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co., Georgia post office for Larkin SIMPSON.[24]

Larkin and his family were in DeKalb Co., Georgia in the 1840 census. Where he lives later becomes what is called Evan’s District. 2200010000000-0112001000000.[25] Where was he in the 1850 census? 24 June 1858 “…cash paid Larkin SIMPSON …” by Mrs. Salina ELLINGTON, guardian of David B. ELLINGTON for 1858 in DeKalb Co., Georgia.[26] Larkin and his family are living in Town District, Cobb Co., Georgia in the 1860 census.[27]

To be continued

Simpson Creek and Thomas Simpson
Nelson Co., Kentucky
By Robert P. Moore, 176 Valley Rd., Lexington, Ky 40503, e-mail: patboblex@aol.com
Published in Nelson County Genealogist, Volume 19, #4, Summer 2003 pp. 85-94, Reprinted with permission
Continued from the Simpson Clan, winter issue

10/190, 26 May 1814. Abraham HITE and wife Elizabeth, Joseph HITE and wife Sarah and Robert BRECKINRIDGE as exrs. of Isaac HITE, decd., $100.00, 58 acres on Ashes Creek, a part of 300-acre grant to Isaac HITE of Leven POWELL bearing date 2 Feb. 1786, adj. SYMM's northwest line, corner to Thomas HEDDY, Ashes Creek, line of Hugh MULDROUGH and Thomas SIMPSON. Eliza HITE relinquishes her dower in Jefferson Co. Recorded 13 Jan. 1814. [A MULDRAUGH/MULDROW family, one of them named Hugh, was situated early in western Fayette Co. ]

11/62, 30 Sept. 1813. William WREN, atty. for William WREN of Fluvanna Co., Virginia to Edmund GUTHERIE, $50.00, 238 acres on waters of Ashes Creek, part of a tract of 500 acres granted William WREN by patent bearing date 5 July 1784, beginning at POWELL's line, going to Thomas SIMPSON and Hugh MULDRO preemption, thence to Coleman DUNCAN's line. Witn. John CARR, John BROWN, Ralph BROWN. Recorded 21 May 1814.

12/ 423, 10 March 1818. Thomas SIMPSON and wife Abigail to Edmund COTTON, $534.00, 633/4 acres on waters of Simpson's Run, adj. James HEADY, WOODSMALL. Witn. Jas. S. TINGLE, James CALDWELL. Rec. 16 March 1818.

12/524, 10 March 1818. Thomas and Abigail SIMPSON to Sylvanus MAY, all of Nelson Co., $430.00, 54 1/4 acres on Simpson's Run, a branch of Simpson's Creek, adj. WOODSMALL, MAY. Same witn. as above. Rec. 16 March 1818.

13/239, 2 March 1819. Thomas and Abigail SIMPSON to son Gilbert, $1, 100 acres where Thomas SIMPSON now lives, being a part of 500-acre grant entered and patented in name of sd. SIMPSON, near forks of run called Simpson's Run, adj. Samuel SIMPSON 100 acres deed him by Thomas and a small parcel entered in the name of Drakeford GRAY and "pateented in my name" (4 or 5 acres). Signed Thomas SIMPSON, Abigal (X) SIMPSON. Witn. Samuel SIMPSON, Silvanus MAY, Robt . COTTON, Samuel BELWOOD. Rec. same date.

14/538, 14 Aug. 1821. Gilbert SIMPSON of Nelson Co. to Archibald PITT, $500.00, 100 acres near fork of Simpson's run, at so. end of Thomas SIMPSON's 500-acre survey of which this 100 is a part, adj. Samuel SIMPSON's 100 acres deeded him by Thomas along with 4-5 acres entered in the name of Drakeford GRAY. Rec. 15 Aug. 1821.

15/82, 23 Oct. 1821. Samuel and Elizabeth SIMPSON of Nelson Co. to James BLINCOE, $1000, 100 acres on the east side of Simpson's Creek on Simpson's Run, part of 500-acre survey of Thomas SIMPSON. Signed Thomas SIMPSON, Elizabeth (X) SIMPSON. Rec. 26 Nv. 1821.

17/21, 19 Nov. 1825. Thomas SIMPSON to James HEADY, $302, 56 1/2 acres on Simpson's Run, adj. Vincent DAVIS, James HEADY and the sd. SIMPSON's land. Signed Thomas SIMPSON, Abbigal (X) SIMPSON. Witn. John EASTBURN, Esquier HEADY. Rec. 26 Nov. 1825.

