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The Simpson Clan Volume XVIII, Issue 2, Fall 2002

Descendants of William Simpson [and Elizabeth Hocking] in Cherokee Co. GA[1]

By Kathleen Akin, 380 Braxton Place, Tucker, GA 30084, email:

Continued from the previous issue

John L. SIMPSON born about 1805 South Carolina.[2] He lived in DeKalb Co., Georgia in what would later become the Brownings District. He was the plaintiff in a small civil law suit settled May 16, 1829.[3] He was there also in 1833 drew Land Lot 241 in the 4th District, 4th Section, Cherokee County in the 1833 Cherokee Land Lottery.[4] This became part of present day Floyd Co., Georgia. He was listed as John S. SIMPSON of Johnson’s District, DeKalb Co., Georgia in the book’s transcribed record. I have not seen the original, but I believe it will show him as John L. Johnson’s District included what were later known as the Brownings District, Doraville and parts of Shallowford District and Cross Keys District. He also is found as being is a small civil lawsuit settled January 17, 1833 in DeKalb County.[5]

He was not listed in the 1834 Cobb Co., Georgia census[6] or the 1834 Cherokee Co., Georgia census[7] so he probably did not move from DeKalb County until the late 1830s.

In 1840 he was living in the 898th district of Cobb Co., Georgia which is the district around Marietta[8] 0100010000000-2100100000000. The ages of the children fit for his three oldest children listed in the 1850 census: James L., Pinina E., Harriet and Eleanor.

On 12 November 1845 John L. SIMPSON of Cobb County sells Land Lot 337, 15th District, 2nd Section “of Cherokee Golds region” of Cherokee County. B.W. SIMPSON is one of the witnesses.[9]

28th December 1849 John L. SIMPSON of Cobb Co., Georgia, acting as agent for James M. SIMPSON of Attala Co., Mississippi sold land in DeKalb Co., Georgia.[10] John and his family were living in Cobb Co., Marietta District in 1850.[11] In 1860 he was still living in Cobb Co., Georgia.[12] He may have been living in Cherokee Co., Georgia in 1863, or, perhaps, he went to Cherokee County to join the Georgia Militia, and is the John T. SIMPSON who served in the Cherokee Legion, Georgia Militia, from the 39th Senatorial District, the 1010th Militia District. The record says he was 54 years, 1 month old. His occupation was farmer and he was born in Laurence [Laurens?], South Carolina.[13] This was the Home Guard that was organized to defend the state against the invasion of the Yankees. It was active for about 6 months in 1864 and consisted of those men too old and too young for regular service or for other reasons remained at home.

His wife was Nancy ALLGOOD[14] born about 1807. They were married about 1831 DeKalb Co., Georgia.[15]. Their children were James L., Harriet C., Elenor P., Milton F., William, John F., Pinkney E., W. and J.A.

(2) 1.1 Pinina E. SIMPSON[16] born about 1832[17] DeKalb Co., Georgia[18]

(2) 1.2 James L. SIMPSON[19] born about 1833[20] DeKalb Co., Georgia.[21]

(2) 1.3 Harriet C. SIMPSON[22] born about 1835[23] DeKalb Co., Georgia[24]

(2) 1.4 Elenor P. SIMPSON[25] born about 1837[26] DeKalb Co., Georgia or Cobb Co., Georgia

(2) 1.5 Milton F. SIMPSON[27] born about 1841[28] Cobb Co., Georgia[29]

(2) 1.6 William SIMPSON[30] born about 1843[31] Cobb Co., Georgia[32]

(2) 1.7 John F. SIMPSON[33] born about 1845[34] Cobb Co., Georgia[35]

He may have been living in Cherokee Co., Georgia who served in the Cherokee Legion, Georgia Militia, from the 39th Senatorial District, the 1010th Militia District. The record says he was 17 years, 2 months old. His occupation was farmer and he was born in Edgefield, South Carolina. He is listed with John T. SIMPSON, age 54, presumably his father.[36]

(2) 1.8 Pinkney E. SIMPSON[37] born about 1848[38] Cobb Co., Georgia[39]

(2) 1.9 W. SIMPSON[40] born about 1857[41] Cobb Co., Georgia[42]

(2) 1.10 J.A. SIMPSON[43] born about 1858[44] Cobb Co., Georgia[45]

To be continued

Wesley & Priscilla (Hillman) Simpson

Nov., 2002 - by Don Simpson

Wesley SIMPSON of Guilford Co., North Carolina, was a son of Nathaniel SIMPSON, Sr. Wesley’s mother was probably Nathaniel’s second wife, Sarah (KNIGHT) SIMPSON. Wesley was named in his father’s will and in several other records in Guilford & Rockingham Counties. After his father’s death, Wesley, like most of his siblings, left North Carolina and moved elsewhere. Unlike his siblings who moved west or northwest, Wesley moved to Georgia where he spent the rest of his life.

