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THE SIMPSON CLAN Volume XVII, Issue 1 Summer 2001


Seeking the parents of John Frank SIMPSON, born August 29, 1885 in Parkersburg, West Virginia and died January 5, 1945 in Urbana, Illinois.

Also seeking information on James L. SIMPSON born 1831 in either Montgomery Co., Virginia or Monroe Co., West Virginia, died June 28, 1904 in Parkersburg, West Virginia; married Mary Jane WOODS (1827-1905). I have a great deal of information on his Civil War record, but need to know if he is related (grandfather?) to John Frank SIMPSON.

Contact Lisa Simpson, 10 Brook St., Port Henry, NY 12974

The following is from Charles A. Heavrin, 4832 Rolling Fields Dr., Memphis, TN 39128 who has some soft bound copies of his book, Simon’s Sons on the Simpson family available for $30.00 ppd. He wonders who was the father of William HEVERIN born in 1714 in Maryland, probably Dorchester County?

Looking for any Benton Co., Arkansas genealogical information on ancestors or descendants. Allen D. HALL Senior (1858-1936) married San Francisco (Fanny) SIMPSON (1859-1939) and had about 9 children. Fanny SIMPSON’s parents were Isaac SIMPSON and Louisa BAGGS. Any information would be helpful, as I have not had much luck at all with this line. Please contact Diane Frost Wiscarson, P.O. Box 301609, Portland, OR 97294.

More Descendants of William Simpson and Elizabeth Hocking
Submitted by Sherri Williams, 60 Sunny Eve Rd., Anniston, Alabama 36207

The following two records were located at the Georgia State Archives, presumably from court records.

Rufus Marion Simpson
DeKalb County of Ordinary May Term 1852
Upon application of Rufus H. CASH who makes application at this Term of the Court for letters of Guardianship of the person and property, Thomas E. SIMPSON, Rufus M. SIMPSON, Andrew J. SIMPSON, William M. SIMPSON, Merida SIMPSON, Ramond B. SIMPSON, orphans and minors of Franklin SIMPSON dec’d and it appearing to the Court that the said Rufus H. CASH has given thirty days notice of his intention at the Term of this Court as above states in one of the public gazettes of this state to wit the Atlanta Intelligence and it further appearing to the Court that the said Thomas E.  and Rufus M. SIMPSON are above the age of fourteen and of their own choice have selected the said Rufus H. CASH as their guardian and the said Rufus H. CASH having given bond in the sum of five hundred dollars with Jesse L. WILLIAMS as his security it is therefore ordered by the Court Letters of Guardianship do issue to the said Rufus H. CASH . . .

State of Georgia
DeKalb County
Know all men by these presents that we Rufus H. CASH and Jesse L. WILLIAMS, security are held and firmly bound unto the Ordinary for said County and his successors in office in the just and full sum of five hundred dollars . . . We bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors, and Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 3rd day of May Eighteen hundred and fifty-two. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said Rufus H. CASH has been this day appointed Guardian to William M., Andrew J. Merida and Ramond B., Thomas E. and Rufus M. SIMPSON, minors of James M. SIMPSON. Now if the said Rufus H. CASH do well and truly demean himself as Guardian as aforesaid agreeable to Law in such cases made and provided the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
                                                                                                                Rufus H. CASH
                                                                                                                Jesse L. WILLIAMS

Signed Sealed and
Acknowledged in open Court
                Alex JOHNSON, Ordy

Recorded 3rd May 1852
                Alex JOHNSON, Ordy

Note that in the first records the orphans are said to be children of Franklin SIMPSON and in the second record they are attributed to James M. SIMPSON

For more information about these families see “Simpson Letter of 1874” in this newsletter, Vol. XIV, No. 1, Summer 1998 Items #1222 and #1223, pp. 1-6. The relevant family was on page 2, descendants of John SIMPSON and Arilla [Avarilla] OSBURN, B. Flarkin? [Franklin?] SIMPSON “he married Miss CASH had several children, some small when he died about 35. Balis SIMPSON married Miss CASH raised large family. Aba R. SIMPSON married Mr. CASH raised a family moved west the end of the (?).

Reuben & William Simpson of North Carolina
Notes from Linda Bollinger

W. A. DAY born in 1844 left some writing in his own hand about the family history. I copied the whole thing from microfilm in the Dallas library. However, I found a page and a half of it transcribed in a Simpson packet that Byron Gibson sent me.