17/427, 1 Nov. 1827. Gilbert SIMPSON of Spencer Co. to Samuel BROWN of Nelson Co., $700.00, 90 3/4 acres, being part of Thomas SIMPSON's 500-acre survey, adj. James BLINCOE, Simpson's Run, so far down the run as to include a piece of land (5-7 acres) sold by Gilbert to John R. DAVIS (adj. Abner ROBERTS and Benj. DOWNS). Signed Gilbert SIMPSON, Isabel (X) SIMPSON. Rec. Spencer Co. 11 Jan. 1828, Nelson Co. 7 March 1828.

Notes on Cuthbert COMBS vs. Leven POWELL et al. in Nelson Co. Compiled Records, 1800-1817, p. 589ff.

28 March 1811, bill in chancery, Cuthbert COMBS by his counsel vs. heirs of Leven POWELL decd., Abraham HITE, Joseph HITE, Rebecca VANMETRE FISHBACK [m. Charles FISHBACK], and Jacob HITE, infant heirs of Isaac HITE, and Jesse MURRAY, Enoch MURRAY, John MURRAY, Alfred MURRAY, James MURRAY, Joseph MURRAY, Peggy married to Charles ONEAL, Nancy married to Samuel McKAY, and Betsy MURRAY, heirs of John MURRAY decd. and Dorcas MURRAY, widow of sd. John MURRAY, decd., Joseph MILLIGAN, William McKAY, Leven GREEN, and Peter BROWN.

Land entry made 15 May 1780.

Cuthbert COMBS was of Clark Co., Kentucky. Text of his will is entered: ..."10 of my children, viz. Betsy EDWARD, formerly Betsy COMBS, Joseph COMBS, Benjamin COMBS, Polly [COMBS ] EVANS, John COMBS, Sythe [COMBS] PAYNE, Susannah [COMBS] HICKMAN, Cuthbert COMBS, Sally [COMBS] EVANS, Nancy (COMBS] PAYNE have married and received part of my estate. Sons Fielding Alexander COMBS and Ennis COMBS. Wife Sally." wr. 20 Feb. 1814, pr. 24 July 1815. Exrs. wife and sons Fielding Alexander COMBS and Ennis COMBS. Mentions 1000 acres in Nelson Co. on Simpson's Ck. adjoining William BRASHEAR's preemption.

p. 605, Cuthbert COMBS vs. Levin [Leven] POWELL heirs. Deposition of Thomas SIMPSON.
Q. When did Simpson's Creek obtain that name and by whom was it named?
A. I never knew it by any other name than Simpson's Creek. In 1779 in the Spring of that year, it was proposed by Mr. McGEE to call it Simpson's Creek after this deponent, to which all the Company agreed.
Q. Who were the persons in company when Simpson's Creek was named that name?
A. Samuel POTTINGER, Patrick McGEE, John SEVERNS and this deponent Thomas SIMPSON.


Is the Neibling article mistaken in its description of the John, brother of Thomas of Nelson Co. ? Could the John below in Nelson Co. deeds be that John? He could be the John who m. Mary McELROY in Nelson Co., Virginia (Kentucky) on 24 Feb. 1791. If this John of Nelson and Washington is not the brother of Thomas, who is he? He seems to be associated with Thomas, whatever the case. Note that both Thomas and John have associations with the MULDRAUGHs, who were in both Fayette Co. and Nelson.

4/71, 9 July 1790. William EDWARDS and wife Nancy to Regular Baptists, 30 shillings, 1 ½ acres on east side of the East Fork of Simpson Creek, adjoining John SIMPSON. [This is doubtless the same location where the Bloomfield Baptist Church is today. Thus, as far as present-day boundaries are concerned, John lived in Bloomfield, perhaps on the road to Chaplin.]

5/220, 12 Nov. 1795. John SIMPSON to William ALLISON, ten-year lease for two tracts at 10 shillings yearly, 1 acre near where John SIMPSON lives and 1acre near David COOMBS house, both on waters of Simpsons Creek.

5/307, 30 March 1797. Deposition by John MULDRAUGH that he and John SIMPSON marked trees in May 1776 to establish the claim of Thomas SIMPSON. Ashes Creek..

5/308, 30 March 1797. Depositions by John MULDRAUGH and John SIMPSON that they marked trees to establish the claim of Hugh MULDRAUGH on Ashes and Jack's Creeks in May 1776.

6/813, 7 June 1809. John SIMPSON and wife Mary to John BEMISS, $800, land on the east fork of Simpson's Creek, being part of 2000-acre patent of Leven POWELL granted in 1784 and which was conveyed to Isaac HITE by POWELL in 1792; also part of 112 acres also acquired from HITE, adj. Wm. EDWARDS's meadow.