1. Wesley in North Carolina.

Wesley’s date of birth is uncertain but may have been about 1792. The 1850 census lists him as age 65 but this does not agree with earlier censuses and seems highly unlikely. From information in the E. E. Barton Collection in Kentucky, it appears that the descendants of Nathan SIMPSON had an oral tradition that Wesley was a younger brother of Nathan who was born in 1788. That tradition also stated that Wesley had a son named Gilbert SIMPSON, a valuable clue in tracing Wesley in later life.

Wesley was married in 1819 to Priscilla HILLMAN. The marriage bond in Guilford County was dated 17 Aug., 1819, with Nathan SIMPSON as bondsman. In 1995 I wrote a short article on Priscilla’s possible ancestry which appeared in this newsletter, The Simpson Clan, vol. 11, no. 2. Recently I have found further evidence of her HILLMAN family and that is discussed below.

Wesley was listed on only two censuses in Guilford Co., that of 1820 (p. 119) where he is shown as age 26 - 45, and that of 1830 (p.157) where his age is given as 30 - 40. He has not been found on the 1840 census either in North Carolina or in Georgia, but other records in Georgia indicate he was probably there by 1837. There was a Westley SIMPSON family listed in 1840 in Clarke Co., Georgia, (p. 206) with the head of household listed as age 30 - 40, not old enough to be Wesley, but the census entry may be in error. If so this could be Wesley & Priscilla’s family.

Guilford Co. records (Deed Book 16, pp. 345 - 6) show that Wesley bought 100 acres of land from William DICKSON in 1821 and in 1826 sold it to his brother, John (Book 16, pp. 342-3; yes, they were recorded in reverse order). This land was part of the original State Land Grant to Wm. DICKSON and lay just south of the farm of Wesley’s grandfather, Richard SIMPSON, Sr.

2. Wesley in Georgia.

By 1850 Wesley SIMPSON was living in the northwest part of Gwinnett County, Georgia, where he was listed in the Sugar Hill District on the 1850 census (p. 200). The household listed Wesley, age 65, b. Elizabeth, age 55, b. N.C., Caroline, age 2, b. GA, and Lewis P. JACKSON, age 18, b. Georgia. Nearby in the same district was an Elizabeth SIMPSON, age 24, b. GA, living with John JONES, age 25, b. GA.

That Wesley arrived in that area much earlier seems to be indicated by a couple of other records. In the publication “Gwinnett County Records as Recorded in Athens, Georgia, Newspapers: 1827 - 1849,” by Larry W. Parr, there are two mentions of Wesley SIMPSON. An 1837 list of letters remaining in the Lawrenceville Post Office includes Wesley SIMPSON, and an 1842 court suit: James TUGGLE versus Wm. McDOWEL, Charles ROGERS & Wesley SIMPSON, concerning 80 acres adjoining KIRCUS and CAMP.

On the Rootsweb query site for Guilford Co. is a query concerning Lewis Perry JACKSON, b. 1832, Gwinnett Co., Georgia, whose mother & father were both born North Carolina and whose widowed mother, Elizabeth, was the second wife of Wesley SIMPSON. No marriage record is known for the marriage of Wesley to Elizabeth, nor is Elizabeth’s maiden name known. Neither Wesley nor Elizabeth have been found on any later census nor is any will or estate record known for either of them. Also, nothing more is known about the 24 year old Elizabeth SIMPSON who was on the 1850 census but I think it likely she was a daughter of Wesley & Priscilla.

The following listing of the children of Wesley & Priscilla is still very uncertain. However, it appears they had at least four children as follows: below); Gilbert, b. 25 Aug., 1824, d. 7 Feb., 1890; Elizabeth, b. ca. 1825; Samuel H., b. Feb., 1827, d. 20 Jan., 1906.