"I was born among the green hills of Back Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina on the 14th day of March 1844...My great grandfather, Isaac ROBINSON, came to North Carolina about the year 1747, about the time the SHERRILLs came and settled on the Catawba river near where the Mooresville bridge now crosses the river. He married Rachel SIMPSON. She had two brothers, Reuben and William, both soldiers in the Revolutionary war. William on the Whig side and Reuben on the Tory. When the battle of Ramseurs Mill between the Whigs and Tories was on, William was off on scout and hearing the sound he dashed off at break neck speed for the battlefield thinking he would get a chance to kill his brother Reuben, but his horse gave out and before he could reach the field on foot the Tories had fled and Reuben with them. He [Linda’s note: Reuben] had considerable property and after the war it was confiscated and he left the county about the year 1780.

"My great grandfather, Isaac ROBINSON, moved to Haywood County with his family, leaving my grandfather, John ROBINSON, then a boy about 10 years of age with his uncle Adam PERKINS, an old man living by himself..."

So--Isaac ROBINSON and Rachel SIMPSON moved to Haywood Co., North Carolina.  (Haywood was
formed out of Buncombe). W. A. DAY also said, according to Byron, that Isaac ROBINSON's mother was a PERKINS.

John Allison Family Bible
Guilford Co., North Carolina & Warren Co., Tennessee

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ translated out of the Original Greek and with the Former Translations diligently compared and revised by his Majesty's Special Command appointed to be
read in churches. Edinburgh printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's Printers MDCCXCV.

 [right side of page]
John ALLISON Senior was born August the 28 th 1770.
Mary his wife was born October 1767
Ann ALLISON was born May 29, 1851
Rachel her mother was born August 17, 1827

William McGIBONEY was born May the 12, 1819
Margaret Elmina McGIBONEY was born Aprile 19, 1816
Martha Elizabeth McGIBONEY was born September the 24, 1849
James David McGIBONEY was born October the 22 nd 1850
William Tunnel McGIBONEY was born August the 17, 1852

 [left side of page]

Elizabeth ALLISON was born March the 11 th 1793
Sarah ALLISON was born December the 10 th 1794
Isabella ALLISON was born September the 1 st 1796
Robert ALLISON was born May the 11 th 1797
Hugh ALLISON was born May the 5 th 1801
John ALLISON was born March the 2 nd 1803 [blot on 03 ?]
Mary ALLISON was born April the 29 th 1805
Martha ALLISON was born June the 10 th 1807
James ALLISON was born February the 13 th 1810

second page [left side]

Rhoda SIMPSON daughter of John and Mary SIMPSON was born August the 28th 1825
Isac W. SIMPSON was born July 17 th 1827
John LaFayette SIMPSON was born March 11, 1830
Martha D. SIMPSON was born January the 23, 1832
Mary Carolyne McGIBONEY was born December the 7, 1834 [1854?]
John K. ROBERTS was born January the 3rd 1838
Sarah Katharine McGIBONEY was born January the 29th 1859

 [looking at right side of page]

Mary ALLISON wife of John Allison died October 28 th 1846 age 79
John ALLISON Senior died December the 18 th 1852 age 83 years
Martha SLOAN daughter of John and Mary ALLISON died July the 23rd 1853 age 46 years
Martha Elizabeth McGIBONEY died November the 30, 1843
Martha E. MASON died the 25 June [?] 1860
John Manlon McGIBONEY was born December 12, 1858

across bottom of page: John Manlon McGIBONEY

another page:

David McGIBONEY was born December the 14, 1779
Elizabeth McGIBONEY was born ---- 4, 1792
John McGIBONEY was born November the 15, 1812
James McGIBONEY was born June the 27, 1814
Catharine McGIBONEY was born February the 16, 1817
William McGIBONEY was born May [?] the 12, 1819
Mary McGIBONEY was born April the 30, 1822
David McGIBONEY was born October the 28, 1824
Martha McGIBONEY was born April the 14, 1827
Elizabeth McGIBONEY was born August [?] the 14, 1829

 [looking at right side of page]

Robbert A. ALLISON died May 21, 1844
Tabitha Jane ____ died August the 9, 1849

names marked out:
John Malone WOODBURY was born December the 12 th 18
John M. W. McGIBONEY December the 12, 1858

next page:

John SHAW and Hannah SHAW was married on the 16th day of June Anno Domini 1812
Betsey Carson SHAW was born October the 39th day A.D. 1812
Rebekah Ann SHAW was born February the 14th day A.D. 1814
Jane Rankin SHAW was born February the 6th day A.d. 1816

next page [looking at left side]:

John & Mary ALLISON was maried august the 26 1791
David & Elizabeth McGIBONEY was maried November 1811
John ALLISON and Rachel ALLISON was married July 16, 1850. Rachel was born August the 17, 1827
Wm. McGIBONEY and Margaret Elmina ROBERTS was maried February the 20, 1845

 [looking down at right side of page]

John & Mary ALLISON was maried October 9, 1828
Albina was born August the 12, 1829
Tabitha Jane ALLISON was borne the 13 of ___ 1831
James T. ALLISON was borne March 20, 1833
John K. ALLISON was born October 15, 1835
Margaret ALLISON was born March 12?, 1838
Robert A. ALLISON was born June 8, 1839
Williamur ALLISON born the 9 of ____
Martha Elizabeth ALLISON born the 15 of

Simpson Family of New York
A work in progress by Jim Doty Martin Jr., 1017 N. Niagara St., Burbank, CA 01505-2628
continued from previous issue

39 Sarah Augusta SIMPSON
Benjamin SIMPSON, b. ca Jun 1843, Elbridge New York, d. 14 Nov 1844, bur Redman cemetery, Elbridge, stone says ly 5m
11 Elizabeth "Betsy" SIMPSON, b. 15 Feb 1817, Peru, Elbridge New York, d. 3 Jan 1898, Comanche Iowa, bur Rosehill cemetery, Comanche, 1 st m. 22 Sep 1836, Onondaga Co New York, Abraham CHANDLER, d. after 8 May 1840, son of Benona CHANDLER and Anna REDMAN (Anna dau of David Sr.)
Melissa CHANDLER, b. ca 1840, Onondaga Co New York
40 William M. CHANDLER

Elizabeth 2nd m. 10 Jul 1845, Onondaga Co New York, Aaron ABBEY, b. ca 1818, New York, d. bef 1860 Clinton Co Iowa census (6 Oct 1858?) where Elizabeth is found as a widow
41 Elizabeth ABBEY
Alice A. ABBEY, b. 23 Nov 1848, Onondaga Co New York, d. 3 Oct 1934, Comanche Iowa, bur Rosehill cemetery, Comanche
42 Mary M. ABBEY

John L. ABBEY, b. 25 May 1854, Eden twp, Clinton Co Iowa, d. 3 Sep 1933, Comanche Iowa, bur Rosehill cemetery, Comanche
Ida A. ABBEY, b. 1858, Eden twp, Clinton Co Iowa, d. 1941, m. Fred W. HOWSON, b. 1860, d. 1922
12 William Ward SIMPSON, b. 18 May 1821, Elbridge New York, d. 18 Oct 1893, Bowling Green Kentucky, m. 1 Dec 1842, Onondaga Co New York, Julia Ann GREGOIRE, b. 24 Oct 1825, Belleville, Ont., Canada, d. 6 Dec 1888, Shelby Iowa, dau of Theodore GREGOIRE and Mary OBRIEN. Both bur Shelby Iowa cemetery. William owned and operated several boats on the Erie Canal, moved to Clinton Co Iowa and farmed, then to Pottawattamie Co, on the northern border of the Co, about one mile south of Shelby Iowa
43 Nicholas Pickard SIMPSON
44 (Benjamin) Emmett SIMPSON 
45 (Elenor) Euretta SIMPSON
Sarah Elizabeth SIMPSON b. 21 Feb 1852 (Bible), d. 29 Aug 1853, Eden twp, Clinton Co Iowa, bur William BROWN family farm cemetery S.E. of DeWitt Iowa, stone says ly 6m 27d
46 Elnora Elizabeth SIMPSON
47 John William SIMPSON
48 Albert Oliver SIMPSON
49 Jeanette Marian "Nettie" SIMPSON
Gracia Adella SIMPSON b. 30 May 1866, Eden twp, Clinton Co Iowa, last known operating a millinery store in Lake Arthur Louisiana, May 1891
13 Dalphon V. SIMPSON b. 30 Mar 1814, Aurelius New York, d. 10 Nov 1852, Carlton New York, bur Brown Cemetery, Carlton New York, m. Elizabeth D., b. ca 1816, New York
Dalphon V. SIMPSON Jr., b. ca 1837, Carlton New York
Thomas W. SIMPSON, b. ca 1842, Carlton New York
John F. SIMPSON, b. 27 Sep 1850, Carlton New York, d. 3 Jan 1866, Hartford Michigan, bur Brown cemetery, Carlton New York
14 Nathan Fish SIMPSON, b. 31 Aug 1816, Aurelius New York, d. 24 Sep 1889, Carlton New York, m. Mary Jane BABBETT, b. Oct 1819, d. 8 Jan 1903, Rochester New York, both bur Mt Albion cemetery, Albion New York
Ann Eliza "Annie" SIMPSON, b. ca 1835, m. (Henry?) GARRETSEE, living Rochester New York at the death of her father in 1889, only surviving heir
Lyman Lee SIMPSON, b. 30 Aug 1842, Carlton New York, d. 20 Aug 1843, bur Mt Albion cemetery, Albion New York (removed from Carlton cemetery in 1868)
15 Fanny M. SIMPSON b. 31 Mar 1818, Aurelius New York, d. 10 May 1883, Carlton New York, m. 27 May 1838, Carlton New York, Peter JOHNSON, b. 31 Dec 1802, New Jersey, d. 15 Aug 1882, Carlton New York
50 Minerva JOHNSON
Emily A. JOHNSON, b. 20 May 1842, d. Jan 1908, m. William LOTT
51 Dwight Peter JOHNSON
Ellen H. JOHNSON, b. 27 Dec 1848, Carlton New York, d. 1919, m. David McCUTCHON, b. 1844, d. 1927