9/25, 24 Jan. 1810. Abraham HITE and wife Elizabeth, Joseph HITE and wife Sarah, Robert BRECKINRIDGE, exrs. of Isaac HITE, decd., to Henry DUNCAN of Nelson Co., $300, 377 acres on waters of east fork of Simpson's Creek, being part of2000-acre tract granted to Leven POWELL, by patent bearing date June 1, 1782, and from POWELL to Isaac HITE, adj. lands of Andrew HYNES, John SIMPSON, Thomas HEADY, Obediah TRUAX, John and Edward COOMBS.

Will of John SIMPSON, Washington Co., Kentucky. Will Book B, p. 223, wr. 25 Nov. 1812, pr. 8 March 1813. To wife Mary; son James, daus. Esther McELROY, Jane SIMPSON, Peggy SIMPSON. Exrs. son-in-law James McELROY and wife Mary. Witn. Samuel McELROY, Andrew MULDRAUGH, Sally THOMPSON, Phil WASHBURN.

Washington Co. MarriagesEsther SIMPSON m. James McELROY 19 Sept. 1809
Jane SIMPSON m. James C. McELROY 15 March 1814
Mary SIMPSON m. John McELROY 12 July 1825
?Margaret SIMPSON m. George H. GARTON 7 Sept. 1818

And note this in Nelson Co.: John SIMPSON, 24 Feb. 1791, Margaret [Mary?] McELROY, dau. of Hugh and Easter.

According to a McELROY history, Margaret McELROY m. Capt. John MULDRAUGH, a pioneer in the Rolling Fork section of Washington Co. that is now in Marion Co. This is recorded in Nelson Co. 22 July 1790, where she is called the dau.of Hugh and Easter [IRVINE ] McELROY. [John MULDRAUGH was already in Nelson Co. by the time of the 1787 census of Virginia.]
Simpson records in Spencer Co., Kentucky

Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Spencer Co., Kentucky Marriages and Vital Statistics, Ada, OK 1979
p. 32, Aaron SIMPSON m. Margaret HILL, 20 Nov. 1842, bondsman Robert CUNNINGHAM

p. 33, Gilbert SIMPSON m. Isabella RICE, 10 May 1824

p. 33, John R. W. SIMPSON m. Sabrina Ann HADDOX, 27 June 1848, dau. of William M. HADDOX, bondsman David HADDOX. It would appear from this marriage record and from the Spencer Co. censuses of 1850, 60 and 70 that John's initial R. stands for Redmon. John Redmon was his mother's maternal grandfather.

p. 78, Margaret W. SIMPSON, b. 25 Aug. 1857, parents Aaron SIMPSON and Margaret HILL

p. 99, Theodore E. WHEELER, b. 24 July 1875, parents William M. WHEELER and Dorthula J. SIMPSON; parents both b. Jefferson Co., res. Spencer Co. [She is possibly a daughter of French SIMPSON. The relationship of French to the family of Thomas has not been determined. The given name French appeared several times among the Virginia branch of the Charles Co., Maryland, family, although such a surname has not been found in their ancestry.]

p. 144, female child, no aged. Oct. 1877, Spencer, parents Granderson T. and Jennie A. SIMPSON, both b. Spencer. Granderson is George SIMPSON's son (1850 census). George is quite likely of the line of Thomas SIMPSON, given that he adjoins members of the Samuel SIMPSON family in the 1850 census.

p. 147, Aaron J. SIMPSON, 58, died 1 Nov. 1878, b. res., d. Spencer Co., parents b. Nelson Co. Samuel and Elizabeth SIMPSON.

Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Spencer Co., Kentucky Marriages and Orphans Bonds, Ada, OK 1980

Marriage Section
p. 41, Grandison S. SIMPSON m. Jennie A. JAMES, 13 December 1871, bondsman John McMAHON; at John MACHAN’s, Spencer; Witn. Joseph WHEELER, Isaac N. YATES, Felix WELLS.

p. 50, Maggie SIMPSON, dau. of A.J. SIMPSON, m. William H. HOWARD, 22 December 1876; bondsman Enoch HILL; at A.J. SIMPSON’s, Spencer Co., Witn. Charles HOUGH, John BLACK Sr.

p. 52, Susan M. SIMPSON m. Joshua G. BROWN, 17 October 1876, bondsman Thomas C. SIMPSON, at father Aaron SIMPSON’s Spencer Co.; witn. Joseph BROWN, Aaron SIMPSON

p. 62 Roxie SIMPSON m. Adam SCOTT, 2 November 1882, at Mrs. Margaret SIMPSON’s, Spencer Co., Witn. B.L. NORTHCOTT, Burr BROWN.

~To be continued~

[1] More information about this family can be found in this newsletter Vol. XIV, No. 1 Summer 1998 p. 1-6 and Vol. XVII, No. 1, Summer 2001, p. 1-2 (includes a photo of Rufus Marion Simpson).
[2] Letter written in 1874 by a descendant of John Simpson naming his posterity as best remembered. The letter is on the web site .
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