2. The Families of Gilbert and Samuel H. Simpson.

On the 1850 census, Gilbert and Samuel SIMPSON, ages 26 & 21, were living in Ben Smith’s District of Gwinnett County, and in their household were two children, Dilmun, age 3, and William, age 3 months. Gwinnett Co. marriage records show that Gilbert was married in 1845 to Nancy C. BROWN. Listed on that census next to Gilbert & Samuel, was the widow, Mary BROWN, with her three grown daughters including Gilbert’s wife, erroneously listed as Nancy C. BROWN.

The 1860 census shows that Mary BROWN was still living next to Gilbert & Nancy SIMPSON (Gwinnett Co., p. 566). Living with Mary BROWN were two boys, Wiley SIMPSON, age 7, and John SIMPSON, age 5. I think these two boys were probably sons of Samuel H. SIMPSON. Gilbert & Nancy’s family included Dilmun, age 13, William, age 10, Mary, age 8, Albert, age 6, and Eliza, age 1. The 1870 census of Gwinnett Co. is missing the part of Ben Smith District that included the Gilbert SIMPSON family and Mary BROWN.

The 1880 census (Gwinnett Co., ED 124, p. 34) has Gilbert, 57, Nancy C., 56, sons, William T., 29, widowed, and Simon H., 20, single, and three grandchildren, the children of William T. & his deceased wife. Also in the household was Mary BROWN, age 88, listed as “mother-in-law.”

The Ben Smith District occupied the northeast corner of Gwinnett County and in 1914 much of that district was cut away to become part of the newly created County of Barrow. Thus, many of the burials of these SIMPSONs were in cemeteries in present Barrow County.

Much of the information on the family and descendants of Gilbert and Samuel SIMPSON is from the censuses of 1860, 1880, & 1900, and from tombstone data as published in “Gwinnett County, Georgia, Deaths, 1818 - 1989,” edited by Alice Smythe McCabe, and “Barrow County, Georgia, Cemeteries,” compiled by East Georgia Genealogical Society.

Samuel H. SIMPSON, both parents born SC. Since his wife, Nancy E. was listed as born SC and both parents born SC, it is probably her response to the census taker that gave the erroneous birthplace for Samuel. His two sons, John W. and.

Both Gilbert & Samuel H. SIMPSON served in Company C of the 8th Georgia Militia Regiment. That regiment and the other Georgia Militia regiments were organized in the summer of 1864 to provide defense in their home counties, but due to the shortage of men in the Confederate forces, was soon dispatched to Confederate service. The 8th Regiment was serving under General Joseph E. JOHNSTON in Orange Co., North Carolina, at the end of the War when he surrendered.

I have more information on the families and descendants of the children of Gilbert and Samuel H. SIMPSON which I hope to be able to recount in some future article.

3. The Hillman Family.

Ezekiel HILLMAN appears on the census of 1800 & 1810 in Guilford Co., North Carolina, but not thereafter. On the 1810 & 1820 censuses in Guilford was a Caleb HILLMAN, and on the 1815 tax list of Guilford Co. were listed Caleb HILLMAN and Joshua HILLMAN. Joshua HILLMAN was married in Rockingham Co., North Carolina, in 1810 to Polly WINCHESTER. Two HILLMAN women were married in Guilford Co.; Rachel HILLMAN to James KERR in 1812, and Priscilla HILLMAN to Wesley SIMPSON in 1819. No HILLMANs are listed on the 1830 or later censuses in either Guilford or Rockingham Counties.

Joshua HILLMAN appears on the 1820 census in Warren Co., Georgia, as age 26 - 45, wife age 16 - 26, 2 males & 3 females all under 10. On the 1830 census his widow, Mary (WINCHESTER) HILLMAN, was listed as head of household so presumably Joshua was deceased. That census also lists the households of the widow, Francis HILLMAN, that of Caleb HILLMAN & of Samuel T. HILLMAN.

In 1831, Samuel T. HILLMAN made his will in Warren Co. In it he named his wife, Gracy, his mother Frances HILLMAN, his brothers Caleb, Joshua & Ezekiel HILLMAN, and several HILLMAN nieces and nephews.