52 Finnette B. JOHNSON
16 Emery Hall SIMPSON, b. 17 Jan 1828, Carlton New York, d. 27 May 1893, Hartford twp, Van Buren Co Michigan, m. 8 Jan 1854, Carlton New York, Mary Aurora THOMPSON, b. 14 Apr 1833, Leroy, Genesee Co New York, moved to Carlton New York at age twelve, d. 9 Sep 1902, Hartford Michigan, dau of Cyrus THOMPSON and Charlotte Hamlin MEAD, both bur Lawrence Michigan cemetery. Emery moved in the spring of 1863 to Hartford twp where he was a Farmer, Township Supervisor, and served two terms in the State Legislature. Mary published many poems in magazines and papers under the pseudonym Kate WOODLAND, later in life under her own name. Upon her death, her children had a selection of her poems published privately in book form as "Home Songs". Mary is a Mayflower descendant of George SOULE also Francis COOK
Ellen "Nellie" May SIMPSON, b. 31 Mar 1856, Carlton New York, d. 30 Aug 1861, Carlton New York, name on her parent's headstone, Lawrence Michigan cemetery
53 Clara Bell SIMPSON 
54 Wendell Lee SIMPSON 
55 Ada May SIMPSON
56 Nathan Fish SIMPSON
57 Frank Glenn SIMPSON
58 Fred Lynn SIMPSON
(Mary) Maude SIMPSON, b. 31 Dec 1871, Hartford twp, Van Buren Co Michigan, d. 22 Feb 1888, Hartford Michigan, bur Lawrence Michigan cemetery
17 Enos Throop SIMPSON, b. 20 Jun 1830, Carlton New York, d. 27 Jan 1892, Carlton, m. 12 Mar 1861, Carlton, Emeline DRAKE, b. 9 Jun 1841, Carlton New York, dau of Joseph Park DRAKE and Zibeah RUGGLES
Lettie M. SIMPSON, b. 1 Jun 1862, Carlton New York, d. 15 Mar 1878, Carlton, bur Mt Albion cemetery, Albion New York
59 George D. SIMPSON
18 John Chamberlain SIMPSON, b. 27 Aug 1836, Carlton New York, d. 1909, Carlton, m. 1861, Anna B. WEED, b. 1844, d. 1888, dau of Harry WEED and Caroline PERRY
60 (Anna) Belle SIMPSON
John 2nd m. Sarah B. EGGLESTON, b. 18 Sep 1847, d. 15 Dec 1940, bur Mt Albion cemetery, Albion New York
19 Hannah TAPPAN, b. 20 Feb 1813, Camillus / Van Buren twp, Onondaga Co New York, m. Courtland LINSDAY, lived St Clair Co Michigan, moved 1859 to Illinois
Celinda LINSDAY, m. ____EVANS, living Puget, Thurston Co Washington in 1919
31 Marietta SIMPSON, b. 11 Jul 1836, Elbridge New York, m. 2 May 1852, Cyrus PEARSALL
32 Horace John SIMPSON b. 10 Jan 1838, Elbridge New York, d. 27 Feb 1891, Wall Lake Iowa, m. 21 Nov 1867, Clinton Co Iowa, Octavia E. SHERWOOD, b. 6 May 1843, d. 9 Apr 1893, Wall Lake Iowa, both bur Wall Lake Iowa cemetery. Tombstone marked Co H, 26th Ia Inf, Civil War
                                                                             82 May SIMPSON
                83 Deane SIMPSON

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