In 1832 Samuel’s mother, Frances HILLMAN, made her will. In it she mentions son, Ezekiel HILLMAN, grandsons Samuel H. SIMPSON and Ezekiel H. CARR (=KERR?), granddaughter Frances CARR, and Frances SIMPSON (presumably a granddaughter but not so designated), and others.

From these and other things it appears that Ezekiel HILLMAN, Sr. & wife, Frances (maiden name unknown), had sons Caleb, Joshua, Samuel T., and Ezekiel, Jr., and daughters Rachel & Priscilla.

There was also in Warren Co., Georgia as early as 1807, a Winder HILLMAN who was listed on the 1820 census in the same district as Joshua HILLMAN. Winder HILLMAN left a will written in 1823, naming wife, Gracy, to whom he left much of this property. He also left property, including some of his land, to Joshua & Samuel HILLMAN, and Joshua’s daughter, Elizabeth. He did not indicate any relationship to Joshua or Samuel. In the will of Samuel T. mentioned above, he mentions the land in Early County, Georgia, left him by Winder HILLMAN, but also does not indicate any relationship to Winder. We can only assume there was likely some relationship and that Winder, lacking any surviving children, left part of his estate to Joshua and Samuel T.

In Somerset Co., Maryland, where these HILLMANs originated, the name Winder seems to have been used repeatedly among HILLMAN families. Nathan SIMPSON’s wife, Patience (HILLMAN) SIMPSON, had a half-brother named Winder J. HILLMAN. It is not known yet if this Winder HILLMAN of Warren Co., Georgia, was Patience’s brother or some other Winder HILLMAN.


Addendum -- Nov., 2002

A note in this newsletter, vol. 8, no. 3, winter 1992/3, by Jerri Chasteen of Prior, Oklahoma, led me to finding what happened to the oldest daughter of Wesley & Priscilla SIMPSON. That daughter, Frances SIMPSON, was mentioned in the will of her grandmother, Frances HILLMAN, in 1832, but was not known from any other record.

Jerri’s note in The Simpson Clan mentioned that she was named in an application for membership in the Cherokee Nation had been married to William ROGERS probably in Georgia about 1836, and among the several children they had was a son named Samuel H. ROGERS who was married in Paulding Co., Georgia, in 1878 to Lucinda TIDWELL, who was part Cherokee Indian.

Samuel & Lucinda (TIDWELL) ROGERS moved to Indian Territory [now Oklahoma] in about 1895 and Lucinda died there before the 1900 census. At that census Samuel and children were living in the town of Stillwell [now in Adair County]. He made application before the Dawes Commission for citizenship for himself and his children in the Cherokee Nation. Due to some technicalities his application was rejected but that for his children was accepted. In the application he had to declare his date and place of birth and names of his parents and the same for his wife. He named his parents as William ROGERS and Frances SIMPSON, both deceased by the time of the application, and his birthplace as Georgia.

William & Frances ROGERS were living in Cobb Co., Georgia, at the 1850 census (Bart’s Dist., p. 130), and on the 1860, 1870, & 1880 censuses in Acorn Tree Dist. of Paulding Co. (1860 p. 718; 1870 p.384; 1880 ED 156, p. 19). Their whereabouts in 1840 is not certain but they may have been in Grinnett Co.

On the 1880 census Frances is listed as head of household and it appears that William was deceased by then. She was listed as age 59, born North Carolina, and both parents born NC. It appears that Frances was probably born ca. 1820 and if so was probably the first child of Wesley & Priscilla who were married in 1819 in Guilford Co., North Carolina.

A website on the ROGERS family is maintained by Jerri and cousins and contains detailed information on them. One can do a Goggle search for Jerri Chasteen and the ROGERS family website should be listed among the results. The listing there of Frances as born in South Carolina probably should be North Carolina.


Robert SIMPSON was married to Rebecca LYONS daughter of Ezekiel and Hannah ARCHER LYONS in the year 1800 in Washington Co., Tennessee leaving children: Margaret, Nancy, Ezekiel, Hannah, William, John and Asher. Robert and Rebecca LYON SIMPSON were married by Rev. Jonathan MULKY. Does anyone know of this man or his religion?

Respond to Marilyn Collins, 10039 Kemp Forest, Houston, TX 77080. E-mail Phone: 713-462-4242.

* * * * *

Researching progenitors of David Marshall SIMPSON of Humphries Co., Tennessee. Other locations of this family were Arkansas and Kentucky.

Respond to Joseph E. Simpson, 1524 Agawela Ave., Knoxville, TN 37919


By Fran Laird, 115 Lexington Rd., Bel Air, MD 21014, e-mail

David M. SIMPSON was in both the 1840 and 1850 censuses of Humphreys Co., TN. [Perhaps others that I haven't checked.]

Humphreys Co., TN, Deed Book M:

p. 142 - SHIPMAN, Daniel V. to David M. SIMPSON, land, entire interest of heirs of Simeon BUCHANAN, dec'd, 30 acres on Tenn. River, 1854. This entry headed Itawamba Co., Mississippi, Thomas to William O. BRITT, tracts in Dist. 4 in Humphreys Co., excluding school house & what ground David M. SIMPSON deeded to public.

p. 160 - SIMPSON, David M. to Thompson B. GORIN, land in Dist. 4 on Tennessee River, mentions interest heretofore claimed by heirs of Simeon BUCHANAN, dec'd, 1854.

With that in mind, I found the following of interest:

Wills & Inventories of Lincoln Co., TN, 1810-1921 by Helen & Timothy Marsh, Southern Hist. Press, 1989:

p. 30 from Will Book #1, p 149 - Samuel BUCHANAN. Wife Sally. Sons: James M. SIMPSON, & William BUCHANAN. Signed 3 May 1838.

p. 60 from Will Book #2, p 240 - Joseph COMMONS. .... my daughter Sarah, wife of Simpson BUCHANAN.....wd/21 Feb 1858 & wp/5 Apr 1858.

And then I just list the children of David M. & wife Susan (BUCHANAN) SIMPSON that appeared in the 1850 census. Also David M. SIMPSON signed as D. M. SIMPSON a petition to keep the county seat of Humphreys Co. in Waverly in 1837.

Coming soon: an article about Fran’s Nathaniel SIMPSON of Humphreys Co., Tennessee


by Sheila Simpson, 8105 SE 79th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040;; 206-236-2910 Fax 206-236-2883

NOTE: This article would not have been possible without the kind assistance of H. Wayne Beck, a descendant of Calvin Henderson ROBERTS and Malinda Jane SIMPSON SUGGS ROBERTS. Much of this article is based on his research. Thanks also to other Simpson researchers - Carolyn Mayo, Lauri Rowell, and Mike Worsick – who helpfully shared information about their Simpson ancestors with me.

The first mention of Hosea SIMPSON in South Carolina is found when he is listed as buying an item from the estate of John SIMPSON on November 8, 1823 in Laurens County, South Carolina Wills 1784-1850 by Colleen Elliott. It is not known what relationship, if any, existed between Hosea and John SIMPSON. John SIMPSON died in 1823 in the Durbin Creek area of Laurens County, South Carolina. The heirs of John SIMPSON were listed as Isabella, Sarah, Betsey, John, Peter, Peggy, William and James. In 1824 daughter Isabella SIMPSON and her husband, John COLEMAN, filed a petition for division of John SIMPSON’s 300 acres of land on Warriors Creek and 150 acres in Laurens District on Beaverdam. John’s son, Peter, who was born about 1810 and died in 1847 moved from Durbin Creek to an area known as Plain, Greenville County in 1836 where he was a farmer and blacksmith. The town later became known as Simpsonville, Greenville County, South Carolina.

There is also mention in the 1822 Boston Directory of a Hosea SIMPSON who was a general laborer. His address is listed as Town Dock, Boston, Massachusetts. The directory was published by John H. A. Frost and Charles Stimpson, Jr. However, it is not known if this Hosea SIMPSON is the same one later found in South Carolina records.

The first census in which Hosea SIMPSON appears is the 1830 Laurens County, South Carolina. He is also found in the 1840 census for Laurens County, South Carolina.

By 1845 Hosea and his family have moved to Anderson County, South Carolina. On November 12, 1845 he is listed as the buyer of an item from the estate of Robert GUYTON in Anderson County, South Carolina. In 1850 he and his family are listed in the Anderson County, South Carolina census. Sometime after 1858 the family moved to Alabama and is found in the 1860 DeKalb County, Alabama, born about 1800, was married to Alesy, born about 1808, last name unknown, sometime before 1827. Alesy is the French spelling of Alice. They had eight children: Sanford born 1827 in South Carolina; Elizabeth born 1830 in South Carolina; John born 1836 in South Carolina; Mahala born April 1839 in South Carolina; Malinda Jane born May 1, 1842 in South Carolina; David born 1846 in South Carolina; Peter born 1847 in South Carolina; and Samuel born 1851 in South Carolina, also died sometime between 1860 and 1870. His wife, Kessiah, is listed as living with the family of her daughter, Frances Louisa SIMPSON DICKSON, in the 1870 DeKalb County, Alabama census. Kessiah is listed under her maiden name of HEAFNER. By 1880 Kessiah and her daughter’s family moved to Travis County, Texas.

Mahala SIMPSON is listed as marrying A. W. ROBINS of Marion County, Alabama. However, the 1860 census does not list a child for Mahala so the 1859 birth year for her son is most likely incorrect. Mahala’s situation is a mystery. Sometime between 1870 and 1880 she reverted to her maiden name of SIMPSON. In the 1900 census she states she is a widow, was married for one year and had only one child. Her son, John Perry ROBINS, also shed the ROBINS surname and was known as Perry SIMPSON.

The first husband of Malinda Jane SIMPSON was SUGGS, first name not known. They had one child, George W. SUGGS, born about 1860. The second husband of Malinda Jane SIMPSON SUGGS was Calvin Henderson ROBERTS, born about 1814 in Orange County, North Carolina. He and Malinda were married in 1863 in the midst of the Civil War. She and Calvin had five children: Mary born December 19, 1864; John Alexander born March 1867; Hannah J. born November 1870; Florence C. born April 28, 1872 and Robert Carey born November 16, 1876. Sometime after 1880 the ROBERTS family adopted the spelling of “ROBERDS”. However, records for descendants may be found under either spelling. After the death of her husband, Malinda and her youngest son, Robert, known as Bob, lived in Fannin County, Texas is listed as marrying Jane BREWER on September 2, 1870 in Jackson County, Alabama and Jane BREWER are as follows: Josephine born 1872; July born 1874; Martha born 1879; Ruben born August 1881; Ben A. born August 1884; Judae V. born October, 1890; and are also found later in Fannin County, Texas.

No information has yet been found to determine the location of Hosea’s other three children, Elizabeth, John, David or Peter, after the 1860 DeKalb County, Alabama census.

Perry SIMPSON, the son of Mahala SIMPSON ROBINS, and Mary ROBERTS, the daughter of Calvin H. ROBERTS and Malinda J. SIMPSON SUGGS ROBERTS were married to each other on February 28, 1880 in Jackson County, Alabama. The marriage was listed as taking place at Jane ROBERTS’ and performed by James H. LANGSTON, Minister of the Gospel.

Sometime after 1880 Perry SIMPSON and his family moved to Madison County, Alabama where he applied for 80.17 acres of land through the Homestead Act of 1862 in 1893. By 1900 Samuel SIMPSON and his family had also moved from Jackson County to Madison County, Alabama.

The children of Perry SIMPSON and Mary ROBERTS are as follows: Monroe Perry born August 15, 1882 in Scottsboro, Jackson County, Alabama; Sarah J. born January 31, 1884 in AL; Wade Hampton born October 1886 in AL; Alice Lecy born October 1890 in AL; Dema born May 23, 1891 in AL; Laborn P. born March 21, 1894 in AL; Fannie Bell born February 20, 1896 in AL; Lev Richard born January 31, 1898 in AL; Pearl born May 1900 in AL; Josh Franklin born June 25, 1902; James Moses born February 24, 1904; and Fred born 1907. In 1910 Mary stated she had 14 children with 13 still living. The name of the 13th child does not appear on the 1900, 1910 or 1920 census.

Perry SIMPSON died on December 5, 1948 in Texas. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas. Mary ROBERTS SIMPSON died in Bowie, Montague County, Texas, date unknown, and is also buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas.

To be continued

[1] More information about this family can be found in this newsletter Vol. XIV, No. 1 Summer 1998 p. 1-6 and Vol. XVII, No. 1, Summer 2001, p. 1-2 (includes a photo of Rufus Marion Simpson).

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